Who Are The Siriusians and Where Are They From?

When it comes to the question, who are the Sirians? More and more information about this highly advanced star race is becoming available.

In this transmission, I share some information I have received about the beloved Sirians from my Sirian family and the Sirian frequency within me.

What do the Sirians look like?

I have always visually perceived Sirians as very short compared to other beings. They have no hair and are a very intense shade of blue. They also have sacred geometry symbols on their skin.

I perceive them with an elongated head, which has been shared a lot by other psychic mediums like Matias de Stefano. In his series, Initiation on Gaia, he shares his whole life experience that he remembers on Sirius. The way he describes Sirius is quite different from the way I have perceived it. It is important to remember that the Sirians themselves are a very diverse star race.

There are different planets in Sirius with very different races of Sirian beings. If you are a Sirian Starseed you may have only had lives on one of these planets. And if you are connecting to and channelling beings from Sirius in this reality, they may be from another planet at a different time in their history, giving different information. Therefore, many of us may have very different memories and experiences with the Sirian race than other Sirian Starseeds.

The Evolution of the Sirians & discrepancies between how different people perceive them

We also need to consider the evolution of the Sirian star race itself when perceiving differences in the way we experience the Sirians. For example, the memories that we may be tapping into of our lives in Sirius may have happened millions of years ago in linear Earth years.

The information you receive from the Sirians in this current time and space reality may be very different to the information you receive from your memories when you were living there in your soul history.

Finding past live connections from Sirius on Earth

The differences between what I share and what other people share about Sirius don’t mean one of us is right or wrong in the way we perceive them.

However, when we connect with someone who has similar experiences, memories and perceptions of the Sirian star race, this shows that we may have past life connections with that person in Sirius. Sharing similar stories and memories is an indication that two people have had lives in Sirius together at certain points in our quantum history.

Where are the Sirians from in our galaxy?

Sirians come from the Sirius star system, which is made up of three stars, Sirius A, B & C. Each of the stars is home to diverse planets and advanced Sirian star races. Sirius is located within our Milky Way Galaxy and is also the brightest star in our sky. Sirius is regarded as Earth’s spiritual sun (with our Sun being our physical sun).

Sirius is very connected to water and aquatic animals such as dolphins and whales. The planets orbiting Sirius B are covered in water and the beings there are mostly aquatic. Matias de Stefano remembers his islands on his planet as being covered in water for half the year, and for the other half, the water would retreat, exposing the islands. There is a massive moon on this planet that creates huge tides. His recollection of his time in Sirius is fascinating!

The Floating Sirian City

For me, when I receive information from Sirius, I see floating cities that are connected to planets by huge bridges. There is no land as such! The floating city that I perceive is between different planets. The city is suspended through vortexes of frequency in space.

The Sirians I work with have extremely advanced technology. They work with magnetism which they use to repel and attract. They have magnetic systems in place on different planets which are attuned to certain frequencies. This allows them to suspend objects in space.

This part of Sirius is very open. Many beings come and go between planets and mingle together. It is almost like a hub, where Sirians from different planets within the star system come.

The Sirians and Technology 

The Sirians have a strong interest in helping humans advance our technology on planet Earth. Sirians have been very present on Earth for thousands of years. They have been looking over the evolution of our planet long before humans even walked the Earth.

In ancient civilisations, such as Egypt, the Sirians were revered as Gods. We can see this in artefacts with Egyptian gods with elongated heads. Elongated skulls in Peru and in other parts of the world have been found. I believe these are the skulls of Sirians or Sirian/human hybrid skeletons.

Every time the Sirians come to Earth, there is a huge leap in the advancement of civilisations. They are the architects of the universe after all! They help create us create cities, organise civilisations, advance our intellect and implement advanced systems and technologies.

They also teach us how to live together as big communities. Some Sirian races are very community-oriented like the Pleiadians. They like to organise cities with certain hierarchies and structures whereas the Pleiadians are not so structured and effective!

Through their magnetism, they bring people together and teach us how to create modern civilisations.

Paracas skulls on display at Museo Regional de Ica in the city of Ica in Peru (Photo: Martin Tlustochowicz/Wiki Commons CC BY 2.0)

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