Hakann: Numbers and Dragons

Question: I have been for a long time seeing what we on Earth call angel numbers. The ones I’ve been seeing most in the recent year or so, are 7:11, 777, 707, 444, 1000, 333, 9:11.

If possible, I’d like your perspective on 7:11, and 9:11. What do these combinations mean when seeing them repeatedly?

Answer: Some Earthlings have given permission to directly receive energy or messages from benevolent beings. For example, they might have said once in their lifetime, “I agree to be contacted by and receive energy from those beings for whom it is in accordance with the highest divine blueprint that they do so. I do not agree to be contacted by or affected by beings for whom it is not in accordance with the highest divine blueprint that they do so. Thank you.” If those Earthlings are also pure enough, they are sometimes contacted telepathically. A voice might just start talking to them, and it will sound like their inner voice, but it might be from an extraterrestrial or ascended master or angel.

That said, most Earthlings have not given this permission. Hence extraterrestrials and angels and ascended masters and their own souls sometimes communicate to them via signs. A very common sign might be seeing repeat numbers, but it can be just about anything that’s striking to the person and that’s repeated several times. For example, it might be finding feathers, or seeing specific words, et cetera.

7:11 is a message of opening. It can mean that you yourself are opening up spiritually. It can also mean that opportunities are being opened up to you. If you see 7:11, it can be good to go with the flow and to be open to changes and new opportunities. It can also mean that the world or humanity is opening up.

9:11 is a divine number of positive change. This can be either for yourself or for the world around you. Some people have committed evil acts on 9:11 to try and create negative associations with this number, but it really is a very positive number and good omen.

If something in the previous sentences jumped out at you, that is a pretty good sign that this specifically is the right message.

Question: What we think of as “dragons” on Earth, I know they do not look in the way in which they are depicted by the different cultures. Can you describe the true “dragon” beings, their appearance in particular? I know they are very intelligent and evolved, residing in the higher dimensions.

A lot of so-called fantasy creatures at one time, physically walked around or flew around on Earth. But when Earth’s vibration plummeted a long time ago, they became much harder to perceive for most Earthlings. Some of them also actively started hiding from Earthlings due to their destructive behavior.

Answer: Dragons are usually benevolent. They are masters of both physical and energetic transmutation. Note that your science of alchemy is depicted with turning base metals into gold, and that dragons are sitting on top of a lot of gold. Gold is in large part a metaphor for high energies. So a large part of alchemy is transmuting lower energies into higher energies, and dragons are masters at turning lower energies into higher energies. Dragons are so good at transmutation, in fact, that they are metaphorically depicted as sitting on top of a mountain of gold (high energies).

Also note that Saint Germain is a great alchemist, and Saint Germain too is a master of transmuting lower energies into higher energies.

If you want to physically transmute base metals into gold, you will need to be a master at transmuting energies first. Transmuting energies is the fundamental and most important part of the process. It is a bit like how so-called supernatural powers only arise when the person first reaches a certain level of spiritual attainment. Trying to turn base metals into gold without first working on the spiritual aspect is like trying to be in two locations at the same time without first working on yourself spiritually. It is not going to happen.

If you want to transmute a lot of energies into higher forms, whether for yourself or for an area or for the entire world, it can be a good idea to ask dragons for help. For example, you might say out loud: “wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, including dragons, please help me with the following. I hereby transmute lower energies in myself / in this area / in the world into a higher form, all in accordance with the highest divine blueprint. Thank you, now now now.” The clause: “in accordance with the highest divine blueprint” is critical, because in this way you’re working with Source. If you try to say something like this without that clause, it can backfire on you. Saying “now now now” strengthens and then casts the spell.

As for what they look like, they are masters of transmutation. They can take on just about any form they wish. Many dragons by default exist without a physical form in higher dimensions, as you say.

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