Matthew Ward Message: Light Distribution and Earth

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Light forces’ efforts in uprooting darkness are spot on target. Well-publicized turmoil in several countries are part of this, and behind the scenes, discussions are underway to wind down the war in Ukraine and clean house in the remaining Illuminati-influenced governments. Other progress includes planning sessions for major improvements in the global economy, environmental restoration and medical industry, and by invitation from the international group in charge, extraterrestrials with technological expertise in those areas are participating as advisers.

Especially since all activity is in acceleration mode, it’s likely that upheavals and inconveniences cannot be avoided as the tenacious Illuminati resist having the remnants of their network taken down. Probably they also will ramp up mainstream media’s false “news” to evoke fear because they need that energy to keep going. Regardless of how upcoming situations may appear, nothing they attempt will succeed—ever-rising vibrations assure that all light forces’ undertakings will be triumphant.

You are invaluable contributors to this, dear family. Most of you are not in the trenches, so to say, but your very BEingness sends out the high vibrations that are transforming life on Earth. You knew that when you volunteered to go there, it’s why you went—the empowerment of love and light is who you magnificent souls are!

Now let us address some of the issues you have written about. First, that “pandemic.” The Illuminati just can’t accept that billions didn’t die en masse more than two years ago. They’re having to settle for claiming their virus will keep mutating into one variant after another and each needs a booster shot or new vaccine. When people die shortly after being vaccinated, the cause of death is “covid”; people who have serious adverse reactions to the vaccines have “long-term covid;” non-vaccinated people who become ill after being in close contact with persons who have been, simply caught “covid” because they haven’t been inoculated.  And so the deception of every aspect of the “pandemic” continues. The dark ones may claim monkeypox will become a pandemic unless everyone gets vaccinated—don’t overlook the fortunes they are making from vaccines.

It bears repeating that what are falsely called vaccines are solutions containing DNA-altering tissue, toxins, pathogens and a programmed nanochip designed to interact with 5G satellites and devices to control the populace. We don’t know if snake venom is in all of the solutions, none of them, a random batch or if another ingredient in that mixture was misidentified as venom and that’s how speculation started. Whatever the case may be, all toxicity in the solution is rendered as harmless as possible by scientists in the extraterrestrial special forces who also erase the chips’ programming and reduce the tissue’s potency in all batches.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise against vaccinations and also masks, especially for children. If you are familiar with our messages, you know we don’t give advice— we offer suggestions and sometimes recommendations. But people are dying or developing serious health problems after being vaccinated and for most, it isn’t a choice in soul contracts. Claiming “vaccines” are safe for babies is just plain evil.

The dark ones mandate vaccinations because they know those don’t protect, they infect. They know masks cannot keep out a virus—they mandate mask-wearing because they know that prevents proper respiratory functioning, which weakens immunity and increases susceptibility to all kinds of illness. Masking children also interferes with proper brain development—please don’t let that happen to precious young lives.

That said, we want to mitigate fear in people who were vaccinated to keep their jobs or didn’t know that honorable medical professionals and other scientists have exposed “vaccines” for what they are. Therefore, we say again what we have said in previous messages: Absorbing light transforms carbon-based cells into crystalline, which are resistant to foreign elements like the solutions’ ingredients, and light absorption is as easy as God said: Be kind. Further, prevailing vibrations are light-filled and that also bodes well for cellular change.

Yes, beloved family, absolutely this “pandemic” will end! Like everything else in existence, it is energy. Many people whose main focus was pandemic-related matters now are thinking about inflation, shortages of food and fuel, weather conditions or other hardships farmers are incurring, or, on the bright side, vacations. That is to say, the energy of collective thoughts and feelings no longer is top-heavily vested in the “pandemic,” and unless it is consistently “fed,” it will fizzle out. Giving it no more thought will help hasten its end.

It doesn’t seem that my prayers have any effect at all.”  First we say, the law of physics that governs life in this universe recognizes each person’s unique energy signature, but that law can’t distinguish prayers from other thoughts. So it can be rightfully said that your very life is a prayer—there is wisdom in your saying “Be careful what you pray for.”

Now then, a sense of urgency or desperation in prayers—in all thoughts—fractures the energy sent forth and precludes clarity in the “universal soup,” from whence the response comes, whereas calmness lets thoughts arrive clearly. Still, the result may not be what you had in mind. The universe provides what will best serve your or another person’s highest good and always that is in keeping with soul contract choices.

Further, to help the planet maintain balance, the operation of the universe includes directing light where it is most needed. If you send light to a specific situation or location, the universe has to rearrange it, in a manner of speaking, so it can be dispersed in accordance with need. We have suggested visualizing Earth in golden-white light because the energy goes directly where it will do the greatest good. And, intention has its own energy. When love is the basis of everything you think, say and do, you are living from your heart, the seat of the soul, and that intention magnifies the light you radiate simply by BEing.

