Empress Needs New Clothes

Have you ever felt like your outer expression doesn’t match your new vision of yourself and how you want to serve as a divine changemaker?

If your outer expression was symbolized by clothes in your closet – all out-of-date – would you want to wear them? Probably not. I’ve been there – I know how it feels.

I’ve felt like this before – many times in fact. Most of us adults can relate to having at least one or more major life shift that dramatically changed how we lived, our values, our work, and our vision of what we as souls wanted to express.

A Personal Example

One personal example is my growing up in the 70s in Silicon Valley. As part of a newspaper assignment during college, I interviewed Steve Jobs before he founded Apple. Back then, I was fascinated by technology and loved being on the cutting edge of what was new. I was too young to appreciate the gift of interviewing Steve Jobs and how that would influence my future life path.

If my example has you ruminating and thinking of your past, I suggest a better use of your time is focusing on the NOW. That’s all we have anyway, and it is from this NOW place we create what’s next. In the next 2 decades we will be radically shifting as our world changes. The more present we can be to each moment, the more empowered and successful we will be.

Fast Forward to 2020s

Our collective society moved into warp-speed transformational shifting beginning in 2020 with the pandemic. That one thing put a big spotlight on society’s dysfunction and misuses of power. Humanity is waking up. Technological infrastructure is being modernized to bring people together. There is growing awareness of the need for a more inclusive and just society.

We’re in baby-step mode in this moment, yet it is the beginning we need to catalyze creation of a sustainable and loving world. I ask you to daily energize this and trust that you are here on purpose for what you will in hindsight see as the most blessed time to be alive.

New You in The Making

Like the empress who needs new clothes, you first need to become skilled in assessing the clothes you have. In my case – my business founded 4 decades ago and my needing to regularly adapt to the latest ways things are done – I’m quite experienced.

Getting Naked With Myself

However, the 2020s adaptation process required me to get naked with myself. My higher wisdom has been guiding me in an ongoing deep dive within – helping me to see my own resistance to change and my uncertainty about making changes that seem foreign.

Fast forward to 2022, when seemingly all of a sudden it seems like almost everything about how we operate and function is changing all at once. The gift: our ego-based persona is being illuminated – so we can master reining it in as we flower into beings expressing ourselves with the higher wisdom of our essence.

May love and success be yours,


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