Catalyzing Abundance Card Reading

This third quarter reading is a timeless Ascension teaching of our foundation of our creative flow. As we move into a conscious blended state of Being—aligning the physical (human) and subtle (higher) self—our creative flow becomes blended.

Enjoy this catalyst for a strong foundation of creative abundance!


In this year of Creative Harmonics, the overall energies of this quarter are about building a strong foundation. Each topic that Areon guides through the months are a progression of supporting us to hold the higher potentials we want to create.

Some of those potentials will manifest in your life. Some are collective as you are weaving your love into this field of Earth creation and beyond.


The base of the pyramid is Love (Lyran – Awareness) and Connection (Pleiadian – Expansion). How perfect, as Love is a connective energy. The pyramid is the strongest structure because of its base.

What begins with Love at the foundation, weaves love and light throughout creation. The confusing part of this is that sometimes we are meant to deepen our Love by healing the parts of self that are not Love(d).

The distortions of that energy are just a subtle timespace seeking resolution or re-immersion into the wholeness.

Yet, it’s always a win/win.

Your life improves as you focus your creative energies toward the higher potentials of Love. The world benefits through time because you’ve immersed the subtle field of information (in formation) that we are immersed in.


Three is a catalyst energy. What is at the base of creation fuels it. The card at the top is Scarcity (Orion – Releasing). The Orion cards often create deep clarity within your field as you allow the release cycle of creation, the exhale, it’s power.

We are meant to be open to the full flow of creation as it arises in our individual lives. While most of your focus should be on the positive potentials you want to experience, embracing the release phase when appropriate supports that manifestation.

Observe any information that arises into your consciousness around lack or scarcity that is ready for release.

As you release, you activate.

Releasing Scarcity naturally creates a space of its opposite within. It activates the resolution of that release. The exhale creates the space for the next inhale.


As I shared in the video, my non-physical Guides taught me an important lesson during the economic crash of 2008. Don’t let the story of others become your truth. Meaning, don’t just take it as what you are destined to experience.

It does NOT mean ignore reality. It doesn’t mean have no compassion for others that are suffering.

It means be clear about what you are defining as THE truth into your own life. Stay open and pliable in your subtle bridge. Keep your thoughts and emotions as positive as possible.

During that time, I had many challenges. I also had some miraculous shifts when I neutralized into the Loving potentials. A longer story for another time.

Too much scarcity, in its myriad forms, produces a “toxic” environment for creation. This is why Love and Connection at the base are so foundational.

As Love and Connection catalyze the release of Scarcity and the activation of creative abundance (friendship, health, money, inspiration, etc.), your world is changed.

You hold a higher Creative Harmonic.


**By Jamye Price