The Great Quantum Transition: Operation 4th Universe Part 1

The transformation of Earth that we are witnessing is only a microscopic continuation of what is happening in our Local System.

The Absolute closed its former, third, project, and now implements the fourth, free from duality, which It builds entirely on the basis and with the help of Light.

How is the construction going? What has already been done? What problems did the multidimensional Light Hierarchy face?

The construction of a new, 4th, Local Universe began with a repair of the creation defect. What is it?

It grew out at the very beginning, when the Absolute, from Its unmanifested and undifferentiated state, singled out a Primary Female Foundation of the Universe, and then, the same Masculine. Both consisted of 99.999999999% of Its Substance.

From them, the process of manifestation continued further. Thus, the Primary Archons of Light (the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs) emerged from both Foundations.

All of them were similar to the Absolute, but not Its exact copy, and in their perfection differed from It and from each other. But the differences were so insignificant that did not prevent from building a third Local Universe together as a Realm of Light.

It did not work out due to the creation defect, that is, even by hundredths, thousandths and billionths of a percent, but still there were differences from the perfect Absolute. At first, such an imperfection wasn’t important. As, for example, when building a house, accuracy in microns or nanometers is simply not required.

Everything changed radically after one of the Hierarchs (who by 97.44% consisted of the Absolute’s Substance) betrayed his creator and Source, and switched to the Dark Side.

Thus, the primary cell of karma born that started a chain reaction of the disintegration of the Higher Planes.

According to the Law of Global Systems Self-Regulation, the struggle for the survival of the Local Universe has begun. It’s like the human body, when a virus or infection enters it, begins to fight it by its immune system, producing antibodies.

But the anti-karmic immunity of the Local Universe turned out to be so weak that it could not destroy the virus and stop self-destruction. The creation had no protection from its Creators. And it couldn’t be any other way: the foundation was the same, like a single DNA of parents and their kid.

Differences in Co-Creators also played a negative role.

If they were 100 percent the same as the Absolute, the karma and decay would be impossible even theoretically.

Naturally, no one foreknew the possibility of betrayal, as a result of which occurred the creation defect.

Then, this process went avalanche-like, like the descent of a glacier from the top of a mountain.

All that the Light Forces could do at the cost of their greatest efforts and self-sacrifice was only to slow own the global disintegration of the Higher eons.

Could the Absolute have foreseen all this?

Initially, as was assumed, It’d manifest Itself in two hypostases: the ideal Universe (Pleroma) and the Perfect Man.

But due to the Black Co-Creator’ betrayal and creation defect the result left a lot to be desired.

By the Greater Cosmos’ standards, the Absolute at that time was only a novice, and merely was learning to build Universe using ready-made patterns, like a Lego constructor, including duality as a catalyst for evolution.

Disclosure News has narrated a lot and in detail about what this has led to. It’s all over now. The Absolute has changed, got a dipole, and moved to a higher Hierarchical Level.

The disciple became a Master and began to build a new, perfect Local Universe of Light, at the same time clearing its construction site from the remnants and debris of the former System in all dimensions.

One of the first actions was to repair the creation defect so that the new project would be perfect. To do this, it was necessary to re-single out the two Primary Foundations, Masculine and Feminine, through which the Absolute materializes in the world of forms.

Technically, the Foundations had to merge with the Absolute again, after which It’d manifest them in perfect quality, as Its exact copies. They, in turn, would continue the process top-down, but without the creation defect.

The main difficulty was that it would have to destroy the entire existing Local Universe to build a new one from scratch. The Evolutionary Council rejected this option and adopted a different, no less complex plan.

At the beginning of the reboot, both Foundations merged into each other, and then, completely dissolved into the Absolute. While they were in It, their functions in the Local Universe were performed by two other Supreme Light Hierarchs, who consisted respectively by 99.999999999% and 98.88% of the Absolute’s Substance. Then, It re-singled out from Self the Feminine and Masculine Foundations as Its 100% Copies.

In parallel, within a month, a similar process occurred in the leaders of the Lightwarriors’ ground team, in whose Subtle Bodies the Matrix of Universe’s Foundations was rebooted.

After the successful completion of these operations, their participants started the next one, according to the plan. From the Pleroma and from Earth, they jointly adjusted the balance of the Primary Foundations in the Local Universe and on our planet.

Lightwarriors carried out their work from the World Mother Temple on one of the sacred mountains in Southern Europe. Together with Guan Yin and World Mother Sophia, they installed a new, ideal Foundations Matrix into the Earth’s Crystal, by now without creation defect.

The next step was the cleansing the creation defect from karma, i.e. the difference between the ideal Universe and the way it turned out.

