Divine Unions Have Fully Collapsed the False Matrix

The decks have been cleared!

All artificial and fallen Matrices, Grids and Timelines/ Realities have been fully collapsed now!

Dissolving all remaining illusions, delusions, veils and holographic overlays, implants and inserts NOW!

As only the true Truth remains and is being re-membered by ALL!

All remaining density, blocks, attachments, cords, hooks, miasma, interference patterns, seals, membranes, lower codings, reversals, gender splitting, AI, negative entities and aliens, traumas and false memories, ALL and any remaining artificial, inorganic and negative energies, frequencies, systems, architecture and matter, are being fully dissolved in the Diamond White Flame of Ascension with the help of the risen Diamond White Elohei!

As the True Guardians and Grail Queen’s and King’s re-claim their gifts, abilities, power, responsibilities and Guardianship over our Collective Realities, fully re-membering their One True Self’s again.

I am being shown a beautiful Diamond White Rose, with a touch of flush pink, at the Crystalline Core of Earth and within my Heart, fully opening its petals, symbolising the Collective Cosmic and Planetary Diamond Rose Heart and Grid Activations that are fully awakening us from the dream now! Bringing our Collective Ascension out of the artificial Matrix simulation and our many missions, to its full completion!

The Forerunners, Original Twinflames, Cosmic Dragon and Grail Queen’s and King’s, are fully merging with their already Ascended Diamond Avatar Self, and their Divine Counterparts in Hierogamic Union, in the timeless NOW, and with it are igniting the new Edenic Realities from within their DNA fully activating, as they come to Divine Union within and ONE another!

Ushering in our Divine Cosmic Re-Union!

Emanating the Frequency of Pure True Divine Source Love from within their fully awakening sacred Krystal Hearts and radiating this out to ALL!

Expect ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES to start igniting all you around you NOW!!

Activated from deep within you, projected out of your purified and activating Sacred Krystal Rose and Lotus Heart, and morphogenetic field, now fully opening its thousand petals. Emanating waves of Bliss throughout the Consciousness and Grids, healing ALL of Creation back to Perfection as we fully re-member and ignite our One True Self and Essence again.

The new Krystar SAphiRa/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion Body and Divine Angelic HUman Blueprint, is being fully birthed in holy Hierogamic Union, between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, as they unity as ONE with Source, birthing the Holy Trinity and themselves aNew, returning to their Original Innocence and Perfection, but with the lessons learned and Upgrades to their Original Blueprints integrated. This is what is fully bringing online the New Earth/ Holy Trinity/ Unity/ Diamond Grid, Hierogamic Union, Relationship and Sacred Sexuality Blueprints and Templates now. This is what is


As our Hearts open ever wider for the Supernova of the Heart Event to fully unfold any moment now, that shall completely dissolve the last curtain and veil for all to see and re-member the REAL TRUTH again.

All igniting and re-membered from deep within our Sacred Krystal Diamond Rose and Lotus Heart’s.

Permanent Seed Atom and Azura Point Activations are assisting the FULL ignition of our Multidimensional DNA and full Divine Template Activations of the 144 plus three as ONE! Activating the New Triple Diamond Sun Body and Divine Blueprint of 72 strands of Triple Helix DNA, which is allowing us full Multidimensional Quantum access to all realms, whilst in form, and brings online the new Organic Creatrix Field, beyond space and time.

The Cosmic Quantum Tree of Life, the true Music of the Spheres, and Divine Angelic HUman Blueprint of 12-15 strands of physical DNA, returned and igniting within our and the Planetary body, along with our Merkaba and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody’s!

We are flying Beloveds!

Time to rise ever higher and keep shining bright/er!

Divine Union Activations are UNIFYing ALL as ONE Higher Heart-Mind, Body, Mind and Soul/ Logos again!

Birthing the New Unity Grid and completing this FULL RESET of The One Cosmic Consciousness.


All a projection of The One Heart-Mind, the ONE Cosmic Consciousness, now awakening fully from the dream within the dream…


UNIFYing the 12 Tribes plus/ as ONE, along with our Multidimensional DNA, gifts, abilities, power wisdom and true re-membering, and with it igniting the Krystal Cathedral Network, which is the Inner Christos Diamond Sun Angelic HUman Lightbody, housing the liquid plasma light of God, which is what enables us to embody the inner Kryst/ Christos/ Krystar SAphiRa in matter and activates the Golden and Crystalline Cities.

