What is Happening in the Body

I figured I would share a brief summary on what I have noticed going on in the body during these intense energies. I definitely feel everyone is on their own timelines per their own bodies and each is subject to different physical sensations or moods.

What I have noticed:

We are upgrading the Light-body.

Overall FLU like “symptoms”, Frequency Light Upgrades. The body is processing an immense amount of light and releasing on a cellular level.

The energy has to have somewhere to go and will show up as “symptoms”

Crown expansions- This feels like movement or pressure, can feel out of body if that makes sense.

Minor/major headaches, rotational energy, dizziness, feelings of vertigo, which is the human acclimating to higher states of consciousness

Feeling the recalibration or rewiring of the left & right hemispheres of the brain. These sensations are felt on the top of the skull to the sides/back

Zeal chakra Mouth of God, coming online, a resonant energy, a warmth, achiness in the joint at the base of the skull to the neck

Eye pain, itchiness or irritation

Ear pains, hearing light frequencies sounds/tones, tuning in or being more aware of higher guidance. Hearing frequency bandwidths, this feels like a dispersal of energy

Throat soreness, going hoarse or changes in the tone of the voice

Heart brief moments of pain, tightness in the chest, palpitations, but also noticing awareness in your heart center, feeling your body in your heart if that makes sense, chest congestion, cough,

Waves of nausea, feelings of being full or hungry, digestive issues, feeling the expansion and contraction of energy in the torso of the body, molecular structure is changing, rib soreness, Bones and Blood are upgrading

Kidneys flaring up, this is collective fear

Feeling bursts of energy, not uncomfortable, kundalini fire is active, potential kriyas

Skin flare ups, itchiness, rashes

Muscles feel weak and lethargic, dense or heavy. Joints are achy, I have noticed hips, and shoulders. Hips are the fear of moving forward, shoulders are trying to protect yourself.

Knees aches in the joints or popping, ego structure transforming

Feelings of receiving and transmitting energy, this feels like jolts or waves of energy coming in from the Soul Star Chakra, moving through the body, entering the Earth Star Chakra, and can also show up as nerve pain moving through the body, sensory upgrades

Moods, fluctuation, extreme “highs/lows” (or you maybe somewhere in between), although the ability to notice is becoming easier, processing quicker, sleepy/groggy, connecting with your team in dreamstate, super Galactic & Angelic Vibes, Multi-sensory perceptions coming online

If you feel called to rest, Rest, if you feel called to detach, disconnect, if you feel called to be in nature, Go outside, whatever the case maybe for you follow your inner guidance, drink lots of water, this helps the cells process energy quicker and easier.

Always follow your own internal guidance system when it comes to anything that you are feeling, physically, mentally, emotionally.

Love yourself through it.

**By Jessica Woods


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  1. Harrrie

    Fee, for your sinuses try putting a tiny bit of Vicks Vapo Rub just inside your nostrils. It’s very healing for swelling, inflammation which your sinuses are experiencing. Also your sinuses drain into your lungs and cause the congestion. Put the Vicks on your chest at night or bedtime. I haven’t scrutinized the ingredients in Vicks but after falling on my knee, it got rid of the pain, inflammation and some swelling.
    Recommended by a Naturopath, mix corn whiskey, horehound drops and lemon juice to take morning and night in small spoonfuls. Very good for all kinds of lung issues, even fungus in the lungs which can take months to get rid of with pharmaceuticals.
    Also take black seed oil for lungs. It’s made from the black cumin seed and is used for everything. I’m buying a bottle for myself.
    Hope this helps.

  2. david k gates

    I started the Ascension Symptoms in 2011 and they have not stopped since then. They come and go in waves, usually 2-3 days a week. Sometimes barely noticeable and sometimes Very Intense.
    Was told way back then there was no way humans could go through it all in a short period (hours, days, a week) and BOY WE’RE they right!!!
    I would have exploded mentally and pyschologically. No way the body would NOT have shutdown completely. It would have died without a doubt.

  3. Harrrie

    Fee, yes. I read that you can have less symptoms because you are absorbing or receiving the energies with less resistance. Also, you can have less symptoms if you are physically fit.
    Some have no symptoms because they are not at a high enough vibration, but I don’t agree with this. I think they are insisting to stay in the 3D and it’s a different type of resistance to the energies. Someone could argue they are the same thing but they’re not. Someone with not a high enough vibration can become open to change and rise in vibration, and not present resistance to the energies.
    I also think it’s genetic, or due to your life plan, or in your bucket list to go through the symptoms or some hear or read of the symptoms, get concerned or worried and bring on the symptoms themselves.

  4. Reba

    Does anyone have a strong remedy for both throat pain and nasal/allergy. I wake up a train wreck every morning. My chest gets congested also. My nose hates everything. Allergy pills do not work. I have become immune to caffeine for some strange reason. It will no longer have any effect. I have become rather strange compared to 3 years ago. I hope star family heals me soon.

