Saint Germain: Life of an Animal

Questions from Stephanie:

Dearest St. Germain, Please, I would like to know where, on the scale of karma, taking the life of an animal lands?
From week 9:

Does killing animals acquire the same karmic debt as does killing a human?

St Germain: No, it does not. Animals are of lesser consciousness than humans. In nature, there is a system of cooperation between the hunters and the hunted, where personal sacrifice of the victim is key to feeding the greater good, being animals in general. It is a system of sacrifice so that others can live. However, what does acquire karmic debt is destruction of the ecosystem so this should be considered before making any choice to kill an animal.

Question 2
Is there a way that we can quickly, reliably attain a list or notice of the karma a/o life lessons, that we need to master before end of or life? To clear all debts?

St Germain: Yes, the way to do this is to pay attention to your fears, pay attention to your hatreds and angers. All negative emotions are unhealed wounds and these wounds are related to your karma.

Thank you for being such a willing student of life, and I appreciate your determinedness.

Question from AJ:

Do old clothes hold negative or positive energy?

St Germain: I rather like mine myself. But of course you are asking on your own behalf. Old garments can carry either positive or negative energy and this has to do with the wearer and how the clothes have been treated. Yes, how they have been treated. When you treat your garments with love and respect, then they are embued with this energy. When you treat your clothing poorly then you will embue the fibres with negative energy.

So, as for shopping at the second hand store, you are taking your chances.

Me: I never do but I have an aversion to second hand clothes because I was a younger sister. That’s just a personal preference but I could even see clothing being something like something that could attract demonics even. Why not?

St Germain: In fact it can Sharon.You can wear clothing that was worn by a heavily compromised person and the leftover energies in the fibres can attract attachments to you of this nature.

Also those who are familiar with psychometry will attest to the fact that anything that is passed on will have the energies of those who have worn the object such as a ring or a necklace, attached to it. Houses absorb and carry the energies of the people who have previously lived there.

Me: I had a hard time cleaning this place up when I moved in because the guy who used to live here did drugs and he would erupt and beat the woman he was living with. There are holes in the doors still to attest to that. Yes, they won’t change them. They’re low budget here. So I had Archangel Michael close a portal in the basement and have worked at clearing this place of ghosts.

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  1. CJ

    Starting with the Eternal Fact that “God is Pure” precludes any sense of personal karma, therefore devoiding any things, objects of passing on any negative and positive energies 🙂