One Cosmic Bow

Like a toppling gyroscope Earth’s time-lines need reset, rebooted and aligned in a new complex theory of light.

Going around and around at accelerated particles of thought is what we as a planet have been doing for many years now finally colliding within ourselves to time dis/placements that are not truly in our best interest or personal reality. Trying to make the same recipe out of time in this divine proportioned experience can often be a fruitless cake. Within replication are minute microscopic differences That seek to take form and fly free of their own worlds boundaries.

As one enters this cosmic roundabout In thought and deed they rediscover a stellar portion of themselves that has been hidden in an invisible black hole. Unwinding time is like trying to re-cork a quark particle into a genies bottle, it all ways escapes its dis-CERN-ing confinement. A cosmic threshold of unannounced proportion opens its sleepy eyes as a new timeline is unleashed in our earthly neighborhood. Like a junkyard dog that finally found freedom, this time-line zigs and zags as it sniffs out like matter, hungry to fill itself. The question of matter and aunti-matter is relative in all universes. This time door opens with or without our permission, giving us the ability to dis-CERN what comes to the surface. We as a universal cosmic family come together in a ‘2-step timeline dance’, meeting many aspects of self and soul that have been tucked away in other locations, allows us to have a cosmic family reunion of divine proportion. Multidimensional aspects of our very human self-come to visit showing us the many dances the DNA takes thru family lines and dimensional lifetimes Embracing all of our good bad and ugly time-selves shows us the panorama of possibility in the now. Everything comes to show is who and what we are and who and what we have the potential to become.

This is my most favorite time of the year energetically. It is like a Stellar Christmas and Galactic New Year all wrapped up in one big cosmic bow. My heart beats a little faster and I breathe a little deeper as we enter these power placed days.  As we slowly come to the month of the Lioness and all that entails, we come to an assignment of time that asks to be acknowledged and accepted as pure truth. Our Spidey-senses stand on end at full attention like a bird dog on a duck hunt. Everything on earth now points us in the right direction of life allowing us to literally slide into home-base safely after hitting a grand slam of light. allow yourself to be guided into this place of knowledge that seeks a host.

In ancient times on July 22nd the Egyptian New Year would be celebrated with the rising of the Nile with Isis at the top of that birthday cake. Atlantean New Year comes next celebrating who we all were in that very unique time of light. Then we dress for the Mayan ‘day out of time’ which is July 25th. Then comes the Mayan New Year on July 26th in all of its guts and glory. We enter one Initiation after another, step by step cell by cell and light by light. The next step forward thru this tunnel of love is the rising of the star Sirius before the sun, once again initiating a higher point of light in this case it will be solar light. The solar light is the sum total of all consciousness that exists thru all dimensions it holds within it the light of all souls, all planets all livingness in our universe.  It is a light of higher will, universal love and creative intelligence. The solar light is a living being.

As time and space rewrite themselves in languages we’ve never seen before, we come to a point within ourselves that demands immediate attention. Are we going to ignore the pink elephant in this space-time capsule or are we going to learn to drive pink elephants and all, through this ongoing Fluctuation of shifts, changes and choices. We can be a Victor or a victim in this new hologram it’s up to us, forget personal karma, that’s a breeze, we’re in solar and planetary and cosmic karmic default.  It’s time to beautify your thoughts, yourself, your soul and your intentions. It’s time to beautify From the Inside Out radiating as a beautiful living light seeing all thoughts, planting seeds of Hope, love and balance for an ever shifting future.

Like a galactic Hawaiian Surfer on an ancient longboard, we use what was naturally available to move through the quantum waves that circumvent time and space. Don’t lose yourself in the schematics and planning as the Bridge over Troubled Waters is not repairable in all places of time. Like a Navy Seal that is trained in the water, on the land, in the air and in a place of invisibility, we have been asked to walk into the unknown in order to rescue what needs to be saved.

In lifetime after lifetime you stood against what was dark, what was a lie, and what was manipulation. You stood when no one else would and that very signature of time lives within your heart and soul and can be seen. You are a blessed Light, a shiny hopeful intention in human form. Radiating from your heart your eyes and your words is an almighty light, touching everyone like the first sunny day after a long hard winter. Come to the plateau of inner peace a place where words actions or emanations of others cannot touch you unless they are invited in. Find your Center your fulcrum your balance and stand in that place in power.

You are a superhero you are a master of light incarnate. It’s time to put on that cloak of remembrance and stand fully in your power. You are the etchings of time, memory and sacred places wrapped into one, you are the prayers and the possibility of love in human form. Embrace those strong and powerful certainties allow them to become your Fortress of Solitude and Sanctuary of Healing. This planet is worth fighting for, you are worth fighting for, life is worth fighting for!  Stand strong and tall, become an impenetrable living light force.

This hot month of July offers us an opportunity to see with the eyes of sacred geometries, at a thousand different perspectives and patterns, each reflecting another insight and truth. We are asked to look thru all levels and dimensions of emotions into the underlying delicate reefs of self and soul, which are very fragile and in need of our attention. We try so hard to block what hurts, we cushion ourselves anyway we can. Eventually everything comes full circle in the karmic Ferris wheel and we come face to face with that which we ran away from to begin with. The sultry month of the she-crab scampers away from her truth and runs hither and fro, shielding herself from emotion.

**By Gillian MecBeth Louthan