Farmers in Italy, Poland, and Spain Join Dutch Protestors in Fight Against Globalist’s Weaponized “Green” Regulations

For almost a month now, Dutch Farmers have been staging protests and roadblocks across the Netherlands, even going so far as to spread manure outside of officials’ homes. Now, farmers from Italy, Spain, and Poland have joined the fray in support of their Dutch counterparts.

“We are not slaves, we are farmers,” said Italian farmers, who drove tractors through the streets of Milan and blocked city traffic.

According to the Morning Star, “Italian farmers face an imminent crisis due to a severe drought that has seen a third of agricultural produce placed at risk.”

In Spain, farmers in Badajoz, Granada, and Albacete paraded their tractors down the street in solidarity with the foreign farmers, as well as national protests at home over a lack of food and gasoline, according to EuroWeekly News

And in Poland, farmers came to Warsaw last weekend to protest against inflation and other government actions.

We interviewed Timothy Shea of the MAGA Institute last weekend in Virginia Beach, and he seemed to have some interesting, though unverifiable, information on the situation out in Belgium. Take a look:

**By Ryan Delarme


2 Replies to “Farmers in Italy, Poland, and Spain Join Dutch Protestors in Fight Against Globalist’s Weaponized “Green” Regulations”

  1. Swan

    Everyone benefits when people come together to protect both hardworking farmers AND healthy nature.

    We understand how toxins in the environment – pesticides, insecticides, pollution from fertilizer and fossil fuels – poison our beloved Gaia and all living creatures. They keep us sick and low-vibe.

    Now today at Era of Light, we have beautiful messages from Ashtar and the 9D Arcturian Council reminding us of our Cosmic connections through nature.

    So let’s stop feeding the cabal’s 3D strategy of divide-and-conquer, and work out 5D solutions to the mess we’ve created: Clean-energy technology, universal organic farming, gratitude for farmers, love and reverence for all Life.

    Our ET friends have even revealed that they can’t help us clean up Mother Earth with their advanced technology until we make sincere efforts ourselves. Also, that the heavy vibrations from poisoning Gaia hinders her (and our) ascension.

    Let’s heed the many messages from our ET and celestial friends: As we help raise Earth’s vibration, the power of the cabal/globalists will weaken and finally dissolve into the Light.