Ashian: Claim Your Freedom Now

Jennifer: Ashian, hello!

Ashian: And a glorious greeting to you all.

J: Oh no! I’ve just seen the word ‘hell’ in hello. I never noticed that before: it’s rather dampened my enthusiasm for the word.

A: Which leads up beautifully on to that which we wish to discuss today.  Normal: and New Normal.

J: Yes, I just looked it up. Ordinary, or usual. You are saying  ‘expected’…

A: Yes, beloved hearts, we wish you to consider what is ‘normal,’ what is expected of you.

The weight of expectancy is heavy on each of your shoulders. You all have some areas of your life where you are still hooked into what is ‘expected,’ and thereby what you consider to be ‘normal.’  These are shackles, weights, chains that bind you.

The concept of normal, expected, ordinary and usual are limits put upon your true expression, your creativity, your authentic self. How many of you are hiding aspects of yourself, from small to large, because you think that part of you is not what is expected? It’s not ‘normal.’

The concept of the new normal would seem to be a distortion, but we suggest you reclaim the seed of the idea.

There are new horizons within each one of you that wish to be expressed and explored.

You are not the old you, and you can never go back: Rejoice in that alone!

You have been freed. You are free to express, explore, experience. You are divine creators, free… Free… FREE… That is your New Normal. That is your liberation and your truth. You are extraordinary. Extra-ordinary.


Normal was used as a word to tie you to a rock; a hardened version of reality defined through limitation. But these limits are dissolving quickly, and each one of you are gifted a particular set of skills, experiences and expressions through which to birth the new, the extra-ordinary.

You know in your hearts where you yearn to grow and express a greater truth of who you are. That is your gift to Ascension and to humanity: to live and breathe the greater version of you that is waiting to be birthed.

Yes, it may take a little courage, perhaps determination, perhaps flexibility, perhaps single-mindedness. Perhaps you will look self-centred.  Rejoice! Why should you be other-centred?

Live your life for you. This is not a lesson that can be truly expressed in the richness of its divine interpretation when the ego runs amok and one is obsessed with 3D gain and power.

Living your life for your Self only becomes a divine principal when it is the Higher Self that is expressing itself: when you are in service to your Higher Self, not your ego mind; to Self, not self; to love, not fear.

So embrace the New Normal. Own it. Live it. Love it. It is the expression of what you have worked so hard to experience and it is here now, waiting for you to express your limitlessness, your truth, your full expression.

J: Goodness, that was a rallying channel! Terrifying and liberating at once!

A: Dear Jennifer, there is nothing to terrify. Only the thought of terror. The anger, outrage and upset that pours from those upset by you expressing your higher truth is nothing but the illusion: it is the old programming running thoughtlessly. If the nay-sayers took a moment to reflect deeply, with a wide, compassionate heart, everyone would see the perfection in expressing truth, undistorted by fear.

Do not live quiet lives of desperation; claim your freedom to be you now.

J: Excellent points. I’ve done a lot of work around letting go what others think, but it still lingers a bit.

A: Lingering is dissolving. It’s historic and past. You light workers are the way showers: hold your light high by living your truth, as much as you can, each day.

J: Thanks Ashian. With gratitude and so much love…

A: As we have for you.

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2 Replies to “Ashian: Claim Your Freedom Now”

  1. Ive Sunvehdon

    Yes indeed lovely Jennifer 🤗💖 Excellent points.. Excellent Truth!!! IT IS DONE. 🙏☝️🌌 Much, 🤗🌈🌅 So Much Love to ALL from Your Family Of LIGHT!!!! 🌈💎🌏💎🌈