    1. david k gates

      I deal with a little bit of Allergies but pills do work for me. Mostly sinuses feel clogged but they arent. Sharp headaches on side of head daily.
      Aches and pains…like I slept awkwardly and wake up stiffer than usual.
      Anger at the little things…..

      Breathing in hot water vapors helps me…often just taking a long hot shower heps. I cup my hands in the hot water and breathe the vapors into my nose for a few minutes
      GO to a natural vitamin/herb store and look for something non-pharmicutical.
      Try listening to your intuition but ASK your Body and Guides to help you find a natural remedy. NATURE provides everything we need.
      Maybe a humidifier or air-filter?
      Is there anything in your diet that might be causing? Dairy?
      I should cut dairy out fr my sinuses but I LOVE milk, cheese and butter!

    2. C

      Hi Reba, a netipot may help clean/clear the sinus. Also a gargle/rinse with hydrogen peroxide for the throat; a few drops in each ear as well.

      This may seem a bit odd/unrelated but… try sleeping with a weighted blanket and/or (slightly weighted) sleep mask. These act like a big hug and help calm the central nervous system. And then also – there is “going within” – conversing with and looking at these areas of the body particularly to get a better idea of what’s going on, as well as the best remedy for You, as it usually winds up being a few different adjustments that help alleviate the issues. 🙏🕊

    3. LJ

      Reba…I am so sorry you are suffering like this. I can honestly say “I feel your pain.” Have you had a blood allergy test done? A comprehensive test that tests for a lot of possible allergies all at once. I developed a high number of allergies as an adult and identifying them helped me tremendously. Hope you feel better soon!!!

    4. Dhara

      Reba: What I have learned from your symptoms is that my blood type is acid and I needed to refrain from eating acid type foods, including meats, fish and chicken, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants, etc.Your body creates mucus to protect its self from slow-poison, fast foods, etc. like hamburgers, donuts, processed foods loaded with preservatives, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs, preservatives and artificial sweetners.

      I learned the benefits of KYOLIC, which is a concentrated garlic that has been aged for 9 months to reduce the allicine (sp?) and adding more benefits of the garlic.

      Also, food-grade diatomaceous earth dries up parasites, worms, that are found in many areas of life, including meats, animals and sex with someone who has bad habits including not washing their hands before taking their penis out to urinate. Sorry, but far too many men use women’s bodies as dumping grounds, including disincarnated entities, Too many men feel no sense of responsibility for what they are doing to women because they are taught to see women as chattel to feed their egos. I don’t hate men, I hate what they do. In a female body, I have had many life times in the male body to not understand the male psyche.


  5. LJ

    Andrew…I agree…thank God not all at once!! And it is so good to know we are not alone. 😁

  6. Fee

    What if you feel none of this except scalp tingling and ear ringing? Oh and massive life events (all changes with traumatic catalysts). Are you going to ascend if you feel barely any light activation symptoms?

    1. david k gates

      My ears have rung NON-STOP for about 10 years now.
      Tingley scalp is energy flowing in!!! I say YES! Keep downloading!
      I think of THE MATRIX and NEO learning Jui-jitsu
      Want some more Neo? …. YES!!! ……….I think he likes it!

      When you feels the huge Tingle-waves up and down your spine is Kundalini energy…Great feeling tingles!!

        1. 1

          Arent you then acclimating better than those who do have symptoms? Also everyone is on a different timeline, some of these i felt before but don’t anymore

      1. Emerson

        Ringing in the ears? I also have had this and below is the best article I have read on the subject! I sure hope it brings you as much clarity and understanding as it did me.

        I’m posting this again just in case someone sees it and it helps them. When I posted this the first time, it was still on hold by the moderator because I had posted a link to Peter Russell’s blog and I don’t know if anyone seen it. So I can’t post a link, you’ll just have to look it up.

        Anyway, I decided it was some sort of tinnitus, but it doesn’t fit the technical description. Mine is not a “ringing” per se, but more of a continual and extended shhhhh. I now call it the “Hush in my ears”. I love Peter’s take on it. If you’re like me, you will see the sound as a pleasure. 😀

        It’s on Peter Russel’s blog, and look for his article titled “Sound of Silence”.

        I sure hope this helps!!

        Love, Light, and a calm mind to ALL!!

    2. david k gates

      FEE…….YOU WILL ASCEND. There is zero doubt =)
      You have a high level of energy now and you put it in your post. I felt it and it feels good!

      If ANYONE “wants” to ascend, they will. Just sit back in a lawnchair with a fancy beverage of some type and enjoy the ride

  7. Andrew Borromey

    I’m glad I’m not alone. I have all of these symptoms. Thank God not all at once.