Archangel Michael: You Are Magic

I am Michael and I love you!

I have many colleagues and we work for peace and love on Earth.

When you evolve and ascend it means that you realize that love is forever and all that happens that is not of the ray of love, will end sooner or later.

The ascending is not a ladder for you to climb up on to reach heaven, it is more a connection that really holds no matter how much it storms around you.

Imagine that you are a tree!

If you are a tree you are first living in the roots and slowly moving upwards. Then when you have worked a path through the trunk and “come up” you realize that you now also live in the crown of the tree, in every branch, and in every leaf.

And a little later you realize that every little root is just as important. Without the roots, you get no or little connection. The roots represent that you can never forget who you are, where you came from and all the work you have done to work your way through all the fears and hinderers.

The crown of the tree represents all your guides. That are from the Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom and Mineral Kingdom. It also represents your universal ancestry, as well as the connection to Mother Earth with all her different souls that holds an immense wisdom as the elves, trolls, and more.

Some of you think ascension means escaping the job you came to do as a Lightworker.

It is really the other way around! It means that now you really understand the symmetry of everything and how everything interact with each other.

You realize that you exist in 12 places at the same time. And that you have 12 different homes in the entire universe. It is big, really big to fathom this miracle.

But it is not so important to dive into it at first, because it just is!

The most important thing that you always must do is loving your feet right now, and loving every little step you take because not one single step is unimportant.

Being grounded like a tree with your roots deep down in the soil is always essential for your true higher connection. Otherwise you might begin to hover around and you are not really aligned with your task as a Lightworker.

Being assigned to a duty as a Lightworker means that you understand her, your Mother Earth and you can relate to her as a soul, just as you yourself is a soul.

It is hard to live on Earth with all that happens that is not of the highest good and gratitude, but turning a blind eye to it is not the way of a Lightworker.

You are a soul that came to do your kind of magic on Earth and this means that even if it is difficult to assimilate into the reality of life on your planet, you are a positive inventor and you can turn every negative situation around into something very wonderful, and this kind of Lightworker are YOU, I know!

So please have faith in yourself and know that you indeed are love and when you are not afraid to show your true colors it really will be a kind of magic.

I love you


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


One Reply to “Archangel Michael: You Are Magic”

  1. Debra

    Hello, Kerstin. Yours is the first message I was drawn to and answered my question. Thank you for sharing, as this is exactly what I needed to hear right now. It’s perfect and powerful. Bless you