The History of Earth Part 7, 8, 9, 10

Part 7

The Luciferian Rebellion

As the vibration dropped on Earth many other star systems came to incarnate most of them in the fourth density. Earth became a blend of many races and the Orion’s began to dominate. Unlike the Draco’s the Original ones were able to land directly on the Earth in addition to come through the incarnation process. So, their numbers dramatically increased much more than the Draco’s.

The Draco’s Reptilian bodies had a very hard time adjusting to Earth’s atmosphere and gravity. The Pleiadians watched with dismay at what was happening, but they were not allowed at this time to interfere. It was like them watching their specimen go out of control and not being able to contain it. They weren’t happy.

A group of archangels and ascended masters from 7th, 8th and 9th density were also watching Earth. Archangel Michael and an ascended being which later named Lucifer.

Lucifer devised a plan to lessen the chaos on Earth by teaching Earth’s souls to control their emotions and become more aware of their intellectual abilities so they wouldn’t be so easily swayed by the negative factions. A group of souls came to Earth to help Lucifer train the beings of Earth to be able to control their emotions. The plan backfired!

As the souls began to suppress their emotion the souls became more fragmented until their vibration dropped below 4th density into 3rd density. Sounding familiar 3D humans?

Suppressing any part of the self decreases your power and awareness… not good!

The shaming of emotion in men, the Victorian suppression of sexual desire all have their origins in Lucifers’ philosophy. Archangel Michael seeing what was happening on Earth could no longer sit by and watch what was happening. Archangel Michael had a group that decided to drop their vibration and incarnate to Earth. This was all planned to raise the vibration of the souls here on Earth once again.

Once Archangel Michael and his group were incarnated on Earth, they began to see the evil that has plagued this planet and decided to do something about it. Michael took the polarity of the light, and the Draco took the polarity side of the dark. Hence, duality.

In the meantime Lucifer took great pride in seeing this fight between the light and the dark and watched the battle continue. His goal was to see who would win this supreme battle between the Light and the Dark. He lost all compassion. Lucifer taught the soldiers on the battlefield to suppress their emotions to become hardened to suffering and misery. While Archangel Michael taught his players to become compassionate and try to understand the lost souls Lucifer had trained. When Lucifer seen what Archangel Michael was doing, he waged battle on Michael and his forces in the astral and etheric planes above Earth. This became the War in the Heavens.

The War in the Heavens lasted about 1000 years. At this time there was about 1 billion people on Earth. Most of the fighting on Earth at this time was regional and only using conventional weapons. After the 1000 years of fighting Lucifer agreed to stop waging war.

Things started to mellow out and the beings were again incarnating as fourth density beings and then came the 26,000 years cycle into a different age. Again, sounding familiar to current times as we entered the Age of Aquarius in 2012?

This shift wiped out about half of Earth’s population through massive earthquake’s. Sounding familiar??? Land masses shifted and this began the continent of Lemuria. Again, about three grand cycles later there was another destructive event that flooded most of the continents on Earth, but Lemuria remained. Could this be the Nibiru system on its 3600-year cycle?? History repeating itself? Connect the dots people!

The souls that perished on the flooded continents reincarnated into Lemuria. This became a second Lemurian period. But as this system passed by Earth it’s tail brushed the atmosphere and changed the temperature from tropical heat to 50°F in hours freezing most of them. Those who knew what was coming fled to the sea, some walked into the sea and drowned. Some tried to build huge underwater cities but were unsuccessful. The Lemurian continent sank into the sea.

The few survivors migrated to Australia, South America, Hawaii and the Philippines. What has been suppressed our entire existence is that the Draco were the ones behind the close passage of this comet, planet by nuclear explosions in space that purposely directed the trajectory of this comet towards Earth to destroy the civilizations here.

They wanted to completely wipe out the entire population of Earth so they could land and take control of Earth themselves. They were only partially successful in this attempt. They found out that their native Reptilian bodies could not live in Earth’s atmosphere and gravity, so they started to incarnate in mass with the remaining population.

