Twin Flame Understanding

There is so much hype about this Twin Flame thing, that I just want to get something straight here:

Although it is true that a lot of Twin Flames did incarnate at this time, to clear old negative karmic patterns, and to reunited, there are no hard and fast rules which apply here, AS EACH SOUL AND SOUL GROUP IS UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT.

We do ourselves and others great injustice by trying to shove all into one single box, and then kind of label it, and then say that only those who reunite with their twin flames, will ascend. That is untrue.

Even if Twin Flames do meet, there is no guarantee that they will be together, for remember that although they might be of the same soul, each part has free will and choice, and might just choose not to be with the other, or might be emotionally entangled somewhere else.

A lot of souls do not have their twin flame incarnated, because it was not necessary for their soul’s evolution. The twin will then act as a Higher Guide and the two will reunite constantly in their sleep state.

I do believe that all of us deep down wish for the ultimate love, and the ultimate partner.

However, first of all there has to be the marriage of the twin WITHIN you, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine at this time, and therefore harmony and balance.

Then, so often wishing to that ultimate partnership, rejecting what is there right now, in whatever form this comes in. It might well be that love is already there, but not in the form you are so desperately looking for.

It is not every soul’s calling and path to have partnership. Some souls just choose not to engage in this because of their soul’s commitment to its highest soul purpose and calling.

Indeed, in the Ancient Mystery Schools, the priests and priestesses did not marry – they were so dedicated to service, that it was known that marriage distracted from mission. This did not mean that they did not have sacred union, but rather that this was in a completely different way, or manner, or partnership, (in a much higher sense), than most can understand now.

So much about sacred sexuality, is misunderstood and misinterpreted. As I have so often said, the sexual energy does NOT need a physical body to express itself. It is because we fell into oblivion in the 3D world, tht we have forgotten all of this, and therefore fell into the false beliefs of separation: – from the Divine and also ourselves, and others.

The ultimate longing is for the return of Unity, wholeness.

Yet, wholeness first of all has to come from DEEP WITHIN, before it can manifest outside of us.

**By Judith Kusel