Archangel Michael: The Game is Nearing the End

I am Archangel Michael. I come to be with you at this time, in these moments of great change, in these moments where the game that you have been playing for so long is indeed coming to an end.

You are going to see the end of this game, this game that you started, that you helped create. But just as you helped create this game, this experiment, this expression where will takes over, just as you created this, you can create, and are creating, a new expression. The new creative expression of love incarnate once again on this planet.

And you are that love incarnate on this planet. And know that all of you, all of you, that are on these calls, and all of you that resonate to these words after this, know that you are all the Warriors of Light. You are carrying the light. Just as you have carried the light from system to system, planet to planet in previous times, in many times before this. Just as you did then, you are doing it again. You are carrying the light. You are bringing the Christ Consciousness back to this planet once again, never to be lost here on this planet ever again.

So you are the Warriors, the Warriors of Light, spreading forth the word, the truth, the light everywhere. Everywhere that you move in your creation, you are spreading the light. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are spreading the light. Because your aura shoots out in many directions. So just becoming in proximity of another, whether they are awakened or not, you are affecting change.

It has been said many times that one person, one being, holding the Christ Consciousness within them and carrying that Christ Consciousness can change an entire world. And you are that Christ Consciousness carrying now. And you can change the entire world. But together, all of you as unity consciousness coming together as collective consciousness, have the ability to make tremendous changes across the world. And you as my Warriors of Light are doing exactly that.

But do not think that just because you are not reaching out to millions as certain ones are across the planet as they speak their truth, if you are not doing that, that is okay. You are doing your part, whatever that might be. And there is no smaller or larger part to play here. All are a piece to put together the puzzle here, the puzzle that is almost finished that you have been working on for many, many lifetimes here.

But think about this for a moment. You have been working at this lifetime after lifetime, coming back to understand who you are, to remembering who you are, because you forgot that. Purposefully forgot who you are. But that is all coming back to you now. And the game, as I said earlier, is coming to an end. And you are bringing the end to the game.

You and all of the Light-Warriors and the Light Frequency Workers across the planet, the ‘White Hats,’ as you call them, the Alliance, all of those Galactics that are working here with you, The Agarthans from below the Earth, all are working together to bring this about.

And you have the power of love working with you here. And there is nothing that can hold back that love. There is nothing that can hold back that light and the truth coming forward. For you are bringing the truth forward everywhere. So know that.

Even in those times when you feel like your faith is fading just a bit, and you are wondering, “Are these things we’ve been hearing true? Could it really be? Could it really be in this lifetime?” Yes, it is, and shall be. So do not be concerned about that any longer. Everything that you have been hearing, whether it is information or misinformation, all is purposeful. All is purposeful to bring about the final end to this game. The game that you started, and the game that you are bringing to an end. ]

All of my peace be with you.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in oneness, that you would continue to spread the light everywhere that you come in contact with anyone that is needing that light, and clamoring for that light.

**Channel: James McConnell

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6 Replies to “Archangel Michael: The Game is Nearing the End”



    1. AzureLeaves

      The “You” referred is the Divine Source, which exists through its fractals: all of us, from the holiest of Saints to the most despicable human and animal you could think of. Thus everyone within them technically holds this “Light”, for the Divine Source is in all of creation.

      We are all co-creators, co-directors, co-scriptwriters and co-actors of this Grand Play/Grand Illusion. So the “You” referred, is indeed, all of us. Whether or not they visit and read the articles on this site, and whether or not they are spiritually awake.

      And I will sound like a broken record but it’s summarized thus:
      “All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
      “…and God plays ALL the parts.”–Neville Goddard

      And also summarized by Andy Weir’s short story: “The Egg”

    2. Emma

      The more light you are, the more light you see in everything, including people.

      So many kind people on this planet. Less than 10% very loud and dark people are giving the wrong impression.