The Energies of September; Energetic Balance

As we step into September, we will feel the harmonic energies that are now descending into our Planet, inviting us to create the energetic balance required for us to continue with the next integration wave.

September is a month that offers us the opportunity to stabilize our bodies and equilibrate ourselves, at all levels, as it is pivotal after a long period of embodiment.

A balance that is announced by its six universal frequencies, within a six universal year. It is the time to move inward again, regain strength, and create harmony, for the next wave in October-November. A harmonic passage that will be reinforced by the Equinox, at the end of the month, whose frequencies will help us harmonize ourselves, and continue with the process of building our light body.

A six universal frequency that indicates love, and restoration. Number six is represented by the tarot card of the Lovers, which to me, is not just about physical relationships but about the inner union, between opposites, that has to occur before it happens with another being. An inner union that has nothing to do with our 3D sense of love, as it beings with the union of our shoulder wing portals, as it is there when we begin to unify our bodies, masculine and feminine essences.

Balanced relationships or enlightened ones, come when first we love ourselves and act, at all times, as integrated and whole beings, for it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality.

It is a time to work on the union that we have with ourselves, and the ones that we have created, as Virgo introduced at the end of August, it is how we grow and recognize ourselves and what we have not yet healed, through the assistance of others that have agreed to co-create and work with us, in both a physical and soul level.

Loving energies that remind us of the importance, at that time of reflection, of witnessing our human self. Do we love and respect ourselves and our personal energy? Do we act with integrity – as we think and feel? This is the most important inner work, if we have not yet totally achieved this inner synthesis if we are not yet unified, healed and completely whole, we cannot transmit the same harmony and equilibrium into our relationships.

This month is going to show us in our relationships everything that we are not ready to look at within ourselves yet, and that our soul companions, as once agreed, will do for us, lovingly, even though many times we may not perceive it as such.

September is going to be a month that will help us see where we need more balance, within and without ourselves, if we desire to live within a harmonic timeline, all we think, feel and do, shall be aligned with where we are going.

As we listen to our inner guidance and the many energies that are inviting us to move within, examining ourselves and our personal lives, we will realize if we need to transform something that is not totally unified, as we will have important alignments helping us to move forward, as for us to be able to create anew, leaving the past behind is essential, as there is nothing there for us anymore.

This is a great opportunity to revise, regain strength, and continue building our new lives. It is a month that will help us see where we are going, and what is yet to come if we choose to continue the path of our soul and the mission that it involves.


During this new energetic month of September, we have very important planetary alignments that will repeat themselves, to remind us of the importance of focusing on what we are creating, not what we are leaving behind. We have the semi-sextile created by the True Node and Chiron, which begins on August 29, continues on September 3rd, and ends on September 6th, helping us focus on our personal evolution on this earth, on both a physical and a soul level, on where we are heading, what we have created, and where our creations are taking us at the moment.

It is about the future timeline that we are forming, with every thought, feeling, and act, in this Now moment. On the other hand, Chiron has a very healing essence per excellence, when both co-create, we are being invited to heal, from the present, past timeliness, or parallel ones as I prefer to call them, as when we awake our multidimensionality and consciously and intentionally choose to heal in the present, this same healing extends to other parallel timelines, helping us heal at all levels, in all dimensions, and all aspects of who we are.

We no longer need to dig into the past, as there is nothing there for us anymore, but to learn how to heal in the present, properly, so we are also healing what we call past selves. So, we are healing ourselves and helping our own future generations to heal as well too.

We have a wonderful month ahead for us to continue our journey of DNA rehabilitation, healing, and clearing, for the current energies come to help us burn away the old, so we can move ahead without constantly focusing on the past, as it is what the majority of the times bring into the present unwanted situations and outcomes.

On September 5th,  Venus enters Virgo. Venus is the feminine aspect of us, the aspect who creates from the womb and who gives birth within Divine love and compassion to All. This is wonderful energy for those who are beginning to make their passion their living as well. Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance in Virgo is going to teach us how to put all we desire to create, in the tangible, in a way that serves others, not just ourselves, so all we do is now serve others in their journey as well. This is about grounding our soul desires and goals in a way that we too nurture ourselves in the physical, at the same time that we are in service to All.

A few days later, on September 9, Mercury Retrograde in Libra, until September 23 when it will move into Virgo. As you know I do not feed this limited belief of Mercury being retrograde. I can only inform you of the date it turns retrograde for those who resonate with it.

Mercury in Libra whether retrograde or not, as the essence does not vary, as it is just the perception we have from our human view, is about bringing balance into our mental plane, as well as on the collective mind. This is going to be a month for us to keep dwelling on the illumined and peaceful essence of our Soul, for there are many distractions that can make us fall apart and come back into old states of being.

Clearing our minds from time to time of self-destructive patterns, old beliefs, and many other debris and programs, is pivotal if we desire to evolve and continue embodying new aspects of the Truth, for the Truth is only One but it has many aspects, depending on where we are in our evolutionary journey, as the more we evolve, the more we are ready to discover.

The most important to contribute to a more peaceful and loving planet is to precisely create this same frequency from within and remain there as long as possible, even though as humans, there will be challenges that may often make us oscillate between two different frequencies.

The next day, on September 10th, we will have a Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces. This is a very magical passage, as the final moon of the summer, and as one of the most intuitive passages that we have had in months, as it is conjunct with Neptune.

Piscean energies come after a very important alignment, especially the one of the True Node with Chiron, for us to receive more guidance and clarity about our soul’s unique journey and mission. If we have done the inner work of healing, clearing, and reconnecting, then we are ready now to envision our future path, one that we create at every moment, if we consciously build, in the Now.

On September 21 we have Jupiter semi-square Saturn together with another important alignment on September 28, Jupiter semi-square Uranus. This is going to have a great impact on the collective, and on many who are yet mastering how to move, or set the perfect balance, between their personal sense of freedom, and responsibility, as even though both may seem opposite, they are not at all, for one cannot coexist without the other.

Within freedom is the duty of taking responsibility for our acts, otherwise, we will not be acting as integrated and conscious beings. This is why from both a personal and collective level, both events will trigger the necessary change, for us to realize where we are in terms of personal boundaries, freedom, and responsibility.

The next day, September 22, the Sun enters Libra. We welcome the Equinox and with it, the peak of the stabilizing frequencies received all this month. If we look closely, all this month offers us precious energies for us to balance every single aspect of ourselves, and hence, our outer lives, as they are a reflection of how we feel inside.

It is up to us to take the opportunity each month to focus on an aspect of ourselves and work with it rather than waiting with open arms to be blessed or cursed, by outer forces or beings, as it used to be, for now, we know that we create it all from within, by being devoted and doing our inner work, and conscious focus on what we desire to birth.

We end September by having a New Moon at 2 degrees Libra on September 25, together with Venus moving from Virgo to Libra as well. This is about balance, love, harmony, and above all an invitation to nurture ourselves, being a wonderful passage for us to focus on ourselves, and our loved ones, as well as in nourishing everything that we have previously created, for there is a time for everything within Creation, and it is now the time to focus on what we build, being grateful for it and learning how important it is to take care of our soul’s creations, in the physical.

A month to strive for energetic balance, in ourselves, relationships, and in all the new creations that we are building in our earthly plane. We have the constant opportunity to tap into the wisdom of our soul, retrieve its infinite experience and guidance, and use it to expand ourselves towards our new destination and towards being in service in new ways.

The opportunity to step into a new reality is always there for those who do not fear what could possibly happen if we finally choose to have the courage to move on from what limited us.

I wish you a wonderful September, Beloveds!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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