The Draco Reptilians spent many years in their spacecraft in their laboratories splicing and dicing DNA samples and came up with the human Draco hybrid. They did this by injecting their Reptilian DNA into the cerebellum part of the brain of the humans on Earth that quickly mutated. Hence, what we call today the reptilian brain. This is where we get the aggressive, competitive and fight or flight behavior. Today about 80% of the DNA in humans are Orion and Draco hybrid. What is thought to be human nature is really the hybrid part of our brain which came from the Draco Orion races thru incarnations. So, the original DNA blueprint of our original species was reduced to 20% of the human beings projected abilities.

So, basically what happened to the original blueprint of the human being is we were downgraded to warlike, barbaric, unempathetic beings because of this downgrade in our DNA by the Draco Reptilians.

Part 8

The Transition from Lemuria to Atlantis…

During this time the Draco and Orion’s had massive fleets above the Earth. These ships were mostly in 4th density. These two groups had a loose alliance based on exchanging technology and keeping hostility at bay. One of these technologies was a highly intense electro magnetic beam used to disrupt the etheric fields around the Earth and it created a force field to keep their enemies from coming to Earth.

After the destruction of Lemuria there was a quarantine placed around Earth because Earth was now known as an unsavory place, not a very desirable place to settle peaceful loving groups.

The 7th density Pleiadians put a quarantine around Earth themselves to prevent the Draco and Orion’s corruption bleeding into the higher etheric fields of our Universe. So basically, they blocked Earth off to keep Earths corruption and business to itself. This veil, this vibrational quarantine was not lifted until 1987 A.D. This was the time known as a harmonic convergence.

At this time the Pleiadians seen things were beginning to settle down after the destruction of Lemuria and began settling on Earth once again on a landmass that is now the Atlantic Ocean. Remember, the Draco in their Reptilian bodies could not live in this vibration or gravity, so they began incarnating with the Sumerians that had survived.

The DNA of those survivors of Lemuria were mostly Orion, Sirian and Andromeda DNA with Draco energy. As the new civilization began to grow the Pleiadian, Draconian and Orion DNA began to mutate. These new beings became more scientific and intellectual in their evolution. This was the beginning of Atlantis!

These new humans still had the reptilian brain but the Cerebral cortex of the brain of these new humans had developed the high virtues and understanding of the Pleiadians.

A civilization began to exist much like the civilizations of today with all technical achievements. The higher Pleiadian mind combined with the passion of the Orion and the competitiveness of the Draco resulted in a structured world of machines and great architecture. Looking familiar?

But, at this time the quarantine had worn off and lots of unsavory characters began coming to Earth once again and to fast forward we come to the downfall of Atlantis. It was due to the misuse of crystalline energy generation systems.

About 2000 years before the end of Atlantis the scientists developed radionics devices using quartz crystals. They were able to generate all the energy they needed to power every part of their civilization. This energy was powerful enough to tempt the unsavory aspects of society.

Several Atlantean scientists made deals with the Orion groups trading technology to attain supreme power. This is similar to what’s happening today with certain Earth factions. The Orion’s took notice of this energy and began engineering it creating weapons with it. But the Orion’s never got the chance to wage war with this technology because one of these very strong crystal generators exploded sinking the continent of Atlantis and most of its inhabitants.

Only a tiny handful escaped in air ships and in sea going vessels over 90% of those who tried escaping by sea were drowned in massive tsunamis. Those who escaped in ships relocated to South and Central America and Egypt.

The scientifically oriented hybrids of Atlantis once again suppressed their emotions just like the Luciferian’s. Meaning, they grew to want physical power once again instead of going in the spiritual direction. Not good…

If the Atlanteans were balanced spiritually and emotionally in their bodies they would have seen what was happening and would’ve taken steps to prevent it. This is what I believe is happening today with many of us seeing what’s happening in our world through our higher vibrational reality. We must take steps to prevent the destruction of our planet we see happening now! Because this is the same scenario being played out in our world today and people better wake up! We are very close to the destruction of Earth and our civilization as Atlantis was at the time of their destruction!

