The Collective: The In-Between Space

Greetings, friends who are family! We are very pleased to speak with you again today.

We see that many of you are in what some might call “the in-between space” of relating increasingly to the flow of higher dimensional energies coming into the Earth now, yet still feeling connected to the old order.

This means that you will at times feel to still be sensitive and vulnerable to the machinations and manipulations of the old Earth structure some days, despite your increasing Light quotient.

In modern life, the media and various energy transmissions have tended to “inform” one’s energies.

Under those influences, even those of you who stand in the Light have often become entrained to one message or influence or another and lost your footing for a moment—forgetting your own remarkable Light-based energy, and giving way to moments of panic, worry, stress, or other forms of vulnerability.

We have not seen another time on the Earth when these vulnerabilities were so high, uniformly across the planet.

We (and you) have witnessed scenes of destruction and pervasive dark influence having its way in particular cultures at certain times in Earth’s history.

Yet the current shadow has attempted to cover most of the Earth, particularly affecting those places that are densely populated.

Also affected are areas of land where Earth’s natural energy grids have been used by the old power structure to magnify their intent in one way or another.

Yet we look out upon the Lightwork you are doing, dear ones, and the increasing presence of the Star Nations, and we see miracles occurring!

Though many of you feel a bit downtrodden, exhausted, and fed up with life as it presents at the moment—nevertheless, even now, we see your astounding reinstalling of Light codes such as Earth once held, and has not known for a very long time, and we give Thanks for each of you at this crucial time.

The particular forms of Light you are planting deep into Earth’s planetary body and into human consciousness are highly sentient.

They flow into the planet to encourage, heal, and renew Her. And they flow into each person’s spirit, cellular construct, mind, and emotions, and play with you in a Joyful dance, calling up from deep within your DNA the memory of being a fully realized Divine Being.

As those memories float to the surface, you begin to view life far differently than thousands of years of manipulative energy entrainment has directed you to see it.

You are awakening more and more to the voices, hearts, and presences of each part of Nature, as the natural world likewise begins to view and interact with you in new and higher ways.

You also begin to see the short-sighted, circular madness of judging yourself and others, preferring instead to move into neutrality that allows all their path, their voice, their preferences, wherever that journey may take them.

In so doing, you free yourself of the effects of the old good/bad duality. You come out of the self-criticism and self-judgment that tends to haunt most sensitive, empathic people.

The entity and energy interferences that have long fed off of your buried insecurities and compulsive thoughts and behaviors (as they do all humans) find no more dense energy to feed on.

Dissatisfied with this new turn of events, they disengage from your being. Your higher self is then far more easily able to free you of those attachments and strengthen your new sense of self to where it is far less likely that new interferences would invade your energies.

And for the Earth Herself—She is experiencing far more freedom now, thanks to the ongoing work of Light Bearers around the world.

All of you are working etherically with your Star Nation families to engage higher technologies, both physical and etheric, in disengaging Lady Gaia from the old construct of Her body and life energies being reaped by the dark matrix.

This is work that all generations now upon the Earth have specifically come in for, in addition to your own Ascension paths.

Earth is therefore increasingly disengaging Her energies from what remains of the old matrix.

She lives now in a higher level of ongoing dialogue with your fast-transforming Sun, which is ever calling Her to increase Her vibration to new heights.

At the new higher frequencies, Earth’s life energies are not so easily captured and controlled by the old order.

That order is in fact finding it increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible to attempt their old level of entrainment of humanity and exploitation of the Earth.

Though it would appear that the extraction of oil, coal, and gas continues, amongst other thefts of natural elements, this is only due to the fact that the full changeover to free energy is still in a state of construction.

The underpinnings of the old exploitative and dangerous practices are being consistently dismantled, as Earth stands freer alongside an increasingly freer human consciousness.

Though all of this sounds wonderful, you will be aware that some days you are feeling less secure about your quality of life and how the world is functioning, rather than more.

This is the subconscious and its buried fears and old programming, responding to what the higher Light is calling you up to.

It is unsure, having expressed so long through the human ego, that it is safe to trust what is happening now, including your own Ascension.

Parts of your subconscious are unsure that it is best that you become a Light Being while in human form.

