Master Philippe De Lyon: Neutrality, Responsibility, Mutual Aid

Dear friends, for this is what I wish to call you tonight, I am the one you have called Master Philippe. There will be two speakers tonight. There will be me and there will be an intervention a little more divine, a little more angelic, you will see.

I want to first intervene to tell you about your world, about this Earth that is currently manifested.

In the world we are in, we do not have to be joyful, sad or in the judgment of what is currently happening on Earth, but we know how what is happening on Earth is perceived by the beings who live there, who live this experience of incarnation in the body, who live this experience of incarnation in the Spirit too. And we know that this time is disturbing for many of you. We know that your Earth is experiencing and will experience other events of great magnitude.

These events, which we do not always have to describe, are necessary. They are necessary for the evolution of human consciousness, this consciousness embodied in the body , which needs, now, to create a living space with an experience that is simplified, more natural, more in contact with the Spirit, with values of exchange, sharing , honesty, simplicity .

These values, for them to be put in place, must be natural. They are original, but recognize all the same, that your leaders currently are only following a road traced by others, a very pragmatic, very directive road.

Well, for them too it will get complicated, because the whole Universe is now looking for simplicity, sweetness and then the end, the end of direction by money, by power. Money and power actually serve no one, really no one. This gives the illusion of mastery over the planet, but it does not give anything for the Consciousness really entirely, and it is your Consciousness that, now, is in its blossoming.

So the events that come, are there to express your will before incarnating you , to begin to live in a world that is not under dependence .

The intermediate period, and you are still there, you will be there for some time, is a difficult, shocking, trying period, I understand it well. We hear that.

This is a necessary period, because we cannot move from a world of domination to a world of consultation simply like that, without the human consciousness having evolved to the same extent as its desire , because human desire is indeed that, that of a world that simplify the life of each and every one .

And your desire, it was heard from the Divine of course, it was heard from Heaven, of course. Its realization must be materialized, must take shape .

So, many of you have a sufficient consciousness and, if there were only people who already have this awareness of the future, this awareness of exchange, the world would not really need events, circumstances that are a little difficult. But this world needs it, because many have not awakened to their vow of change, many have not understood that they, too, by incarnating on this Earth in this time, have chosen to reveal their deep nature, their divine nature, their spiritual nature .

Therefore, for those, yes, the events are complicated and difficult, sometimes suffered, but you will have nothing to regret. Really, believe me, my friends, you will have nothing to regret.

Many of you, in the first exercises, the first movements of consciousness on Earth that manifested themselves in one or two crises already, many of you realized that you could not spend the rest of your existence in obedience. They have taken charge of themselves, have begun to work rather than work, and their work will begin to be successful, to take shape. Be sure that everyone is committed and helped by the Invisible.

I will invite you to some practical attitudes, allowing you to accelerate the possibility of change that is within you.

The first condition is not to judge your neighbor too much . Often in my incarnation, I asked my patients to have no judgment, not to express any negative opinion on anyone. I know that human nature cannot help it, but I also know that the power of the Spirit is capable of attracting to you new possibilities, a new character, a new “identity”. Thus, I invite you to have an identity that is in as little judgment as possible. Do what you feel like you are doing, but do not consider as an enemy the one who seems to have opposing ideas, the one who seems to disagree with you, the one who seems to be your executioner. Don’t see him as an enemy. Try to make your way, and let others do theirs .

The opportunities to act will be important global opportunities, which will be the size of countries, large regions, and even land you will see, but stop all these small local fights. I invite you, relax a little, ask yourself a little. Take advantage, if you can, of this summer period to reconnect with what is already in the state that I am asking of you, the state of peace, serenity, simplicity. Of course, it’s Nature that I’m thinking of. She’s peaceful most of the time, and she’s always calm, no matter what.

Nature accepts a certain fatality, because she knows that this word fatality is not real, and in fact corresponds to a greater and inner desire.

Whatever happens to you, dear friends , all this allows you to transform your soul deeply. Your consciousness is rising, I repeat. It rises at the speed of the Earth. It rises at the speed of your heart. It rises with the speed with which you accept neutrality .

So in your time, the forces opposed to this movement of evolution – anyway that will take place – the opposing forces, conversely, will try to create war, will try to create positioning, will do everything so that you choose a side or another side, again. Please don’t fall back into this trap.

There is no side to take, there is a choice to be made and assumed. It’s hard enough sometimes not to assume other people’s choice, isn’t it?

