Life Tapestry Creations: Who Do You Want to Be Today?

Dear Ones,

Proclaim your rightness to be – not in anger or jest, but in reality.

Most of you reading this message have hidden from others so well for decades, even eons, that you no longer understand who or what you are. So you concede to the rights of others to be loud, abrasive, angry, verbal, or any action that proclaims their rightness. In turn, you might voice your concern about their words or actions, but not your inner rightness to be.

We, of the Universes, are not addressing your need to protest or verbalize your inner rightness but instead for you to live that inner rightness. Do you feel the need to vocalize your concerns? Then do so. Do you wish to live your life according to your needs? Then do so. Do you feel that you must do this or say that because of the expectations of others? Then reassess your actions and thoughts.

This topic has been discussed multiple times as time for you to negate shoulds and have to – a simplified version of Who are You?

As you move further into your new being, those pieces that no longer feel right within you will create more stress and fear. For you are quickly becoming a finely tuned instrument in a new world.

The outer world no longer exists for you. No matter how much you miss the certainty of who you once were, that place no longer exists.

Perhaps you believe you can jump between your new and your old worlds. That you can pretend with little harm to yourself or others.

You can no longer pretend. For if you do, your inner being will shake and quake. Even though that last thought appears to be an odd statement, it is your current truth.

When earth structures are upset, the earth begins to quake. If all are one and you helped shift the earth beyond 3D, then you have some of the same physical qualities as the earth. Even though this explanation feels farfetched to most, we wish for you to understand how dramatic your attempts to return to what you consider 3D “normal” are. That part of your life is over just as you no longer feel the need to chew on an infant teething ring. There is nothing to return to or address.

Your 3D life is over.

Many of you now state that you enjoy interacting with 3D family and friends. That it is easy for you to jump between dimensions – including 3D. Even though it is possible for you to jump between dimensions, you can no longer select a home base of 3D or less.

Who are you? Not who were you? Or who are you going to be? But who are you now? Pretending you are someone from your past or unclaimed future is dishonest. And if you pretend to be of your past or future you will quake internally.

You have enough to process without trying to be someone you are not. You cannot pretend to be a 3D being or a future being any more than a 3D teen can successfully pretend to be an infant or mature adult. Those games are over. You are who you are. And you know what makes you comfortable now – not tomorrow or yesterday, but now.

You will undergo many internal shifts in the next few weeks – all of which will point you in the direction most suitable for you at that time. If you follow your inner clues, you will breeze through the next few weeks. If you pretend you are someone you have been or are not yet, you will quake within. You are in exactly the right place and time. Allow that to be enough for now. You will attain the skills you need in your own way.

Who are you today? Not yesterday. And not tomorrow. But who are you today?

In 3D, you established a route of rightness you tried to follow. Even though that route might have deviated, it was a route you attempted to return to as soon as possible. A life map you created from a relatively young age.

You are a new being in a new world with no concrete goals. In a sense, you are a Universal infant creating a new life but not yet any life goals beyond what is happening now. You are new. The world is new. There are no expectations from the Universes or within yourself of what you need at this moment.

Stop trying to formulate a concrete future when that future is being created daily. There are no goals other than discovering how best to live your new life in a new world – one day at a time. Allow that counterintuitive concept to permeate your being. There is nothing more you need to plan for or project for now – just you enjoying your being one day at a time. So be it. Amen.

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2 Replies to “Life Tapestry Creations: Who Do You Want to Be Today?”

  1. EmmyGirl

    Hello, stop speaking prematurely on the other end of our current transitioning between 3D and 5D. This article only has accuracy for our future selves and as a reminder for a future self not to fall back into 3D. Nothing has happened as of yet, but we are certainly in the process of it. This civilization does not have 5th dimensional beings currently living within it. Why speak as if the new earth has already arrived and 5th dimensional beings are living peacefully inside of a newly established utopia? I do not want people deceiving each other in thinking they have already achieved 5th dimension and the world they live in has been freed of corruption. That could prove incredibly dangerous and most of all disappointing for the individuals involved when they are faced with 3rd dimensional negativity. Where we go, we all go one and although I believe were heading towards paradise, the decision to establish yourself as superior to the 3rd dimension is merely deceiving yourself and others around you. Be patient, be kind, and climb aboard the great awakening everyone, do not fall into that trap and remember we move into our new world together, we adapt together, and we succeed together.