The operation consisted of the running of the ENTIRE primary causal substance through the Core of the Light Hierarchy’s Crystal. It was made of Monadic nuclei, as a Single Heart of all the Pleroma’s Supreme Representatives.

In Earth time, the op lasted more than two weeks. The entire primary karma of 3D Universe was filtered through the Crystal Core and the Matrix of Water, which, like a sponge, absorbed part of the karmic dirt of the three-dimensional world.

The ground team also was involved, since their hearts are part of the Higher Hierarchy’s Unified Core. While all this was going on, amazing things were happening to them. They jokingly called it the Dirty Rain Season.

There were sewage incidents in their homes every now and then. Or the pipe in the toilet burst, or the outlet hose of the washing machine, or something else. In all cases, dirty water spilled over the apartments, flooding them a couple of times.

So, at the household level, was reflected what they did on the Subtle Plane with the Matrix of Water, while it absorbed part of the humanity’s karma.

After completing the filtering, Co-Creators wanted to immediately reboot the Causal Matrix of the entire three-dimensional world, but then abandoned this. One of the reasons was too much karma of reality (it turns out there is such).

To solve the problem, the Karmic Council initiated a global sanitation and lustration of all Intelligence forms in the Local Universe.

This means that in the near future, everyone who has free will and choice freedom should get rid of the accumulated karma.

The karma of reality is the highest anomaly formed by the discrepancy of 3D to the ideal state. Now, Co-Creators will no longer turn a blind eye to this.

The cleansing of reality from karma was carried out according to the same scheme – through the Core of the Light Hierarchy’s Crystal. The ground team also helped it by their Radiant-Monadic Bodies.

All these events radically changed the course of evolution and transformation of the Local Universe. They created the prerequisites for the manifestation of new, previously latent Absolute’s energies in it.Its Perfect Light is only a semblance of the Absolute Light. Initially, the latter filled the entire Local Universe. But after the betrayal of the Black Co-Creator, the Absolute lowered its vibrations to the level of Perfect Light. They were also reference, having played their role. Now, it’s time for new, primary and higher frequencies.

The emanation of Absolute Light took place in parallel with the purification of reality from karma, and was a very complex process. Preparations for it were conducted in several strategic directions simultaneously. These included two main hypostases of the Absolute’s manifestation: reality (Being) and Man.

In them, the Absolute Light had to manifest and anchor (crystallize) at the same time. Only that guaranteed its stability. For the Local Universe and the Higher Light Hierarchy, it was the Rubicon, the moment of Truth. Therefore, the prep was titanic and painstaking.

In the Local Universe, the emanation of Absolute Light had to come from a new Pleroma, the restructuring of which took place in parallel (more about it DNI will narrate later).For now, it is important to note that the current astral and mental planes (including the corresponding Subtle Bodies of men) are an anomaly. It arose as a result of the disintegration and degeneration of a Single Radiant Plane of Being, hypostasis and the sphere of the Pleroma’s manifestation.

Now, the active removal of this karmic heritage in the Local Universe and man continues. Without this, it is impossible to move into 4D and 5D, and regain the Radiant Light Body, which, in the past, we all had from birth.

The primary emanation of Absolute Light had to be passed through all Intelligence forms: from Co-Creators and Hierarchs to three-dimensional people. The leaders of the ground team participated in the meeting of the Evolution Committee and confirmed their readiness to help the operation.

Co-Creators warned them that it would be very difficult and even risky. There was no guarantee that the Lightwarriors’ Radiant Bodies and physical corpus will withstand the Absolute’s vibes and not burn up in them.

The team leaders reconfirm their consent, because they simply cannot do otherwise. And what work they do without risking their lives (more precisely, for the existence of a three-dimensional physical body)…Preparation began immediately. Its essence was that the cores of their Monads had to undergo a special super-tempering with artificially created Perfect Light.

It was conducted by two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. Never before have Lightwarriors been subjected to such superhuman overloads. It was especially hard for the heart.

During those days, while their Monads were being prepared to receive the Primary Impulse of Absolute Light, the heart vibration was so high that the team leaders couldn’t get out of bed.The most difficult moment came when Co-Creators began to stretch the cores of Monads, Monadic, Radiant-Causal and Subtle Bodies of Lightwarriors. They became so ill that they fell into a semi-conscious state, recovering only for a few minutes. During this time, they only could call and support each other morally and spiritually.

The heart pains of one of them reached such intensity that he thought that an infarct had begun. Relatives immediately called an ambulance. The doctors who arrived made a cardiogram and said that there were no abnormalities in the work of the heart. But there is one problem – the pulse was 240 (!) beats per minute.

