Arcturus the Arcturian: Your Supply of Liquid Light

We know each other!

I am Arcturus the Arcturian – STAR-BORN from the Light, come to remind people of their inner Light and to activate it within. The time of transformation has come, the time of your transformation is here. Deep in your heart you know who I am, deep in your soul you have knowledge of us, the Arcturians, because all HUMAN BORN have been given our closeness and care in one way or another in this or another life.

We are on Earth today, we are in the midst of you.

This planet of love, on which the greatest upheaval in human memory is currently taking place, enjoys and receives every help and support from the realms of light. Your ascension is the great event of this galaxy and affects the whole universe.

We, the Arcturians, are in the midst of you as subtle entities and we have positioned a multitude of light ships around the Earth. We are part of the Federation of Light that forms the protective mantle of this Earth, and we are part of those forces of Light that accompany, care for and guard people on an individual level – so that everyone can pass through the gates of knowledge and the portals into the light plane of being.

We are there because we are appointed.

Beloved people,

I am Arcturus of the Arcturian High Council.

I represent our species of the Arcturus star system to the outside world. I communicate through the opened channels of humans. I communicate through images and sounds in the dream consciousness as well as in the waking consciousness of people, and I communicate now through Jahn.

Gift of God’s grace

Today I have been sent to you to transmit to you the gift of uninterrupted supply of liquid light. What will happen in the next few minutes is unique in this way in this world. Until now, only individual adepts with certain initiations could reach this level of connection. Today, the Creator’s Cornucopia will be transmitted to all people who fulfill basic conditions for it.

What is it that you need most today?

Our perception is that most people lack an unshakable and constant divine connection and that more and more people are longing for it. Often you are overwhelmed by the daily events, engulfed by the abysses that open up, and a basic vibration full of light cannot be maintained permanently.

In a world full of discord and unrest, the question arises how it is possible to constantly maintain the inner center, the inner peace, the orientation towards the light and the awareness in God.

How does an enlightened person succeed in remaining permanently anchored in the center – that is, in God?

The solution lies in the constant connection to the source of all life. How is this achieved? Through the regular supply of pure liquid divine light to your energy system.


Please know as follows: EVERYTHING is LIGHT! Everything is permeated and interwoven by the DIVINE LIGHT.

It is a mistake to think that you feed on bread alone. What really nourishes you is the Light contained in the bread, the Light stored in the plants and in the fruits. This is the true bread of life.

Good and valuable foods are light products of the Sun and the Central Sun. They contain a high proportion of light and are true energy bombs for the mind, body and soul.

This liquid spiritual light has been forgotten and lost in this world. People have lost access to it and have completely submerged themselves in dense matter. However, for more evolved people, this understanding was always present and they could access this source of life.

Anyone who has gone through a light nourishment process knows the effect of this and how impressive it feels to be connected to this source of nourishment.

Today it is transferred to me to pass on the initiation into the “FLOWING LIGHT OF GOD” to all people. Every human being receives today the opportunity to be supplied with spiritual light.

However, this initiation differs from the light food process, because it is not suitable to let the food be, but it is to equip you with God trust!

Who believes to be able to go through here a shortened light nourishing process, is wrong here.

Because whether EATING or NOT EATING is unessential for a human being, essential is, whether you are connected with the source, which moves everything and supplies everything.

Liquid Light

This process is precisely attuned to the individual and occurs through the omniscient divine light.

In some people, the spiritual channels are not yet fully uncovered, while others have achieved a high degree of purification and they can therefore absorb the light more fully.

All people, however, who consent to this initiation today have the ability to absorb the liquid light of God at least partially. This condition is present in all of you today, here and now, otherwise you would not be here or would not have been led to this message.

That is, each of you beloved ones can receive this light in the frequency and amplitude that is right for him, each according to his possibilities, and according to his overall energetic condition.

You all have open, purified and cleared inner channels – and into these channels the pure liquid spiritual light, the food of the Gods, is fed.

The process is as follows:

– Affirmation and Consent

– Initiation

– Activation and transmission of light

Effect of the Initiation

The result of this initiation is that you will remain oriented in the midst of the storms of this time and that you will always feel the closeness of God and the oneness with the Source.

Deep trust in all that is, devotion and lasting inner peace will spread within you. Furthermore, the supply of liquid spiritual light creates a barrier between the 3D matrix and your consciousness.

Certain things and events that used to throw you off course will no longer come to you in full force.

It becomes easier for you to take the perspective of an eagle and to maintain this field of vision even in critical situations.

This supply of spiritual light is given as a grace of God to every person who is ready for it and consents to this initiation.

The divine light works omnisciently. Thus it happens that exactly the amount of light is fed into the energy system of the human being, with which the human being can handle and work.

Should a person, for whatever reason, pollute his spiritual channels so that no more light can penetrate, this process is suspended until the clearing is done.

Therefore, never combine this initiation with the claim to let food be.

This could cause harm to some people. Basically, the purer and clearer you are, the more powerful this initiation will affect you and your perception.

So now we have arrived at the initiation.



I, (state your name here),

Initiation happens…

The transmission of spiritual light into your energy system begins…

So go and live!

(end of initiation)

Beloved human being,

through this initiation you have taken a decisive step towards self-empowerment. What usually builds up threateningly on the outside has less and less power over you. It will become increasingly easier for you to remain in the kingdom of peace – and some events, as upsetting as they are, will no longer penetrate to you.

The abysses that still have to open up now so that people can awaken will no longer be able to swallow you up.

Will you therefore become empathy-less? No, quite the opposite! Your perception becomes finer, your compassion expands and your ability to love grows.

Whoever is permanently supplied with spiritual light develops a fundamental understanding for everything that is, and his ability to love grows and becomes boundless. The difference from before is that now you remain in compassion and do not slip into pity. You remain capable of action because you have already cried the tears that some people still have to cry.


If you are tied up, then you are perfect, if you are supplied with spiritual light, then you possess everything.

Occasion of Recognition

Human brothers and sisters and star-born!

Our appointment is now taking place and the Ascension is the sacred occasion of our recognition on earth. The Arcturians stand with you and provide the people with knowledge, light and power.

Many of you have received and accepted the invitation for training on our space stations. In this way you come to us in your dream bodies or by means of astral travel. Some people visit our crystal temples and experience healings.

Our main task is to train the consciousness of individuals so that deep understanding can be born and true compassion can be realized.

Today’s initiation is a great step into your sovereignty. Divine consciousness recognizes itself and reveals itself to humanity in the grace of God.

We are one!


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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