Hakann: People Aren’t Beliefs, People Have Beliefs

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I am very happy that so many people are tuning into these messages. It reminds me that our people are not so different after all.

Also, because hundreds of people are tuning into these messages, Pleiadian energies are entering the human subconscious. So just by reading these messages, you are helping humanity. Thank you so much for your service!

Today I would like to invite you to think in terms of: “that person has communist beliefs” instead of “that person is a communist.” Or: “that person has right-wing beliefs” instead of “that person is a right-winger.”

You can feel the difference between those statements, can you not?

If you think that communist beliefs are really bad and someone IS a communist, then you will be inclined to treat them without much love. But if you think that someone HAS communist BELIEFS, then you will be much more inclined to treat them with kindness and to listen to them.

I am just using communism as an example here. This applies to all ideologies.

Saying that someone IS a communist, also suggests that someone fully buys into every single part of communism. But often you will not have spoken enough to the other person yet to know this for sure. Often John will hear Patricia make one point associated with communism and think “she’s a communist” and therefore also think “and so Patricia believes every single part of communist ideology.” But that may not be the case.

Saying someone IS a communist also paints the picture that someone is pretty fanatical and that this person is going to remain a communist for the rest of their lives no matter what happens and which arguments are presented. And again, typically you don’t know that. This may not be a correct assumption.

Saying that someone IS a communist is also subtly dehumanizing to them. It suggests that the other person isn’t a living, breathing, conscious human being with their own thoughts and feelings and considerations. No, instead this person is just a robot who blindly repeats communist ideology.

You can actually see this dehumanization in practice. For example, Patricia says that there should be common ownership of the means of production. Well, John would likely not treat someone poorly just for having the belief that there should be common ownership of the means of production. However, if John first thinks “Patricia is a communist, and communists are evil” then that opens the door for John treating Patricia poorly. See that it can be dehumanizing to think “Patricia is a communist” instead of “Patricia has communist beliefs”?

So, I would like to invite you to no longer think in terms of: “that person is a communist.” Instead I would like to invite you to think in terms of: “that person has communist beliefs.”

To be clear, I am not making a statement about whether communism is good or bad. I have just been using it as an example. The points I made in this message apply equally to every other ideology out there.

Thank you for listening. You are doing great! Earthlings have actually been making fantastic progress lately. You are not quite out of the storm yet, but you are headed in the right direction.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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2 Replies to “Hakann: People Aren’t Beliefs, People Have Beliefs”

  1. flazak

    I have had this trouble but I am gradually improving with this. It is a kneejerk reaction to say that this person is an x or y and therefore I must have many preconceptions about that person. It can take time to prevent this kneejerk reaction, it is a time vs now thing, your mindset causes your behaviour in the moment and it can take a long time to alter your mindset.