Rand Paul: “There’s Going To Come A Day Of Reckoning”; People Will “Rise Up”

Senator Rand Paul vowed this past weekend that a “day of reckoning” is coming for Democrats because Americans are sick and tried of spiralling crime and violence dominating their cities.

Appearing on Hannity, Paul spoke of the Democrats’ double standards on political violence in the wake of an attack on GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin last week during a campaign speech.

“The left wing is egging this on,” Paul urged, adding “and if we want to end this we have to start locking people up.”

Paul compared the media coverage of the attack on Zeldin to how the media covered Paul being violently attacked a few years ago, noting that the a Louisville Courier reported said “violence against me was justified.”

Paul went on to decry the rise of crime and violence, noting “There’s going to come a day of reckoning where the people who live in New York City – crime disproportionately affects those in poor neighborhoods and those who are minorities. One day they’re going to rise up and say, ‘We’ve had enough. The Democrats are not protecting our children.’”

Paul continued, “Kids are dying at the bus stop. Kids are dying on the subway. The Democrats don’t care about your kids. And it continues to happen decade after decade.”

“There’s going to be a day that people are going to wake up and say, ‘We’ve had enough. We’re going to vote for law and order.’ And Lee Zeldin is the law and order candidate,” Paul asserted.

“So I think there is a chance that people will say, ‘I don’t care, Black, White, whatever. I’m not associated with any party. I want a stop to the crime and we have to put people in jail.’ I think that’s coming,” Paul added.


**By Steve Watson


2 Replies to “Rand Paul: “There’s Going To Come A Day Of Reckoning”; People Will “Rise Up””

  1. Susan

    I agree Iris. The political stuff on this site has made me wonder at times if it’s some kind of bot thing trying to foment hate and fear among lightworkers, like some kind of cabal attempt to keep vibration down. Since many of us no longer watch TV, what better place is there to target us but at the sites we go to for Ascention communication? Does not matter because low vibration cannot enter where high vibration lives.

  2. Iris

    Sadly, violence in America is not limited to blue cities or states. Lists of “top 10 most dangerous states in America” include both red and blue.

    For gun violence, red Texas has the most deaths. The 6 top states for gun violence ‘per capita’ are all Republican.

    But beyond partisan politics, the root cause of violence is the old 3D world where life forms fight for survival against everyone else.

    We lightworkers are tasked with helping raise Earth’s vibration by radiating love and light. That’s our superpower! As we ascend from 3D Duality into 5D Oneness, violence will fade like night dissolves into day.

    That’s why it’s bewildering to see such divisive political posts like this one at Era of Light.