This is a notion that is important in the evolution of consciousness, the responsibility for one’s choices .

You have been made to believe too much that it is the choices of the other that imply your existence. This is often wrong, very often. You know, I’ve seen the times go by, I’ve seen the times go by and I’ve seen people take responsibility for everything. I heard them: ” It’s the fault of this, it’s the fault of that, it’s the fault of So-and-so or So-and-so … ” [No, no, no with the head.]

Take responsibility.

I come from a time when humans were responsible. The times were a little tougher too. You know, you are all in a time where for the majority of you, you have always had to eat. I come from a time when each of us had periods when he ate little or nothing. In this way, it is obvious that in such a period the events have more importance than in our time, where what was important for us was, to eat, to have a roof, to have friends, to share, to celebrate. The party was very important to all of us. The meetings were very important for all of us.

You have lost that, in a kind of weariness, in a kind of habit. While these values, they remained. Friendship does not depend on anything other than a cordial, loyal and blissful exchange. And then, we knew how to help, we knew how to protect the weakest. I have never dedicated my goodwill, my compassion to anyone else. I never let anyone else give to the poor for me. I did it knowingly, without showing it. I helped those in my neighborhood who had difficulties. I was not expecting a work or an association to do it, because we are the work, we are the association .

It is up to us, each one of us at our level, to help, to work again and again .

You are in an important month, a month whose energy corresponds to helping others, to courtesy, to simplicity, to the return of values which may seem quite old to you, or which may seem moral to you , but the he moral order is that which allows thought to be the fairest.

The moral order is necessary for those who want to have, or who would like to have an influence on what is happening .

We repeat, we help you center, focus your energy, and apply your thought to the Earth. It is not our will that is done, it is yours. You, embodied Humans, your will is done.

So, we get involved in helping you apply your will in a different way, focus your power of thinking towards what you desire and not towards what you – not really towards what you do not desire – but rather what you fear , in a way.

Have no fear. Have faith, for the energy of the Earth supports those who have sufficient strength of Spirit, those who, even in a state of weakness, continue to help, continue to work, continue to help this world to move forward tags. It’s necessary. It is important. This support is important .

Today it still sounds like wishful thinking, but who knows, tomorrow and after certain events, it may just be vital to help others. So do it now, because everything can be avoided in this world. Everything can be avoided .

It cost me dearly, sometimes, to avoid certain events, but it was possible. It required me a strength of Spirit, a strength of Soul, but Peace is and will remain paramount.

Dear friends, today I wanted to talk to you about this state of necessary non-judgment, of neutrality. I wanted to invite you to rediscover the simple joys of encounters between yourselves, between friends, of those moments when, gathered together, you experience Joy, because what you experience, you emit .

If you want Joy, that’s good my friends, but if you live joy, it’s even better my friends, because what you live, you emit it with a force and a power superior to your intentions.

Intention has one force, but life has another .

You know, life creates inertia. Imagine – I don’t know if my example is still relevant, but I’ll do it anyway: one day you fill a wheelbarrow with sand and you intend to carry the sand from point A to B-spot; well, you can imagine that, the sand won’t move, but who knows, you’ll end up calling someone to push it. Then you also have those who take this wheelbarrow and move it forward. It’s painful at first to carry a heavy load like that and alone sometimes. But after a while, this creates a movement of inertia, your wheelbarrow is driven by its own weight, and finally you just have to steer it, and you will bring it to the right place.

So there are those who think the weight is going to be heavy and difficult, and yet want to have the right intention, and then there are those who carry the weight. They know it’s heavy, they know it’s difficult, but they know that at some point something is going to pull this energy, and they will have no more effort to do than to direct their Spirit. to their will, and their will to their Spirit, too.

So, it is difficult to make this first movement. It’s difficult to take these first steps towards Consciousness without having to, to constantly correct yourself, not to beat yourself up but really to correct yourself: “Who am I really? Do I want to be this man, this woman, in the harsh criticism of my neighbour? Will I continue to look for culprits, responsible? Am I going to say “we should, we should” and not do it? »

Integrity and courtesy are therefore necessary and essential in this time. It’s my invitation.

I leave you now with the angel I told you about. This is the angel Raziel. He is an exceptional being that I have known in this dimension, which is mine now and from which I speak to you, and where I continue to work for each of you who call on me if necessary, knowing that It is Heaven that always answers.

My friends, I greet you. Remember who you are, and don’t let anyone tell you who you are not.

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot

**Translation to English by