To all who are having difficulty meditating and visualizing and asked if we can suggest another method to generate light in addition to BEing, yes, we can. In previous messages we have talked about the power of words—spoken, written and thought—and we said all words emit vibrations. A soul very dear to us, Blossom Goodchild, was given a mantra by Federation of Light: I am the light, I am the love, I am the truth, I am. Each word adds more high vibrations to the mantra and, combined with its transformative intention, it produces brilliance that flows out into your world.

“Matthew said Earth’s civilization perished twice due to negativity. When and how did those events occur? Were Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed in one of the events? Is the biblical account of Noah the beginning of today’s civilization?”  The first occurrence, a few billion years ago in linear time, started with a gargantuan earthquake that drastically altered land masses and changed location of the waters—the planet’s basically flat surface became ocean depths and mountain ranges. That quake set in motion decades of quakes and volcanic eruptions that heightened mountains and formed others as well as more canyons, valleys, lakes, seas and rivers around the globe.

When geological activity settled down and the planet was once again habitable, members of other civilizations came and new plants and animals were introduced. Once again life started peaceably. But later arrivals had their own desires and ideas, disagreements escalated into warring and negativity started accumulating. A billion or so years ago it reached such a mass that a sudden ice age killed all life forms.

Eons passed before the planet was hospitable to life again, and among the new inhabitants were souls who lived in Atlantis and Lemuria. They were much more advanced spiritually, consciously and technologically than Earth’s current civilization, but eventually some individuals lost their spiritual awareness and used crystals as weaponry. That is what destroyed Lemuria and later Atlantis. Most of both continents now lie on ocean floors, the rest formed islands in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Other parts of the planet survived both of those catastrophes.

It was much, much later when weeks of rain led to widespread flooding and partial planetary cleansing. All life in lowland towns and villages drowned; many people and animals and the hardiest plants in higher elevations lived. As tales were passed down through the generations, embellishments may have included a man who built a large boat to save his family and animals. Or perhaps the self-serving rulers of state and church who devised “God’s laws” wrote the story of Noah and the ark to show Christian adherents the importance of obeying “God.”

That flooding episode happened long after the beginning of your current civilization, which came about somewhat the same as repopulation after all life twice perished, but with a few significant differences. People who came from various civilizations survived. They created a world with a diversity of races, cultures and philosophies, and highly evolved souls embodied as whales to anchor light in ocean depths where darkness cannot reach. Land animals were much smaller and more intelligent than previous forms like the dinosaurs, which were considered a failed experiment, and many, like whales and dolphins in the oceans, were family-oriented. Because Jupiter was ideal for developing animal and plant species that thrive in conditions similar to Earth’s, members of advanced civilizations lived on that planet temporarily to perform those missions and transport those life forms to Earth.

In the beginning people, animals and plants knew their soul-level connection—they lived together harmoniously, communicated telepathically and each beneficially served the others. Then darkness descended again. It inculcated ferocity in some animals and the capacity for brutality in people. It suppressed the ability of soul-level knowledge to reach consciousness—that eliminated each person’s awareness of godself and the knowledge that every life form is a soul, bodies have self-healing mechanisms, plants have healing properties and trees have ancient wisdom. Darkness also instilled the concepts of separation, self-service, hatred, fear, greed, deceit and bigotry.

That low-vibratory condition prevailed for millennia until nigh onto a century ago when Gaia cried out for help, far distant civilizations beamed a massive amount of light to Earth and vibrations started rising. Now high vibrations greatly “outnumber” low, and because the two extremes cannot coexist, the low in which darkness thrives are fast waning. And, as the civilization continues awakening, they will once again know their godselves and inseparable connection with all of Nature.

This is an appropriate place to address your question about climate change: Is it a grave threat to the planet or part of a naturally-recurring cycle? It is neither in the context of the football that gets kicked back and forth as a political and economic issue. But climate change is indeed real and for quite some time it has not been happening naturally. Ever since technology was developed eighty-some years ago as “weather warfare,” the Illuminati have been using it to cause record-breaking temperatures, storms in increasing numbers and severity, tornados, droughts and flooding. And, in what previous cycle were oil and gas—Earth’s circulatory system—extracted and did fossil fuels, chemtrail spray and other toxic pollutants contaminate the air—her respiratory system—or were square miles of the Amazon rain forest scarified?  The environmental damage done by those practices has contributed to the aberrant weather being attributed to climate change and they also have delayed Mother Nature taking the reins.

Earth’s journey back to her origin in high fifth density includes a gradual return to her original moderate climate, when the entire planet was a magnificent garden. Although topography was vastly different then, upcoming changes don’t mean mountains no longer will have snow or every glacier will melt into the seas. It means warming will occur in regions where temperatures can drop to minus 50F and regions of blistering heat will become cooler. It means no more disastrous floods or droughts—properly dispersed rain will turn deserts into arable land and dry beds of lakes, rivers and streams will be filled with crystal-clear water. And, without darkness creating negativity, there will be no need to release it in quakes, violent storms and volcanic eruptions.