However, there are two important differences. There is divine integration happening to many of its inhabitants on our planet right now. Meaning, large numbers of souls are achieving higher consciousness and they are being monitored just like the Earth very closely. Lots of you know who you are. These benevolent beings, positive factions are watching Earth very closely and are prepared to act in an instant to prevent large scale nuclear war. THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!

These positive groups have sophisticated technology to detect dangerous and exotic weapons before they are tested.

The next part will be about the Aztec, Egyptian, Biblical and Greek periods, Christian and Jewish mythology, and who and what really happened at the time of “Jesus.” and where the distortion lies.

Part 9

The time of ancient Egypt and the time of Jesus Christ has held this human species attention for a long time. The battle of Light and Dark continued after the destruction of Atlantis. This planet seemed to seesaw between periods of enlightenment, control and corruption, Egypt was a case in point.

A group of 7th density Pleiadians were determined to restore the genetic blueprint of humanity lost to Orion, Sirian, Draco, and Andromedans. The humans that ended up by the Nile River were the first to be visited by the Pleiadians and the teacher who headed up this group of 7th density Pleiadians was named Thoth.

Thoth was a radiant humanoid being of blue, white light. Thoth was able to lower his vibration low enough to be able to communicate truth with the survivors of Atlantis that ended up on the Nile. Thoth was the engineer behind the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid served many purposes but it’s main purpose was an Ascension chamber and controller of Earth’s grid system. But this great pyramid never got to serve it’s purpose of an Ascension chamber due to interference by Orion and Draco factions.

It was also to serve as a portal for incoming high density Pleiadians to begin bringing back the original blueprint of the human being they had envisioned. The 7th density Pleiadians constructed this Great Pyramid engineered by Thoth in a matter of days using levitation and laser technology. The Pleiadians along with others helped build the Hall of Records that is located several thousand feet below the pyramid.

The Sphinx was built to mark the entrance of this Ascension portal.

Eventually, the Sirians from the star system Sirius B began to arrive on Earth and started unraveling the work the Egyptians, Pleiadians and Thoth had orchestrated. The Christian, Jewish and Greek mythology comes from the Sirians.

The Sirians were very psychic and intellectual beings, but they had a very big ego issue and were looked up to by the humans. This was the beginning of worship!

The Sirians started this charade very subtly by demonstrating their miraculous powers to these lesser spiritual human beings who could not see through this charade. Hence, the beginning of the Sirian God’s.

The God of the Old Testament Jehovah was a 7th density Sirian and was a very egotistical being. The Old Testament is one of the bloodiest, violent books ever written. You need to ask yourself would a very highly evolved being pit one race against each other? Would he order blind obedience to his principles? Christian and Jewish biblical scholars need to go back and research the ancient teachings. Did they promote peace and evolution of awareness, or did they promote division, conflict and obedience?

Egypt began to fall into worship and sacrifice. At this time the Draco, Orion and Avian came once again and integrated and started to interbreed with the human. Hence, the part Reptilian, part Avian, part human form depicted in Egyptian drawings. The bird people were a hybrid Draco, an Andromedan race, the result of creative DNA engineering. They like the Sirians used their superior technology psychic power to enslave the docile humans. You can see these ancient drawings all over Egyptian caves of these worshiped Egyptian gods.

The Pleiadians once again seeing their experiment go awry to the Draco, Orion, Andromedan races retreated back to their inner planes and Egypt fell into a relatively time of darkness. Mystery schools, sacrifice, mummification and worship had all corrupted the Pleiadian teachings. If the teachings of Thoth and the Pleiadians would’ve been fully integrated corruption would not have happened.

Part 10

The real story of Jesus Christ.

