UFO or UAP Spotted on LIVE TV in VT

This is truly ground breaking, you said you wanted proof there are UFO’s from clear video data well here you go!

This is an amazing capture out of Colchester Vermont, where they spotted something in a transparent, or silhouette style drift up and away in the sky on a morning news cam.

Even the reporters and news anchors believe it was a UFO or UAP. They have clearly captured clear footage of something, we just don’t know what it is.

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    Would be helpful if the “right now” info graphic was removed from the area of interest on the screen, and the raw uncut/unedited, full footage was shown.

    This same short clip is the only one I’ve come across as of yet. If it’s a weather cam then there is most definitely additional footage – (including before and after the appearance of the silhouette). Additional footage that may show whether the silhouette “flew into” range, or materialized in range; also same with it’s apparent exit – and whether it “flew out” of view, or dematerialized while still in viewing range.

    Someone certainly has seen the fuller footage, hopefully this news station will release it and allow whatever is on it to also be seen “virally”. 🤷🏻‍♀️