Beloved brothers and sisters, all light beings in this universe honor you for helping Earth move ever forward toward her Golden Age and support you with the power of unconditional love.


**Channel: Suzanne Ward


16 Replies to “Matthew Ward Message: Light Distribution and Earth”

  1. Roshankhanu

    We are Spiritualbeings not Humanbeings. So let us all rise up and spread the light. Be the light, carry the light and emit the light!

  2. Swan

    Matthew has once again delivered powerful insights about Climate Change, and not just because Gaia is moving to a more moderate climate globally:

    + Humans are causing great harm through weather warfare.

    + We are also causing destructive, “aberrant weather” through “fossil fuels, chemtrail spray and other toxic pollutants,” along with rampant deforestation in places like the Amazon.

    + All this is actually hindering Gaia in Her ascension journey. (!)

    Matthew has told us previously that inspiration for clean energy is coming from higher dimensions. Also, that humanity must take the initiative in cleaning up our world before our ET friends can assist us with their advanced technology.

    May all of us – enlightened inventors, tribal elders, children, organic farmers and gardeners, environmentalists, etc. – unite in creating a peaceful, clean and healthy planet where all Life thrives.

  3. Billy Dean

    Ok galactic federation of light or the Arcturian council and the entire great awakening. Here is an urgent call for protection. Alex Jones is currently in court and everyone is against him. He has been one of the most truthful of any person for a number of years. The globalists/fake media have tried to frame him into a terrible liar or conspiracy theorist. They are trying to diminish all conservatives everywhere. He is trying to speak to only the truth in court and its all falling on deliberately deaf hears. I call upon the Arcturian protectors to liberate Alex Jones and info wars along with all conservatives. Matthew Ward go and protect your brother Alex and put a stop to the draconian/reptile takeover currently taken place within that court. Unbearable to watch.

    1. A Light Sister

      Alex Jones made millions by claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was “fake.” Now anguished parents have taken him to court, and he admits that, well, actually the killing was indeed real!

      Too late – not only have the families of the slain children and teachers suffered unimaginable grief from their murder, but Alex Jones’ followers have added to their pain by harassing and threatening them.

      Jones can’t take back years of sensational lying just because now he must pay the price. He’s even lied in court, as proved by tapes of his own shows played during the trial.

      The Light energies are rising like a great tide, and all lies, greed, cruelty and darkness are being revealed, whether in government, business, relationships – or people like Alex who caused great anguish and misled their followers, all for wealth and fame.

      Karma has caught up with him, and he will pay a great price.

      1. Emma

        So much anger in you. Anger leads to hate etc.
        Alex Jones has also help many waking up. He is just an imperfect person, just like you obvious is.

        Do you even know that those kind of shootings are false flags?. Do you know they often burn down these places, to hide evidences.
        Do you know that deepstate are grooming people to do this shootings, and that Alex Jones are exposing it. God loves Alex Jones, and are using him to reach people that would never listen to you, because you are on a high horse, and he is not.

    2. one

      You will not find any aid for anyone here Dean, just woke people lying to each other and enjoying it. Hopeful Alex can get some help and I will pray for him and the witches who comment here as well. They probably all enjoy the “inclusiveness” of Trannys as well.

      1. A Light Sister

        I’m not a witch – just observing that Alex Jones made money from spreading dangerous lies, but now admits in court that he knows the killing was very real.

        Too late, for as the saying goes, ‘speech is free but lying is not.’

        Every day Our angelic and ET guides urge us to see that all souls shine with One Light, so we should expand our hearts to include everyone – “trannys,” democrats and republicans, victims and those who harm them with bullets or words…Everyone.

        Let’s all live up to your name, dear One – it’s beautiful!

        1. Emma

          Many trannys are grooming children for sex. I will not include that in my heart, like I do not include evil.

          About lying, politicians, deepstate, Anthony Fauci, CDC, FDA lies, Joe Biden lies constantly, so I guess you wish the same for all of them.

      2. Emma

        Yes many spiritual people are stupid, and have to big egos, and anger they cant control like the light sister.

  4. Tammy

    Wonderful messages from Matthew and Suzy. Thank you for your service to humanity during these trying times. Much love!

  5. Douglas A James

    Yes this makes sense . Earths temperature will become more balanced …mid 80s most places more extreme weather conditions …love and light to All!!

  6. Liz

    I have been reading Matthew’s books and since the very first one, he has been explaining all this information. I trust Suzanne and Matthew because everything they say resonates in me.

  7. one

    Most real aware and connected people didn’t require 2.5 years to evaluate what was occurring, it was known immediately and your so called sprit connection didn’t know that Suzy?

    She’s been a fraud for many years with her stories…
    Be careful what you put into your body.