The Dragons Have Risen

All new holographic realities are starting to shine through the last layer of the veil remaining and dissolving fully now, as our multidimensional crystalline structures, 12/13D Diamond Grid and DNA strands, are coming quickly online now, along with our True Cosmic History Records, as the Hall of Records and Emerald Tablet’s are igniting our true memories from deep within us now.

The Cosmic Dragons have risen as One and have re-claimed their full power and realities!

We have fully activated and awoken our Cosmic Dragon and Maji Grail King’s and Queen’s aspects now, and as the Divine Solar Masculine and Feminine principles have come to Divine Union as One with Source, now completing our Ascension out of the artificial Matrix hologram! Thank you for everyone who took part in yesterday’s Dragon Awakening Transmission and live Activation, and/ or listens to the replay (links in comments below), as we helped make the magic happen! Amazing work ALL, as we assisted in the full Awakening of all of the 13 Dragon beings that were held in stasis and enveloped in the Earth’s crust along with millions of dragon eggs, until the Collective Consciousness would be ready for the Great Awakening! Which is NOW!

These 13 Dragon beings represent to me the Core of the Cosmic Monad, the Emerald Order and Threefold Founder Flame, the Cosmic Founders, the Original 13 Tribes, Twinflames and Maji Grail King’s and Queen’s, Our Cosmic Dragon aspects that have been here for aeons of time since the very beginning, as Guardians of the Leylines, now fully awakening and reclaiming our realities, power, gifts, abilities, keys, codes, Original Divine DNA and morphogenetic Blueprints and Templates!

I can see the millions of dragon eggs opening and cracking, and any remaining Dragon beings that have been in stasis and asleep now fully awakening and rising powerfully, along with Michael’s Sword and Saint Michael’s Line, and various Dragonline gateways and dragon grids and points, coming fully online and activating. Clearing out any remaining remnants of the old negative alien machinery, AI, networks, reversals and lower, artificial frequencies, negative entities and energies. Some are noticing Ascension symptoms subsiding and lessening, as all the interference patterns, distortions, reversals, miasma, false light matrices, entities, implants, seals, artificial materials and technologies etc., ALL that was false, artificial and inverted, is being fully dissolved and removed, along with all of the artificial Matrix realities.

These dragon eggs hatching is now allowing for the full activation of the Planetary, and individual Lightbody’s of human beings, to unfold collectively, allowing us to complete our Ascension, and is also assisting the spiritual evolution of all other organic species, elementals, kingdoms, life forms and beings on this planet and across the Cosmos!


This is the full return and manifestation of the Cosmic Holy Father and Mother principles and Cosmic Christos Consciousness on Earth!

With the Mother of Dragons having fully reclaimed all of her body parts as she returns in her fullest Divine embodiment and emanation in her Cosmic Mother Christos Sophia Dragon body!

“The 13 primary Dragon beings serve as massive energy reservoirs for transmitting an assortment of vital forces and golden fire elementals through their dragon breath, transmitting beautiful shimmering liquid plasma fire waters, living light codes, spiritual vapors, divine aether and pearlescent substances from the Eye of God into the ley lines.”

They are weaving these Plasma Frequencies and Tri-Wave Dragon Luminary Tones, throughout the Grids, unifying, connection and merging the different multidimensional layers into ONE. Re-encrypting and healing our blueprints, bodies and matter world’s back to their Original Perfection, plus upgrades.

Our Dragon and Maji Grail King and Queen aspects are powerfully rising, and so is the magical realm along with it! All remaining illusions, holographic overlays, inserts, implants, negative aliens and entities, AI and black magic field, are being fully removed and dissolved very quickly now. We are fully shedding our old, false self and blueprints as we are fully re-birthing ourselves as our One True Self, in our Original Innocence, Purity and Divine Blueprints plus upgrades, and with the lessons learned that we came here for, completing our missions. Allow all remaining negative thought forms and beliefs, density, false memories, limiting perceptions and projections to be released gently and effortlessly now, as we open up our Heart fully to this Divine Love healing dispensation coming from Source.

As we let fully go of all that was, to make space and CO-CREATE ALL NEW NOW!

All timelines/ realities, realms, dimensions and universes, along with our multidimensional Self’s, have been fully unified and merged as ONE on the 13th of October, activating and bringing fully online the New Organic Creatrix field, assisting the full overwrite and dissolution of the artificial Matrix realities.



Accessible via the ZERO POINT FIELD of Divine Love and Neutrality, in quantum NO-TIME.

What will you choose to CO-CREATE from here, now that the past no longer weighs you down as it fully dissolves like kernels of sand being blown away by the wind?

Where the old, false Matrix realities simply are no more. Now but like a distant memory, as if awakening from a dream within a dream.. as we start to re-member our True Realities and history again.

Can you tune into and ALIGN WITH THAT REALITY, that FREQUENCY, that Consciousness COORDINATE, where there is nothing left to fix or heal?!

Where you’re perfectly healthy, living your dream life on New Ascension Earth, on Nova Gaja, full of an abundance of all things, emotionally full-filled and living inJOY?!