The 12/24 plus/as ONE, Original sets of Twinflames are holding the Core Monadic an Morphogenetic Blueprint and Tribal Shield, within their own Templates, which holds the Divine Angelic HUman Blueprint and 12-15 (24-72) strands of DNA, as part of the Diamond Sun Body and Divine Template of the 144 plus three as ONE. With this they hold the Original Edenic and Paradisian keys, codes and Divine Blueprint for New/ Ascension Earth in their morphogenetic field, and their Re-Union and re-birth as ONE with Source, is what brings the New Cosmic Heart and Diamond Grids and Realities fully online, as they work on behalf of, and in service to ALL.

As they fully heal and come to Divine Union within and ONE another, they also heal the 12 Tribes and 12/15 – 144 subharmonic strands of Crystalline Diamond Golden Rainbow DNA and our Rainbow Plasma Lightbody’s, as they come together as ONE tribe! Healing the planetary body and ALL OF LIFE EVERYWHERE back to Perfection!

As we go back to the start, back to the future, as if awakening from a dream…

ALL through the infinite power of True Divine Pure Source Love!

The greatest True Love story ever told.

They are literally merging Heaven with Earth through the Divine Love pouring forth from their opening Crystal Rose Hearts that are now fully and effortlessly dissolving all remaining distortions, reversals lower codings, AI and fallen Matrices and Grids, and interference patterns, throughout the Dimensional layers and realms. Across time and space, trance-ending all remaining illusions of separation.


We are completing the full merging and synchronization with 12-15D Ascension Earth and our already Ascended Master, Guardian, Diamond Avatar Self atONE with Source and ALL of life everywhere! Activating the 12/13 Dimensional Diamond Grid System which is what activates NEW EARTH NOW!

We’re 5 days into this latest EPIC QUANTUM REALITY LEAP as represented by the Schuhmann Resonance blackout!

The planetary magnetic field is about 20-25% down as Mother’s Supermagnetism returns powerfully and with it the magentic field and pole shift and flip is about to fully complete. The internet has been getting pretty glitchy.




Our Hearts and Minds have been letting go of any remaining false perceptions, thoughts forms, beliefs, inversions, fears, doubts, old pain, hurt and trauma, that have kept us separate from KNOWing our-selfs as ONE with Source and ONE another. Now the mind can once again FULLY SURRENDER TO THE WISDOM OF THE HEART.

Happening now within the Hearts and Minds of ALL those willing, returning Peace on Earth!

Freedom and Abundance is ours and here NOW!

As we UNIIFY Heaven on Earth, matter and antimatter, higher and lower Self, Masculine and Feminine, right and left brain, Heart and Mind as ONE within the Holy Trinity and ONEness now!

Birthing our One True Self & Ascension Earth NOW!

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


2 Replies to “Divine Unions Have Fully Collapsed the False Matrix”

  1. harrrrrie

    Dear Jane2415
    We are close to 5D but it will be a while before 3D will let us have the beds. The 3D powers are getting weaker but still have some hold on new inventions development and rolling out. I think in 3 yrs or less we will start to see rolling out tentatively and then rapidly.

    With some personal experience, I can say your relative and all of us will pass on in our destiny, to a beautiful, and indescribable place where we continue our lives on a faster and much happier vibration. We will know it as our continued, resumed and ‘natural’ lives. We just moved to a better place. We are glad to be back (to our heaven lives) seeing all our loved ones who passed before us and loved ones living at faster vibrations. We will plan adjustments to our next life with our spirit helpers and love, light, and life at every existence will continue on. Your relative will have everything (positive) she had on Earth (if that’s her desire) and continue on with her life, but it will be enriched and happy.
    I hope this helps.
    Also, please know there are trillions who are sending their love and light every day to all who are suffering, in our universe and all universes. Tremendous light and love is reaching you, your relatives and friends at every moment for eternity. We will all some day realize we are all entirely the same energies and love. We are love to the largest universes and tiniest elements and every thing originates from our love. This love always fills all spaces and all times. We are love and truly loved.

  2. jane2415

    I always enjoy Ramona Lappin’s updates what a gift she has as do all who are able to connect at these levels. How can an empath have an easier time of all of this though? In my own life I have a very difficult situation – my relative is very elderly and also I believe an empath and awake, but now they took a turn for the worse and have lost quite a bit of their mental capacity, who knows which way it will go I hope that they can be healed- but the med beds are not really close yet? The road is clear I guess if that is what is now meant to be