Hakann: Healers

Dear Era of Light, Hakaan and Tunia,

First, thank you very much for offering to answer our questions each month. I read Era of Light every day and I especially appreciate the question & answer articles.

I have a personal question I would like to ask.

I was told by 3 or 4 different people that I am a healer. I help heal other people. I’m just not sure how I do it. I do like to say prayers to ask Creator, Angels and helpers to help someone to heal. I thought my prayers were answered when a relative and a friend, both with terminal cancer were cured and the cancer disappeared. One lady said it wasn’t the prayers that helped the two with cancer, it was my “intention” that caused the healing. I used my thoughts I guess and intended for them to heal and they healed. (I had thought Creator cured them of their cancer and they were miracles).

I never could figure out how I was a healer of others. So. I’m asking: Could the lady be right when she said people heal because I intend for them to heal? If it’s yes, would everyone be able to do this?Is it a combination of my prayers and intentions? If not, then how do I heal others? I ask because this is a dream come true. I’ve been wanting to help others heal for many decades.

Another note. A few years ago I read in a book that Jesus’s sister was able to heal people using a few sentences calling for the Goddess of Beauty. I used the technique on my friend whose cancer was cured. Did this technique help my friend in healing her cancer?

Also I’d like to mention that I understand that people have life plans, and if someone is destined to die of a disease or accident or at a certain time in their life, prayers and intentions aren’t going to help them stay alive longer then what their destiny and life plan has planned for them. Intentional healing isn’t going to work every time.

But, to be honest, if I can help people heal, I’d start right now. I just need to know exactly how: prayers, intentions, or perhaps the words Jesus’s sister uses?

Thank you for any insight or knowledge you can give me regarding this.

Have a great day, Love and Light to you all, Harrrie


Here is my reply:

Answer: I appreciate your question. It is great that you are stepping up and want to heal other people. Earthlings are certainly going to need and appreciate your skills in the future.

Yes, you are already a healer. Yes, you have already healed people, including your friend whose cancer was cured. And yes, if you want to, you can start working as a healer right now.

You are a clear channel and the divine feminine is able to work through you, which is a part of the Creator. Therefore people are healed. This is a very special gift, and also a very needed one because Earthlings desperately need the divine feminine.

Yes, technically anyone can do what you do, but in practice 99% of people have certain blocks or limiting beliefs or trauma that would prevent them from being a clear channel for the divine feminine. Those blocks can be removed, but that is not necessarily an easy or quick process.

There are many healing modalities. If you want to become a doctor in the conventional Earth way, then it is required that you put information into your brain for many years.

However, when we are talking about the healing methodology that you are talented in and that you have used, then the most important trait is emptiness. This is a healing methodology that uses your heart, not your mind, and it requires you to be a clear channel. The less your mind gets in the way and the more that you follow your intuition and your love, the more effective you will be able to heal people.

It is ultimately the divine feminine that does the healing. What is needed on your end is to call in the divine feminine, for example via your prayers, as well as be a clear channel for her.

Therefore my advice to you is: just keep doing exactly what you have been doing. Do what comes naturally to you, without trying to consciously understand it. Going too much into your mind and seeking to rationally understand this, may make you a less clear channel and the divine feminine will be less able to work through you. So just keep doing what you are doing. You are already doing great! And yes, you are already healing people.

Also note that it is possible to say prayers for more people than one at a time, whether for people who are terribly ill or for people who are not.

Plus you may be able to use the energy of the divine feminine for other purposes than healing.

That said, I would only start experimenting with these last two things once it feels right to do so. Your strength in this area is that you’re letting your love and your inner wisdom guide you, not your rational mind, and your inner wisdom can tell you if and when it might become appropriate to start saying prayers for more than one person or to start using the energy of the divine feminine for other purposes.

So that is my practical advice. Now that we’re discussing this topic, I would also like to unpack a bit further why emptiness is so important. This is partly for your benefit and partly for the benefit of other people who are receiving this message.

If you want to know what something sounds like, then you would use your ears, right? Everyone would think that it was weird if you would try to use your rational mind instead of your ears to determine what something sounds like.

Well, similarly, when it comes to spirituality or healing it is best to either rely on Source, or to rely on a trusted aspect of source such as the divine feminine, or to rely on your own soul. Trying to use your rational mind in the area of spirituality is like trying to use your rational mind in the area of trying to decide what something sounds like.

Your soul is a part of you, just as much as your ears are a part of you. When it comes to spirituality or decision-making, it is best to rely on it, just as you rely on your ears when it comes to hearing. Or alternatively, you can rely on Source of a trusted aspect of Source such as the divine feminine.

If you want to hear clearly, then you do that by getting rid of preconceived notions and emptying your mind and fully relying on what your ears tell you. Similarly, if you want to engage in spirituality or heal someone, then you do that by getting rid of preconceived notions and emptying your mind and fully relying on what either your Soul tells you, or what Source or an aspect of Source tells you.

Either you might hear a voice directly, or you might feel an intuition or an urge to do something. I have talked more about this in the message: “Hakann: How do I know what is true.”

The best thing you can do in the area of spirituality is to just empty yourself and to follow either your soul or Source or an aspect of Source, as well as you can. Sometimes this has been described as humility by previous spiritual masters on Earth.

I hope this helps. Thank you for your service. I hope you appreciate the rare gift and ability you have, of having the divine feminine easily work through you. I am glad that you are already actively sharing this gift with the world and I hope that you will continue to do so.

For Era of Light
**Channel: A.S.

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  1. Candinho

    querido Hakann, quando Jesus estava encarnado eu o seguia e ele me ensinou a curar as pessoas, depois que ele se foi eu continuei o trabalho até o fim de meus dias.
    Pergunto: O que eu tenho que fazer para recuperar esse dom?