Where the World’s we live in is ONE. Because it’s here, right inside of you, of us, on the other side of fear, doubts and worries, all-ways NOW.

Relax, open up and hear its whispers, see its vision’s..

FEEL it arising from within you NOW and merge with its Frequency.

BEcoming ONE WITH it ALL.

As The New Eden, our paradise, and Heaven on Earth awakens from deep within us now, then gets pushed out into the new organic hologram.

As the matter worlds shift and transform, new structures and landscapes start to become visible as the false disappears. All is transforming and shifting to a higher frequency, vibrationally resonance, bandwidth and state of crystalline matter, along with our Consciousness and bodies. Our holographic structures and sacred geometric patterns are taking on new shapes and are evolving. Shape shifting us from carbon to crystalline structures and matter, re-claiming and returning eternal life flows to all.

The Emerald Order, Holy Trinity, Rose and Graillines have fully returned, restoring Divine Order and Justice for all. As the Dragon Queen’s and King’s rise fully as ONE, returning The Truth of our Collective History Records, Divine Blueprints, Organic Realities, Freedom and Prosperity to the Original Tribes, and ALL!

All are being up-lifted, as all shifts and changes very quickly now with the Reset and paradigm shift of the Collective Consciousness unfolding, each One realises their One True nature and starts to embody our Original Innocence and Purity fully now.

As THE collective SECOND COMING OF THE CHRIST in form IS finally HERE!

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


5 Replies to “The Dragons Have Risen”

  1. previouslyjohnl

    My girlfriend really liked dragons, yet she seemed curious as to where this inclination came from. Unfortunately, she fell asleep for good, on the couch next to me several weeks back. Man,,, this really did a number on me, and I miss her so much! I remember saying to my unseen friends to let my girlfriend know they were with us in the room, so they thumped on the floor! I am beyond grateful for the divine assistance in clearing things recently, with an ongoing variational fever, 97’s to 102, low to high. Several days ago, an alternative version of me from who knows where, actually tried to pull me “out of here”,(this simulation area) for lack of a better way to put it, (I think he thought that I might be lost) he had a conversation with higher aspects of myself and went on his way. It was a similarly “flavored” persona, yet you could feel his Refined Light Power Focus–he could do Anything!, you could feel it! Good reminder of our true wondrous nature! In the Gracious Spacious Moment, of the Infinite Loving Now, of a God Inspired Light and Unconditional Creation Consciousness

  2. Denise G

    I didn’t see the link, could you post it here if possible? I’m connected to Dragons somehow so I would like to explore that aspect.
    I’ve always had a love for Dragons but the last 6 months or so I have had a recurring daydream where I jump into the Grand Canyon, I’m dancing along it, and fly back out of it a giant White Dragon who proceeds to fly around the world breathing Colors of Light everywhere basically.
    I Know I Am a Warrior just as I know fighting is pointless in the end as only Love can bring Peace, I Know I Am hurt to my Soul when I see Innocents being hurt just as I Know these pains are necessary to Our Souls for growth and Evolution and I Know that I Am somehow Connected to that White Dragon and My pain IS Her pain even though I can’t explain any of it I somehow Know it. And I’ve only “Known” that I Am actually connected to this White Dragon as of today!!!
    The strangest thing of all is that does not freak me out!!! Lol
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G

    1. Denise G

      This part here isn’t to be actually posted by the Mod cuz I’m still unsure how this bit fits IN to all of it BUT there are 144,000 of Us jumping IN to the Grand Canyon and we’re All wearing White and it wasn’t until today that something clicked and started some of this information to unfold within so I’m pretty curious if there’s any info you might have, if not that’s fine too, it seems to be coming fairly quickly now! Thanks so much!!!
      Love and Light for All
      Denise G

    2. Nicole Anthonio

      When you look at the artikel, at The bottem you see “source” a blue link. When you click on that, you Go to The Facebook page of her and when you scrol a bit down to okt 15, you see The same artikel and in the comments you find the link about the dragons, succes! ❤️🐲🐉

  3. Denise G

    Thank you SO much!!! The past few days have been so amazing! Which if anyone reads the comments on these I have been updating on the things happening!
    Yesterday my daydream “spoke” to me!!! It showed me lighting up from my Soul Star to my my Earth Star in Source Light which has always vibrated in a way that shows me the rainbow of colors in the white, like the colors pop outta the white to say Hi, anyway it showed me that then it connected to my loved ones then the entire world then I was shown a birdseye view of the planet next to the Sun and it was covered in this Light swirling all around the planet in amazing colors until it suddenly shifted into overdrive and went supernova bright, MATCHING the Sun and COMBINING and I understood I was being showed HOW we are all one. I was also showed how Aource Light contains All Light but for this world of duality it had to be made separate I guess?
    Both Black and White contain All colors, White of course being positive and Black of a negative polarity BUT then it showed me how those connect to make an infinity loop, THEN it showed me the most indescribable color when they COMBINED, White yet not, Black yet not, all colors yet not! I know how that sounds but that’s only cuz I have no words to DESCRIBE it!!!
    I Am feeling so blessed beyond measure, these last few years alone through this have been rough but it’s worth it!!!
    Blessings to All!
    Denise G