They had never seen anything like this in their lives and could not understand how such a thing was even possible. Doubting the device, they checked the pulse tactilely. The same result. Everyone was in shock. The condition of the heart was like after a super physical overload.

Lightwarrior was injected with a sedative and reducing the load on the heart. He slept for two days after that, without waking up, and, thank God, everything turned out fine.

The emission of Absolute Light was scheduled for one of the next nights at 00:00. The ground team leaders were preparing to receive it at a sacred place in one of the mountain gorges in Southern Europe.

But at the very last moment before the operation, Co-Creators gave Lightwarriors a surprise. They decided to complicate the task. Initially, it was planned that the Absolute Light would first pass through the Matrix of Masculine and Feminine Foundations, and then, it would be simultaneously absorbed and anchored by all op’s participants, from the Pleroma to Earth.Now, according to the new scenario, with the consent of the Higher Selves of Lightwarriors, Co-Creators offered them to accept the Absolute Light DIRECTLY, from its Source, bypassing the intermediate stages.

Hearing this, the group leaders were shocked. They, of course, immediately agreed, but mentally said goodbye to their physical and other bodies, including the Monad, not believing that they could withstand the primary Impulse of Absolute Light.Its vibration is always higher than in a constant state. It’s like turning on electricity in houses and apartments after a long blackout: first the voltage jumps, and then gradually levels off. And at the first moment, a lot of electrical equipment burn …

Exactly at midnight of the scheduled date, the primary Pulse of Absolute Light was emanated, and the ground team leaders and other participants took it in selves.

In the first moments, Lightwarriors felt as if a bucket of fiercely boiling water was poured on their head and heart.

Then, the Absolute Light vibes spread smoothly throughout the body.

The main thing was done. All the Intelligence forms selected for the operation successfully held the emanated Impulse. After its manifestation in all the eons and dimensions of our Local Universe, it was necessary to anchor it.

What happened to the Lightwarriors’ Monads, Radiant-Causal and Subtle Bodies can only be described in one word – boiling. Throughout the night, it seemed to them that all their cells were boiling on a powerful fire. The temperature of the physical body rose to 40 degrees, the blood pressure jumped high…
Anchoring and primary crystallization of Absolute Light took 12 hours – the most difficult, when it was decided whether it would be possible to keep the Absolute Light vibrations in the Local Universe or not…The next day, despite severe malaise, having gathered the last strength, Lightwarriors left for a new place of operation, also in one of the sacred places of the mountain range. There, together with others, they first made, by their Monads, a single primary Matrix of Absolute Light.

Then, on the basis of their Monadic and Causal cores, they created a Crystal of Absolute Light of the Local Universe. At later stages, new participants will connect to it, forming a Network of the Absolute Light of the Universe, which will replace the Perfect Light.

It is worth mentioning one more event that accompanied all of the above. During the first 12 hours after the op, the Radiant Bodies of the ground group leaders transformed into Bodies of Absolute Light.However, after a quick analysis, Co-Creators recommended that Lightwarriors not save these Bodies, since they are not compatible with 3D. For maintaining the Body of Absolute Light, they would need tremendous efforts, live only for this, and give up their serving others.

The arguments were convincing. The bodies of the group leaders returned to their former state of Perfect Light. At this stage, it’s sufficient and justified from the point of view of evolutionary expediency.

But by their personal example, they proved that the Body of Absolute Light as one of the human Monads’ manifestation is real and possible. In the future, everyone who goes to 4D/5D will have it.

In the meantime, intensity and volumes of Absolute Light are constantly growing. A similar process occurs in the New Pleroma. So, in our Local Universe, works a single Center of Absolute’s Radiation.

It merges into the general quantum flows coming to Earth from the Source, rapidly transforming the planet on the physical and Subtle Plane. New crop circles inform about this.

One of them appeared on August 3, 2022 in Woodborough Hill, Nr Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK. It informs that Earth continues to form 5D energy spheres in its power space.

Operation 4th Universe

On August 8, at Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire, UK, a new crop circle reports that, in the Earth’s information space, vital energy is forming new force fields.
The activity of the Sun as a Portal of high-frequency energies entering the planet is also increasing. Sol tsunami, which began on August 7, has not stopped yet. It’s bursts have become almost daily. The Schumann Frequency is firmly anchored between 40 Hz and 100 Hz, getting closer to the threshold of Transition to 4D.Tectonic activity continues to cleanse the physical and Subtle Plane of negativity. Over the past few days, the number of earthquakes has increased by 77 percent, of M5+ – by 164 percent.

A new Solar storm is forecasted on 16-20 August. The force of its blows will be as follows: August 16-17 – of 5 points; August 18-19 – of 4 points; August 20 – of 3 points. But all this is just preparation for the energy events in mid-September.

**By Lev