Update on Comments

Greetings to all. It is I Kejraj.

The comments section has been peaceful lately. I have changed the settings so readers register in order to comment. This in a way shows who is more serious about engaging in a genuine discussion, instead of just letting off steam and sending low vibes towards each other. I’ve been erroneously accused of practicing censorship, for simply asking (on a spiritually directed website) that people communicate in a less hostile way. Particularly the ones who would target certain messengers, due to their own unhealed issues, instead of seeking some type of guidance. The settings can remain the same, or we can change them if it makes easier for you to comment and engage. However, I expect you to find, as I stated a more peaceful approach in communicating your disagreements and frustrations, instead of deliberately seeking to hurt one another. If those with a higher awareness do not change their ways now, who else is there, to be the example of kindness and heartfelt communications, with the intention of truly seeking greater expansion?!

I may create a poll and ask the readers in deciding how to move forward.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey.

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  1. tigersnack1114

    If you are blocking our posts, please notify and explain subjects that are blocking offensive.
    Still waiting for my post to come through about creative visualization in sending love and Light to the planet but other posts come right through immediately.
    Do longer posts take longer or do you need to review everything before posting?


  2. tigersnack1114

    I was caught up in their negativity and showing mine. I felt crappy after scolding and finally realized I’m judging others and not keeping control of my ego.

  3. harrrrrie

    I am relieved and happy when I begin reading a comment here and the writer is behaving the ways we all want to see, thinking before speaking, with consideration and respect.
    I will say though, we are going through the revelation and exposure of negativity in its worst form. If it’s in you, it’s coming out now.
    So, we were seeing it in the comments here.
    It was very difficult for me to not scold commenters for their aggression and insults on this site. I was caught up in their negativity and showing mine. I felt crappy after scolding and finally realized I’m judging others and not keeping control of my ego.

    Since then, I found what we are being taught feels best: acceptance, tolerance, understanding of everyone and their lifepath, their level of ascension and the lessons we can learn from them.
    Creator said many times “No one will be left behind”. Have patience, we will see everyone in the 5th eventually. Creator will make sure of it. We can be accepting till then.
    Creator promised to us gifts and rewards for agreeing to live on Earth and attend Earth School. The greatest one here is ascension to the 5th while incarnated as a human being. Creator and our souls knew it would be rough. It is a great blessing that we can ascend to the 5th ourselves, instead of Creator instantly transforming us into these higher vibrational beings. Don’t you think?
    We are little by little finding out who we are and who everybody is. And we get to also enjoy watching our transition to everything wonderful. This is an incredible gift!
    I enjoy watching here. I learn from you too! Thank you for being nice and accepting of me, whatever I was at the moment.
    L&L to you all, Harrrie

  4. AzureLeaves

    I suggest keeping it this way. Creating an account to comment here isn’t that difficult because pretty much everyone in this technological era should have an email address to begin with.

    In any case, I’d rather have people who communicate in a level-headed, peaceful, BEYOND 3D-perspective that has already finished–or at least already on the process of–doing personal Shadow-work, of which a bunch of past commenters desperately needs a truckload of with their personal issues, triggers, misconceptions (e.g. about Sex, the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects of a Soul that extends far beyond one’s temporary and perishable MEATSUIT) and 3D-tethered mindset.

    To begin with, the purpose of the Spiritual Ascension of the Planet and Humanity is to EXCEED the 3D and all forms of mindset, concepts, ideologies and etc., surrounding it; I don’t see the point on pulling others who are doing The Work to have Beyond-3D perspectives and mindset, back down to the 3D mindset and telling them to get off of their “5D high horses” because they are still in their meatsuit whether they like it or not; that’s just screams of Crab Mentality for me, because whether one likes it or not, everyone in their meatsuits right now also have a Higher Dimensional “Self” that exists way beyond their temporary physical bodies… so I don’t really see the point.

    And then some of them would even go so far as to attack others for sharing a perspective and honest subjective opinion of others based on one’s observations and questioning in a sarcastic way one’s “credentials” for having such perspectives.

    I don’t really know what to feel. On one hand, I can understand them because I was like that too before my spiritual awakening, but now that I’ve grown out of being such a low-vibe person; on the other hand, it’s like watching kids cursing other people because they show their knowledge, wisdom or perspective that they perceive as beyond them and gaslight them to feel better about themselves, when the intent of the person is just to share their perspective on things in hopes that maybe it can help someone who is struggling to find a path/open door towards further personal and spiritual development–the way it helped the ones who posted them.

    1. AzureLeaves

      Oh and BTW Kejraj, I also like it this way because for some reason, my comments come out rather quickly right after submitting it (not sure if it’s the result of this new code you implemented), rather than waiting for it to appear after a few refreshes, while dealing with the uncertainty of “oh, maybe I exceeded the character limit” or something haha.

      1. tigersnack1114

        I didnt handle my reactive EGO well when my post was attacked. I felt some darkness in their attacks and SHOULD have reacted in LOVE….but my EGO took over and I didnt realize it until later that day.
        Their ego attacks and MY OWN reactive EGO, plus anyone else that piled on, are a big part of WHY the “we” arent ready for funds.

      1. tigersnack1114

        Sorry Kejraj…..was a bad PTSD day but I should have handled it better. I had turned off my intuition but it looks like I stirred up the hornets nest. I didnt go back to read anything after I posted but guessing that was the big blow up.
        I apologize as I DO know better!

        I ask that you do better than my behavior when judging whether posts are subjectable and use wisdom to see if there are lessons that need to be discerned from said posts,