What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them

Do you know what are light beings? Do you believe in light beings? They are spiritual beings of pure light and energy. Many people consider them to be divine guardians or angels who accompany human beings and guide them on this planet.

The Divine Beings Of Pure Light

Light Beings are beings of pure energy who can be found in higher dimensional fields of the spiritual realm. Logically, it refers to a conceptual life form composed of light instead of matter. These beings of light are widely mentioned in legends, myths as well as eyewitness accounts related to the paranormal and UFOs.

However, some people believe that they are extra-dimensional or spiritual beings that exist in the 5th dimension or higher. These beings of light are usually described as tall creatures and are viewed as translucent glowing spirits.

They tend to discharge extremely high energy and are believed to have a wide range of capabilities. When surrounding us, their energy can feel like that of the entire solar system.

Although they exist in another dimension and in another side of the Universe, they may contact human beings often to communicate some important transmission. Encountering a light being is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as their divine energy can reach the deepest layers of our psychic and spiritual existence instantly.

According to mythology and ancient culture, there are many examples of light beings or light deities, such as –

  • Apollo, the god of light and Hyperion, the titan of light from Greek mythology
  • Ao, an embodiment of light according Māori mythology
  • Zhulong, the dragon god of daylight in Chinese mythology
  • Šerida, goddess of light in Sumerian mythology
  • Nefertem is the god of the first sunlight according to Egyptian mythology
  • Freyr, deity of sunshine from Germanic mythology
  • Anpao, the spirit of dawn from Lakota mythology
  • Aruṇa, an embodiment of the rising sun in to Hindu mythology
  • Citlālicue, the creator of stars from Aztec mythology
  • Aurora, the goddess of the dawn from Roman mythology

As these divine beings usually exist in a higher realm or dimension, they tend to be formless or shapeless from a physical perspective. However, when they are observed through the inner eye of our soul, they may appear in abstract, incomprehensible forms.

When seen on earth by human beings, light beings can appear in different geometric shapes that may either be simple or complex. These shapes are composed of pure, intense light and some may even be made up of sound waves or frequencies as well.

Can Humans Be Light Beings?

What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them

Spiritual masters can often become light beings after they ascend. It is also believed that several of these beings co-exist with humans on Earth disguised as humans. Sunanda Sharma, author, life coach, and member of Best American Psychics Team 2013, explains that “The Siddhas, or self-realized souls of the Himalayas, are light beings in disguised human form.

They are enlightened ascetics, sadhus, or mystical yogis who are liberated from the concepts of age, time, and even dimension. They do not have any spatial or temporal location.

Sunanda adds “They can live and die at will. They are meditating for hundreds of years to increase the earth’s vibration. They have the power to materialize and dematerialize their body into light, at will.

Human beings are creatures of light themselves pregnant with divine strength and grace. It is only by exploring our inner plane and awareness can we truly realize that we ourselves are beings of light as well.

By connecting with the divine energy in our hearts, we can embrace our divinity and open ourselves to receiving a transmission from light beings. And this can happen only by trusting what our heart tells us.

Are Light Beings Real?

Most of us were awakened to the truth of the Universe and spirituality during our childhood. We played with imaginary friends, we believed in magic, fairies, Santa Claus, and even monsters when we were children.

But as we grew up, our parents, teachers, and adult members of our community made us believe these are not real. Why? Because they themselves were not awakened any longer and so they were unable to guide us to see the truth. Instead, they taught us to think logically, to believe there are only limited sentient beings on Earth and in the Universe.

As we are trained and programmed to focus only on what can be ‘logically’ explained, most of us have forgotten about these beings of light. Hence, the more we disbelieve in them, the less we receive their transmission and communication.

But we can often feel them, whether we like it or not. The light beings are present among us to empower us to create a better and greater life for everyone.

Author Zia Steele writes, “it very well might be possible for living, conscious beings to exist as patterns of light.” He adds “For a conscious being to be made entirely out of light, whatever structure allowed them to be conscious would need to consist of photons interacting with one another and the world around them in a special way.

They enable us to look beyond the physical existence of our world and expand our consciousness to realize that we and life are not limited. Connecting and communicating with these beings of light can help us reach our fullest potential and understand our true identity.

How Light Beings Contact Us

As these beings of light are extra-dimensional and spiritual entities, they communicate in a unique manner that most of us are unaware of. Interstellar communication is primarily based on telepathy or thought transference.

It has been noted that most people who claim to encounter or be abducted by aliens from distant planets receive information telepathically. Experts believe that most higher dimensional beings exist in an etheric form and use their higher levels of consciousness to deliver messages. This form of advanced consciousness is believed to exist in the fifth dimension and higher realms.

In our third dimensional existence, we consider consciousness as an earthly reality. For us, communication needs to be seen, heard, or read/written. However, in higher dimensions, like the fifth or sixth dimension, communication occurs through the transference of thoughts.

In order to communicate telepathically, human beings need to increase the vibrational frequency of their mind, body, and soul. The higher your vibration is, the stronger your telepathic ability will be and this will enable you to send and receive messages from light beings. This is why the pineal gland or the third eye chakra is so important.

Once you train and activate your third eye chakra, you will be able to communicate with higher dimensional beings, including the beings of light and sound.