“Who am I, if I don’t have a physical body as I’ve known it in hundreds of incarnations? “ your subconscious mind might be asking. “A loss of the old dense physicality—that usually means I’ve died!”

And so, parts of your deep inner self will wrangle and wrestle with this whole Ascension idea, preferring to keep things as you have always known them while in a body, over the millennia since the fall to the third dimension.

This form of insecurity will seek to hold you in the ego-mind, and to constrict your energies into a smaller space than your conscious, more expansiveness self would prefer.

You may wonder how you can deal with these fears—fear of loss of sameness, fear of loss of the physical, loss of your human aspect as you have known it for so long.

For one, a fear of physical death has been bred into humanity over thousands of years. There was a time, long past, when the great civilizations (also called the super civilizations) were still intact, that when a person was ready to simply step out of the physical and return to the etheric, they did just that.

There were helps and rituals involved if the person so desired, but a fearful, desperate clinging to the physical was not part of the returning-to-pure-spirit journey.

We are flowing energies to you in this and other written Messages, and in our videos, so that you are able to recall the lives you had in the free and empowered great civilizations of the past, and on other planets and on the ships.

As you do so, you recall the transition back to the etheric not only with calm Peacefulness, but with Joy.

In those days, you prepared to once again rejoin the expansive beauty and loving support of the higher realms. You looked forward to it, as a small minority who realize their physicality is ending now view their moment of transition as a day of complete renewal and return to the true self.

Though it is indeed a beautiful moment that joyfully enlightens and awakens most who experience it for a short while via a “near death” experience, it is no longer necessary to leave the body in order to experience your true self, your higher vibrational self on this Earth.

To let your subconscious, know that all is well, and that you are safe, meditation can be a great help, as well as Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), just as they can assist the body and the subconscious in moving to a higher level from any condition you do not prefer to live in, whether illness, injury, an overweight condition, or any ongoing fear and stress.

In this case, your Tapping script might be something such as the following, tapping lightly on these meridian points with the fingertips of either hand: Side of the palm (karate chop point): Even though my body is afraid of the Ascension process, I still completely Love and accept myself.

Side of the palm (karate chop point): Even though my subconscious fears that all of this Light is just too much change at once, I still completely honor and respect my path.

Side of the palm (karate chop point): Even though it feels like some parts of me don’t want this change to happen, I still completely honor and Love myself.

Inner eye: All this change!

Outer eye: My subconscious feels afraid

Under the eye: All these shifts at once

Under the nose: The old Earth systems are fading

Under the mouth: The old power structure fading

Collarbone: Everything we’ve been used to for so long—it’s going away

6 inches under the armpit: An exciting time to be on the planet!

Top of the head: But parts of my consciousness feel very unsure about it

Inner eye: So much change at once

Outer eye: So much uncertainty now that the old is passing away

Under the eye: So much growth to move into

Under the nose: It feels like too much some days

Under the mouth: Sometimes change has been bad at different times, in different lives I’ve lived

Collarbone: I want to trust that All Is Well, but things feel so uncertain

Under the arm: Where is my higher self in all this?

Top of the head: How do I feel confident and calm when the world is in upheaval?

Inner eye: Sometimes I think, Who am I, if I’m not a vulnerable human in a 3D body?

Outer eye: But then, I remember that most of me is not in this body

Under the eye: Most of me is in the higher realms—my soul and higher self

Under the nose: Nearly all of me is already etheric—my heart-mind, my spirit, my whole being!

Under the mouth: I am already made of higher consciousness, and now I will be of finer matter physically also

Collarbone: I’ve accepted healing and renewal in the past many, many times

Under the arm: I can do it now too; I’ve already been a fifth dimensional being in one life or another

Top of the head: So, this is like finally going back to a home I love, and I am fine with that!

As you continue with your Earth journey, dear ones, you will accept this ongoing Ascension as a gradual upleveling of your Earth self to return to your true self.

In time, you will celebrate every step forward, rather than feeling uncertain.

And you will come to recognize that the tumult you see reflected in your media is a last frantic attempt to get you to ignore the billions of star family ships now directly above you in your skies.

Do not be fooled—your families are here! And in all of this, you are never alone.

And in all of this, you are never alone.And in all of this, you are never alone.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan