The Great Quantum Transition: Operation 4th Universe Part 3

The construction of a new, Fourth, Local Universe with the simultaneous removal of the entire legacy of 3D is carried out in many directions. It is impossible to describe everything. But DNI will continue narrate about the main of them.

Part 2 (see Disclosure News, August 18, 2022), told of the renewed Feminine and Masculine Foundations, the most important energies of evolution in the 4th Local Universe.

During the spec. op, Co-Creators cleared the Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony from the creation defect (see Part 1, Disclosure News, 17 August, 2022), and rebooted it to make it Absolute-like, and in the future, with its help, to give birth to the similar life forms.

Very quickly, they discovered that they had made a serious mistake when rebooting. It was produced according to the old 3D scheme, so didn’t give the expected result.

The Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony is a fusion of two primary evolution’s energies – Feminine and Masculine. When materializing (for example, in a person), the ideal ratio is 66.66% to 33.33% in favor of the prevailing one. It is this “golden” coefficient that the Matrix maintains.

Such ratio in Intelligence forms is optimal and balanced, ensuring adequate development and interaction of fundamental energies’ flows in the Greater Cosmos.

The graphic image of the Matrix is the Yin-Yang Mandala. It demonstrates the perfect ratio and interplay of many opposites. For example, activity directed outward, and passivity oriented inward; in Naturphilosophy – the interaction of Light and Darkness, day and night, Sun and Moon, Sky and Earth, heat and cold, positive and negative, etc.

Why did it need to rebuild the Matrix again immediately after it was folded in the Absolute and singled out again?

Co-Creators quickly spotted their error. In the Matrix they found the remnants of the highest karma of the Universe, which are still preserved in its Female Foundation.

The previous Matrix’ rebooting was possible not due to purification from the karma of the Local Universe, but due to the temporary blocking (encapsulation) of this karma in one of the Higher Masculine Logos in our part of the Greater Cosmos.

The blocked part consisted of the karma of the Female Foundation’s main primary carriers, who betrayed the Absolute and the Source, and switched to the Dark Side: Kali, Lilith, Hecate, Morana, and others.

To unlock and eliminate their karma in the Matrix, Co-Creators involved World Mother Sophia, Guan Yin, some other Goddesses, and on Earth – Lightwarrioress, who earlier participated in many successful ops of the ground team.

On the Subtle Plane, they formed a single Heart by combining their Monads and nuclei of Causal Bodies. On the day, appointed by Co-Creators, more precisely, at 00:00 at night, they simultaneously raised their causal and Monadic vibrations to the maximum speeding up, after which an Absolute Radiant Synthesis began.

When such parameters are reached, as a result of the reaction, the Absolute Light is formed, and colossal energy is released. In this Radiant Reactor, all the blocked karma in the Feminine evolutionary line was annihilated.

After that, Co-Creators reloaded the Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony. To make its work stable and perfect, the Evolutionary Committee decided to Absolutize it, thus, protecting it from the creation defect possible consequences.

Removing the effects of the latter in the Local Universe is still an important task on the Subtle and physical plane.

The same applies, for example, to the holy of holies of the 3D world – the atomic cores. Everyone knows that it consists of a proton and a neutron, and in the outer layer also of an electron.

Such a structure is anomalous and creates a hazard of matter’s degradation, and atomic nucleus splitting.

It should be identical to the core of the Monad and reflect the principle of duality of the Universe, unity and harmony in it of the two main Foundations – Masculine and Feminine. The proton is positive (“male”) energy, the electron is negative (“female”) one, and the neutron is neutral, which balances and separates the first two in the atomic nucleus.

Its ideal structure is a Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony of the Universe, that is, the unity of proton and electron. Such a model does not need a neutral, balancing force.

The nucleus of an atom, created according to this Matrix, is perfect and indestructible. It can generate a colossal amount of energy due to the opposite Foundations’ interaction.

After the Local Universe full Absolutization, the atom and the Monads’ cores will be rebuilt according to a single conceptual scheme, on the principles of the New Pleroma and the Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony, without the creation defect.

Of course, in the previous version, the Matrix was effective, and played its role. But for the construction of a new, 4th, Local Universe, a fundamental upgrade was needed.

On the Higher Planes, the Foundations are One, that manifests itself almost in everything, starting with the Monad’s core. The necessity of their separation, the formation of the predominant energy in the Logos of different Intelligences forms, arises only when they descend into the physical world. Moreover, this applies not only to human Monads, but also to Stars and Planets.

The task team of the Higher Light Hierarchy proposed a new Matrix format. It should not have a previously ideal energy interaction (66.66% to 33.33%), but a floating ratio of Foundations. This made them as flexible and adaptive as possible to any situation in which a particular life form might find itself.

Any holder of such a Matrix would have great evolutionary possibilities in any part of the Universe. Depending on the environment and the actual energy balance, the Matrix would increase or decrease the ratio of Foundations in its carrier. At the same time, he/she will not have any deviations on the physical and physiological plans.

The maximum permissible levels for Masculine and Feminine energies, settled into the new Matrix, are 88% and 12%. This means that in any circumstances, either of the two Foundations will not decrease below 12% and will not increase above 88%.

The Evolutionary Council decided to test a new version of the Matrix on selected dipole pairs who agreed to participate in the experiment. On Earth, they involved one Lightwarriors couple. With their help, Co-Creators wanted to find out how the Matrix would work in a dense three-dimensional world.

Testing was carried out simultaneously on the physical and Subtle Planes. If the new Matrix turned out to be more effective than the previous one, then, Co-Creators were ready to rebuild the entire Local Universe on its basis.

It happened (or was specially arranged), that at the start of the experiment, which was conducted at night, both Lightwarriors were in different places.

It created ideal conditions for test. Its main technical requirement was absolute polarization, i.e. complete, one hundred percent separation and isolation of Masculine and Feminine Foundations for the restructuring of the Matrix.

Co-Creators completely drained from Lightwarriors the opposite energies, that is, they left one absolutely without a female aspect, and the other without the male one.

As if at a command, both their cell phones stopped working. Knowing the higher reasons for this, they certainly had no karmic claims against the local mobile operator.

But soon, their nervous system gave the strongest failure. They started thinking all sorts of nonsense about each other. The extreme polarization of Foundations has become the hardest torture for them. It was an indescribable state of loss of something dear and sacred, without which not only it is impossible to live, but life itself loses all meaning.

Only later, after everything was over, they realized what had happened and thanked Co-Creators for having the opportunity to go through all this, experience it and feel in full. Truly, people know happiness, health, Love only when they lose it. Or at least they think about it.

As for Lightwarriors, they experienced Creation deprived of one of the Primary Foundations. It turned out to be a terrible and hopeless state, when their Subtle Bodies and Souls were literally suffocating in selves.

The only thing they could then say to humanity: people, appreciate and love the opposite Foundation in yourself, in others, and the Universe. Realize its holiness and irreplaceability. Without it, we are nothing, and it, accordingly, without us is nil. Only in unity and harmony is happiness and Love.

They understood all this later. And while the experiment continued, the hysterical state intensified hour after hour. The heart ached wildly; the pressure was very high (it had to be reduced by medications).

Their body was convulsing and burning, covered with profuse sweat. And hissy fits… The feeling that they were left alone in the entire Universe, unwanted to anyone, was accompanied by copious streams of tears.

All this time, the Matrix, installed in Lightwarriors, was transformed according to the scheme proposed by the Evolutionary Council. At dawn, the new version was activated simultaneously in all participants of the experiment.

At that precise moment, Lightwarriors felt an immediate relief. As if on command, mobile phones started working, and they could contact, and hear the voice of a loved one. They didn’t need more. Both experienced an Absolute Love, and were willing to rush towards each other, and never to part.

However, the Lightwarriors were so exhausted from the inhuman tension and fatigue that they could not fully get how the experiment ended. All the next day they were in a semi-conscious state. The new Matrix was already working in full capacity, and its energy, to which their organisms had not yet had time to get used, caused very heavy sensations. They managed to fall asleep only after lunch, and slept soundly until the next evening.

The results of the experiment exceeded all expectations. Co-Creators immediately switched the entire Local Universe to a New Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony.

Over time, all the Higher Intelligence forms will be linked to it, as well as people, if they will want to. Lightwarriors together with Co-Creators continue to study the impact of the Matrix on humans.

The next operation, carried out immediately in hot pursuit, was the assembly of the Absolutized Universe’s Ark. It’s a structure on the Subtle Plane in which the energies (copies) of all Absolute-like Logos are accumulated, giving life in all forms and in all dimensions of the Local Universe.

Specially selected High Light Hierarchs and the ground tem members assembled the Ark in their Monadic Bodies. Then, they installed its copy into the Crystal of the Light Hierarchy – the core of the New Pleroma. Now, the Ark is forming a solid basement for the 4th Local Universe.

**By Lev