Argorians Update: Structure of Channels

Argorians are constantly changing the working schemes of quantum flows directed to 3D Earth for its transformation. They adjust them taking into account many factors, including those described in the recent post (see – Hammering, Disclosure News, August 6, 2022). The goal is only one – to accelerate the transition of the planet and earthlings to 4D/5D.

On August 6th, 2022, at 08:12 AM CET, via Shambhala, Argorians transmitted a brief summary of their new working model. The Scheme shows that on a Subtle Plane they have built a new structure of channels and platforms for targeted energies’ impact.

How does it work?

Against the general background of the white energy ASTEMO, which forms in space the Intelligence plasma, Argorians, with the help of different frequencies (digits above), combined the total quantum waves spectrum in a single operational system.

On the left side of the Scheme, in the form of curved shapes, are shown the 4D center-linking channels, which operate on the brown with yellow tint energy ERMIGO. With its help, Argorians pump out the processed negativity from the Earth’s space, which the earthlings continue to emit in gigantic volumes. The brown-beige energy GLAZCHER inside the channels is condensed Evil particles.

4D channels enter three-layer platform (in Scheme – a vertical lens), which is filled with blue energy FARMS. It shapes our mental upgrading according to new, 5D programs and levels of consciousness. A lot of light blue spheres inside are clusters of FIADO energy, which ensures the continuity and stability of the earthlings’ intellectual development.

To the “lens”, a three-layer platform is adjacent (shown as colored wavy lines and a triangular segment in Scheme). It works at the following energies:

The cream-colored FERUSARIS, changes the programs of wave structures, accelerates processes;

The purple KAROS, compacts particles and clears the space for new formations;

The emerald green KEGINO, transforms the structure of matter into 5D and accelerates its development with the help of magnetic fields;

The dark red BAROUR, forms a new Earth’s information field in the form of plasma orbs in the atmosphere for life in new technogenic environment.

All the quantum energies described above, Argorians pass through a powerful 4D filter (a colored square in Scheme).

The black energy RIR forms its outer contour and divides the inner space between four quantum fields in the form of wave grids.

The “grid” at the top left (in Scheme) consists of light green FEARO energy that affects our thought process.

The “grid” at the top right is a field of blue and silver BLISKO energy, which loads in a new Earth’s Hologram a program for the earthlings’ mental development.

The “grid” at the bottom left is a space of dark green ARTREM, the energy of the mineral, plant and biological worlds. It also maintains the settings of ultrasonic processing of the Earth’s space.

The “grid” at the bottom right conventionalizes three energy spheres of different energies. This red-golden ERFAGO affects thermal processes and changes the vibrations of ultrasonic flows; light lilac GLAZIR, collects free Intelligence l-gamma particles in the planet’s space; and purple GLERUS, cleanses the Earth’s aura.

The modules of Argorians’ space fleet take the processed plasma of the collapsing three-dimensional world.

The continuously increasing new information loading into the subconscious of earthlings changes the Earth’s force fields. Quantum particles of Subtle energies are condensed into plasma.

Argorians run this process with the help of the purple PURZH energy. In Scheme, it’s depicted as two vertical cone-shaped streams with different frequencies.

These incoming flows purify space, change field structures, condense plasma formations, fill the planetary networks with 5D energy, increase our perception of new information, and slow down negative processes.

The ERGINO green energy field (in Scheme, on the left of the “cones”) activates the vital forces of 5D matter, affects the movement of magnetic fields, equalizes the energy of the planet, maintain a climate and the Hologram’s work.

Transformative work is actively continuing in all environments and spheres of the planet, its inner and cortical layers. On a Subtle Plane, polar separator disks amplify the Earth’s 5D radiations by counter energy flows.

By ultrasonic impact of different frequencies, the planet’s energy sphere (in Scheme, lower right) is divided into three vectors. The movement of power fields is run by two Siriusians’ Lunar tracking stations (in Scheme, two small orbs on the outer circle).

The quantum energy FIRSCO, of blue spectrum, cleanses and stabilizes the mental development of earthlings.

The dark blue and silver ERMAGO energy, which flows through the axial channel, by cyclic pulses, upgrades biological matter. During the renewal, unnecessary energy is annihilated (hence temperature jumps in our body).

The purple GRASIMO energy synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes unnecessary knowledge. The arrows indicate the direction of energy movement.

The dark orange LEKAS energy in Earth orbit (the outer circle in Scheme) boosts the program for the formation of a new, 5D matter.

The pink-cream GAROL energy destroys 3D info-structures and loads new, 5D soft. This energy is also used during ionization.

New high-frequency quantum streams are coming from the Galaxy. Through two Lunar stations, Argorians direct them to Earth. Not all people can quickly adapt to these waves due to their vibrations.

Argorians and Siriusians track online the dynamics of our changes with the help of GELUS energy, a purple color. By affecting it with an ultrasonic transducer, they weigh our mental plasma, determine our body molecules’ resistance to the external impact, and the ability to adapt to the new, 5D vibes environment. Today the latter is the most important task for all of us.

A few days earlier, Argorians conveyed additional info about the Earth’s transformation.

The results are very good. The bulk of what has been accumulated in 3D during Fifth Race has been annihilated. The residual energies are now coming out freely, that helps Argorians to modify the interplanetary space.

A powerful shift of some platforms has begun. The rise of new parts of continents and the lowering of parts of land continues. It’s extremely necessary. The magnitude of earthquakes and their number are increasing.

People are now actively studying the rising layers with the remnants of former civilizations. This is informative, but this is of little importance now.

A new space is emerging in the oceans, where new forms of life are being born.

An advanced project of humanity has already been formed and launched on the Subtle Plane.

Time accelerates its run, and many people see and feel it. The hum of Earth is the rise of layers with new vibrations. The cortical layer must also be cleaned; otherwise the old will hinder the new. The ultrasonic cleansing program is already activated.

The planetary core has increased the 5D radiation. The purified spaces of the inner Earth are filled with new energies. They come out through the pore points in the cortical layer and change the entire Earth’s space for the Sixth Race.

**By Lev