Matrix 1: The Red Pill

What if the world is not what it seems, but is merely an imaginative and ingenious game to prevent us from seeing the truth? That humanity is a source of energy for other beings who operate behind the curtain while controlling our lives, thoughts, desires, actions? What if this shared reality of ours is merely a dream world made up of many billions of individuals who collectively agree that it is the real world?

What if our perceived reality is actually a program to keep us in a sweet unconscious sleep?

If you grasp this truth and accept the idea that we live in a dream world, you can become a warrior and then a seer. Your job then is to awaken the biorobots from their slumber and show them the truth. The matrix system is coming to an end and is about to be transformed into a beautiful new world, which the awakened seers will give its shape to.

The Chosen One, who understands what this world is about, is to awaken the biorobots, free them from their illusion and introduce them to the truth. This is called the Unbinding.

When The Matrix was released in 1999, millions of viewers were thrilled by the superb special effects and daring plot. They gratefully embraced this film, which they rightly regarded as Hollywood’s ultimate creation. But only a handful of individuals with an unconventional view of the world saw something else in it. Since then, their ranks have steadily grown.

For there is a great message in The Matrix that is easier for a creative teenager to see than an adult. Most adult viewers, after all, are already accomplished people and therefore lack the flexibility, imagination, and perhaps even a certain amount of disillusionment necessary to understand the film on a deeper level – as truth.

Adolescents, who anyway feel that this reality is uncomfortable and often uninteresting to them, will swallow the red pill more easily than a contented adult sleeper.

.Others are apparently not ready for the disconnect.

The Matrix is more than just another science fiction blockbuster. It’s a signal sent from the real world. From the world of Morpheus, from Zion, to this labyrinth we move in. It was sent here to show us what we’re living in and to give us a clue to help us understand the truth and disconnect.

The essence of the matrix can be summed up in three basic facts:

* This world is a labyrinth woven from our own thoughts, dreams, fears, desires. This makes it impossible for us to see the truth because we are so busy fulfilling and chasing them throughout our lives.
* In reality, we are not free and biorobots live in the mere illusion of having a choice. The matrix has a calculated plan for each of them. The only ones for whom the matrix does not have a plan are the awakened and the seers who follow the signs and know how to navigate the system.
* People are a source of energy. This energy is obtained through destructive emotions (the Monster’s Tale Inc. and the collection of screams). The Matrix is a sophisticated program to distract us from realizing this.

Only very free-spirited or very disillusioned people have the ability to understand this. And yet this idea is not new at all. It has been present in our history in many cultures. Many myths, religions, and even science have suggested that this world is not what it seems.

Religion tells us that we have no control over our destiny, that everything is controlled by some higher divine power above us, and therefore we are part of some vast sophisticated mechanism that we cannot even imagine from our perspective. Myths and the deities within them suggest the same thing, where all human activity is relegated to mere unconscious folly, at best undergoing some divine test of will. At worst, their fate is entertained by a cold and indifferent destiny. And modern science, from Darwinism to chaos theory, imposes the same on us, though it uses rationality instead of god, substituting gravity, atomic particles, and much more for a god with a destiny.

That other beings thrive on us, neither science nor religion dare to claim, because humanity considers itself the greatest predator in this predatory world. Yet we stand safely at the very top of the food chain. It is true, however, that some Gnostic texts refer to God as a man-eater, and because of this embarrassing slip, they have of course been excluded from the Bible.

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**By Alue K. Loskotová

**Translation to English by


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