Lady Venus: Glowing Footprints of Peace

I am a feminine soul and I love you very much, I am Lady Venus.

I see you from where I am, and it might seem a long distance, as I represent the planet Venus.

From a distance I see you move around. From where I am I see you walk back and forward, here and there.

Sometimes you move in circles and sometimes you walk as if you walk on a straight line.

And everything, every time you take a step, it is as it should be!

Life on Earth is like going to school.

You have actually chosen to come to Earth as a soul and willingly accepted the fact that you once again would be a student. A student of love!

I am not saying it is easy. Oh no! Of cource not! If it was easy what would you learn?

You as a soul, meet exactly what you are meant to meet, to learn!

The more advanced soul you are, the more you will meet…and learn. It might sound – cruel? Hard? Vicious?

If you do not know what to do in a certain situation – choose love and compassion!

Life is filled with choices and yet you have a free option to respond with loving grace, you just have to ask your heart!

Everytime you take a step, even if it is very small step and that little step is in favour of love – it means that you are sending out a loving vibration throughout the universe, making many souls grow. Not only your own soul.

Maybe it is not about – you taking billions of steps? Maybe it is about taking one single step and making this very exclusive little step all about love?

Maybe it is not about quantity? But rather about quality!

Maybe you don´t have to reach extremely far out to do something that really matters? Maybe it is so much closer? Like on your own doorstep!

I see you from afar, from my planet! And your steps glow in the dark! I just want you to love your feet, your steps and cherish them all, each and every one.

Start where you stand! Where you live, in your own community!

But most of all, please love yourself now and do not hesitate to put the old negative behind you, you do not have to carry it, just put it down. It is like carrying an old travelcase, and you somehow still carry it, maybe without knowing it.

You become lighter without extra negative weight and if you refuse to carry it, you show a determination and that is good, just let it be love, starting right now!

You are a carrier of love and in your daily rutine it is of great importance that you uphold solid positiveness to be able to serve together with the tribe of Sananda.

And it all starts with you being grateful for your journey on Earth, for every step in that precious journey that you have walked.

So let your footprints glow with love and peace will prevale!

I love you

Lady Venus

**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


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