Communicating With Light Beings Of The Cosmos

What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them

If you wish to open your spiritual self to receiving messages from light beings and be able to communicate with them successfully, then here are a few ways that can help you get started:

1. Meditation

Meditation is perhaps one of the most simplest and effective ways to boost your vibrational frequency. As both past and future are nothing but constructs of our own mind, practicing mindfulness meditation can enable you to bring your awareness to the present moment and realize if a light being is trying to contact you.

We often read vibes and vibrations through our intuition and this sense can be strengthened through meditation.

Yoga expert and life coach Karson McGinley explains “Meditating and breathing mindfully also calms your nervous system, improves your mood, and brings about greater feelings of peace – all high-vibe qualities that will benefit your state of being.” It is a spiritual practice that raises your vibrations fast and access communication from higher dimensional beings.

2. Dream visitation

Another way to connect with light beings is through your dreams. Perhaps this is why some bereaved individuals often dream of deceased loved ones. Patrick McNamara, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine writes “visitation dreams might be one source of the widespread belief in life after death – a core idea for conceptions of the soul and religion.

According to research, dreams are often associated with religious beliefs and types of religious cognition, particularly supernatural agent (SA) cognitions. The researchers also suggest that “some psychiatric symptoms such as dissociative states and delusions have been linked with REM parasomnias and intrusion of REM into waking consciousness.

Regardless of the psychology and the science associated with dreams, religion, and the supernatural, you can contact light beings while dreaming simply by setting the right intentions before sleeping to get it manifested in the dreamscape.

3. Astral projection

Astral travel is a divine way to encounter and interact with energy beings, like a light being on the astral plane or in a different dimensional realm. Astral projection or astral travel is an ancient concept that can be found in various cultures.

It refers to the idea of out-of-body experience (OBE) where the astral body or our consciousness or soul deliberately moves out of our physical body and travels through the universe and different dimensions and realms.

Live Science explains that astral travel is yet to be proven scientifically “because mainstream scientists are closed-minded and refuse to even look at evidence that doesn’t fit their narrow worldview.

Our physical body is made up of normal matter and limits our consciousness to the general laws of time and space. However, our astral body is composed of ether and a replica of our physical body.

Psychologist Susan Blackmore, Ph.D. explains “We can now see where astral projection fits in because the astral body can leave the physical and etheric bodies behind and go traveling on the astral planes.” By mastering astral travel, you can successfully contact light beings and even interact with them.

Light Beings As Interstellar Travelers 

What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them

As our planet’s energetic fields are evolving, as our consciousness keeps growing, more and more people are being able to contact higher dimensional beings. This is one of the reasons why UFO sighting reports have increased manifold in the past few decades. Energy beings are often of extraterrestrial nature from an unknown dimension or realm.

Many people believe that aliens from other galaxies who travel through interstellar space to visit Earth can also be regarded as light beings. These spiritual sentient creatures are composed of light, sound, and energy, even though they may take a humanoid appearance.

In fact, some people even believe that the ‘light orb’ phenomenon is also associated with energy beings. These are mystical entities from another universe that are often invisible to the naked eye. Some people even believe that light orbs are associated with crop circles, which is a common element of the UFO phenomenon.

In a way, UFOs and spaceships that we can often see in the news can be considered as proof of the existence of these light beings who are the harbinger of love and light on humanity.

Why Light Beings Visit Us

The beings of pure light may be described as angelic entities in the Bible who descended from the stars and heaven or the Universe. These angels, aliens, or energy beings come to our world to help us, guide us, and show us how to reach our fullest potential, and enable us to evolve spiritually.

They interact with us telepathically so that we are able to open our minds to the spiritual realm and expand our beliefs beyond what we can see with our eyes. Light beings aim to increase our collective consciousness. They are here to enhance our genetic codes and empower us to reach a higher dimension.

They are here to enrich our spiritual nature and strengthen our latent psychic abilities. By communicating with them and awakening our multidimensional powers, we can collectively raise the vibration of Earth and of all life.

Have You Ever Seen Light Beings?

What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them

Many spiritual healers, channels, mediums, and ascetics are able to see and communicate with light beings at will. They can use their intuitive abilities to receive messages from these higher dimensional beings.

Their message is simple and is mostly about harmony, forgiveness, and unconditional love. They are our spiritual guides who show us the way from darkness to the light and love… our true destination.

If you have seen or experienced a light being, a light orb, or an alien entity, then feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

**By Theo Harrison


2 Replies to “What Are Light Beings And How To Communicate With Them”

  1. jesserey7

    I have seen them, twice!
    when I was 12, in the most lucid dream I have ever had, A ten foot tall light being with a female voice picked me up and brought me close to her. I started merging with her light and began to feel what I can only describe as an orgasmic feeling that permeated my entire body. The feeling only increased in frequency and intensity until I truly believed I was going to explode! I screamed, “What is happening?!!” as I woke up to the biggest nocturnal emission event that I have ever experienced. Not sure what to make of that…lol
    And again When i was 22, I had a major OBE from PCP overdose. I saw many light beings that seemed like naive children who explained they were building a new universe, only without death, or fear, or suffering.. When I questioned how that was possible, the children lifted the veil from my eyes, and I saw the higher heaven. My mind could not even process what I was looking at. I just know it was made of light, and it was perfect beyond description or comprehension. It was at that moment the 10 foot tall female being from my dream found me just staring at it, completely flabbergasted. She said. “Perfect…Right?”, and just then threw me up in the air spinning until i was back in my body. Theres so much more that I saw, however that would take a lot more writing,

    love the site,
    Jesse Rey Anderson