Sun Conjunct Venus October 22, 2022; Personification of Love

Sun conjunct Venus natal is the personification of love, peace, and beauty. You are an affectionate and refined person with a rich social life who loves entertaining and amusements. You are a lover, not a fighter, and dislike threatening or ugly people and environments. People are attracted to you because of your genuine lovely nature.

Shopping should be an enjoyable experience because of your good fashion sense and eye for a bargain. You also have good money handling skills and should enjoy a life of relative comfort if not wealth. Investment in art, jewelry, and cash should turn a profit. Artistic and creative talent can shine through music, dance, art, fashion, and poetry.

Beauty comes not only on the outside but also inside as compassion, sympathy, and a strong belief in unity and unconditional love. Sun conjunct Venus gives an appreciation of beauty, so your appearance and that of your home and loved ones are important. You also appreciate the importance of good food, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Your charming and charismatic nature means you can easily make friends and win over enemies. Your ideal partner should know how to romance and indulge you but genuinely love you. Venus rules marriage, and partnerships of all kinds play an integral part in your life.

Your desire for peace and harmony and your soft nature mean you can sometimes compromise too much to keep the peace. You could also tend to sugarcoat unpleasant realities. More challenging aspects to this conjunction may cause problems with overindulgence or extravagance.

Sun Conjunct Venus Transit

Sun conjunct Venus transit brings love, peace, harmony, and beauty, focusing on your love relationships, creativity, and finances. This pleasant, affectionate, charming, and sociable influence is a good omen for friendships and romance.

This is a good time for seeking pleasure through sex, amusement, entertainment and partying, but also for relaxing in comfort or having fun with children. Good fashion sense and an eye for a bargain make this a good time for shopping and decorating.

However, Venus does have a reputation for being slightly lazy and indulgent. So partying and spending are favored but don’t be too gluttonous, or the Sun will burn.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Venus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Venus.

Sun Conjunct Venus Celebrities

Gordon Ramsay 0°04′, Adam Schiff 0°04′, Edwin C. Moses 0°04′, Oprah Winfrey 0°08′, Leona Helmsley 0°09′, Martin Scorsese 0°10′, Tiffani Thiessen 0°13′, Al Parker 0°14′, Boris Johnson 0°18′, Eric Gill 0°18′, Ryan O’Neal 0°22′, Hirohito 0°24′, Percy Bysshe Shelley 0°27′, Linda Evans 0°29′, Jayne Mansfield 0°32′, Lili Damita 0°34′, Ferdinand Foch 0°40′, Gary Busey 0°41′, Volodymyr Zelenskyy 0°46′, Louis Pasteur 0°46′, Patrick Macnee 0°47′, Charlotte Rampling 0°53′, Joe Biden 0°59′, Linda Perry 1°01′, Paul Ryan 1°04′, Kate McGarrigle 1°06′, Ted Turner 1°07′, Giorgio Baglivi 1°07′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1°13′, Neal Cassidy 1°13′, Lynndie England 1°14′, Lily Tomlin 1°15′, Philip Sedgewick 1°17′, Adrien Brody 1°18′, Temple Grandin 1°19′, Condoleeza Rice 1°20′, Marie Antoinette 1°25′, George Bernard Shaw 1°28′.

Sun Conjunct Venus Dates

October 22, 2022
August 13, 2023
June 4, 2024
March 22, 2025
January 6, 2026
August 11, 2027
June 1, 2028
March 23, 2029