The allegorical storyline of one being sacrificed to heal the sins of the masses happened many times over before our 2000-year period. This story has been repeated many times throughout the history of Earth. If you dig into other cultures, you will find the same storyline with icons with stories which are very similar. The idea that a savior died for your sins has been played out by the dark ones in an attempt to get humanity to place the blame outside of themselves in order to keep their problems from being solved.

Let’s get this straight nobody can ever die for your sins! Because you have free will and you are responsible for everything that you do and there is no such thing as a unpardonable error or an error that causes you to be defective. You are as perfect as the day God, Source created you and you will always be perfect, innocent and holy.

The soul known as Jesus was a direct fragment of the Sananda lineage in other words Sananda was the oversoul of Jesus. Sananda once again watching man flounder in sorrow and ignorance. He wanted to intervene and help in a way that respected our free will, so he incarnated in approximately 39 BC as the son of Joseph and Mary. This information is much in line with the biblical story.

Jesus birthdate was approximately March 31st. Sananda and 8th density celestial being incarnated as Yeshua (Jesus). Being from 8th density he retained much of his spiritual abilities despite the very dense environment he was born into.

As a young boy he was very psychic and had foreseen many events that would come to pass. Joseph and Mary were at odds with the political establishment and were not married when Mary became pregnant. The virgin birth was all a lie. Certain ET factions have the capability to impregnate women by other means, but Mary was impregnated normally.

Because of giving birth out of wedlock Joseph and Mary removed themselves from the social, political and oppressive beliefs of the authorities. Mary and Joseph then migrated to Galilee near the Dead Sea. Mary and Joseph left Yeshua in the care of the Essenes they had met up with in Galilee. Yeshua eventually joined the Essene order learning the Essene way.

The Essenes were strict vegetarians and taught Yeshua to respect all lifeforms. At the age of 16 Yeshua traveled to India and met several gurus and saints as he studied the mysteries of life. He finished with his India studies and headed back to Galilee to see his parents where he met Mary Magdalene who was a dancer and entertainer and briefly prostituted herself when times were tough.

Yeshua and Mary were deeply in love and had a child. They were not married and became social outlaws. Yeshua’s Essene friends allowed him and Mary to stay at their temples for safety. Again, Yeshua traveled to India with Mary this time where their young son was blessed by spiritual gurus.

Eventually, word got out that Mary Magdalene had an illegitimate child, but no one knew who the father was. Fearing for the child’s life Mary and Yeshua left this child in the care of an Indian Saint. It was a few years later that they could return to India, but they knew he was all right but missed him terribly.

After visiting their son Mary and Yeshua left him in the care of the Indian guru where he grew up. The political climate was way to unstable and risky to bring him back to Galilee. Their son grew up in India and became a very wise sage in his teachings.

In this time Yeshua was receiving higher spiritual visions from spirit and his soul family and was told to teach higher spiritual principles to anyone who would listen. He started teaching in his late 20s and gathered quite a following and had about 50 disciples.

He and Mary Magdalene had kept their child a complete secret. Being highly clairvoyant Yeshua saw that the authorities were eventually going to kill him but was told by his soul self to keep teaching his spiritual principles. His teachings were highly distorted in the Bible, but a few truths managed to get through.

He taught to forgive your enemies, to love one another and that we had all the abilities as him meaning healing and clairvoyance. Also, we were created in the likeness of our creator which is love and to reach God, Source was not thru him alone.

Once Yeshua reached a certain level of awareness his cosmic family begin to communicate with him reminding him of his position in the priesthood. When Yeshua was brought to the cross, he immediately left his body consciously instead of suffering for 3 days as told in the Bible. After leaving his body he holographically projected himself back into human form numerous times to appear to his disciples and Mary Magdalene.

The body of Yeshua left the tomb to Christ consciousness or Celestial consciousness of higher densities. As we all know Christianity has little to do with the original teachings of Yeshua, Jesus and a whole lot to do with sin and guilt.

Fortunately many of us are expanding our state of awareness to see beyond these limited and primitive beliefs.

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