The Archangels: Scary Scenarios are Taken Away

God intervenes!

The plans which shall lead mankind into the abyss fail, the plans which shall form unsouled robots from souled entities fail and the permanent takeover of this earth by dark entities is hopeless.

God himself now intervenes in the process of ascension! It is God himself who lets the people savor all desired learning experiences, but who assists mankind as soon as abysses open up which it has neither chosen nor can handle itself.

Always be aware of this: You are the humanity that has determined the ascent to the next higher vibrational level for you. You are consecrated to the ascent and not delivered to the decline!

Negative future prognoses apply only to individual humans, not however to mankind, which is to represent this earth on the higher level of being.

So have confidence in the current time events. The storms of these days are part of the great purification and they end on a day determined for it.

The message is:

Announced horror scenarios are dampened in their impact and the explosive power is taken away from them.

The message is:

The big rebuild is brought about with as much fanfare as necessary and as little drama as possible.

Traumatic experiences for those who have chosen them, a natural glide over for those who have matured to it.

Everything happens according to God’s plan.

In infinite love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


6 Replies to “The Archangels: Scary Scenarios are Taken Away”

  1. simply4truth

    Sofern wir auch von Herzen überzeugt sind, daß der Quell ‘Allen Seins
    eingreift, denn Er ist Wahrheit in einem Geist der Erkenntnis und
    des Lichts in Vollkommenheit, unsichtbar und allgegenwärtig, vor allem
    jedoch für uns noch unvorstellbar, ohne Anfang.

    Also vertrauen wir hoffen wir und erkennen unser SELBST, was sollte
    dann noch schieflaufen. Wir hoffen und glauben in persönlicher Erkenntnis ohne irgendwelche Zweifel. Wollen wir zusammen gehen, genau das ist eine Lösung für diese Erde und die Menschheit.
    Shalom Euch Allen in Liebe und Licht. Wir schaffen das !!!!!
    Vaya con D I O S