Archangel Raphael: The End of the World?

Can a world die? Can the Earth as we know it crumble at our feet and stop giving and sustaining life? Or is it humanity that is meant to end?

The harbingers of doom would tell us that the world is doomed, yet life continues, albeit differently to before. Yes, many people have died at the hands of disease, war, starvation and crime, but many more have awoken to the whisperings of their souls and to a strength they never knew they had.

Is the world dying, or is it in fact awakening to a new age? Are the imbalances of inequality between races, gender, sexual preference or religious belief widening or being healed. Is the Third Dimension closing in on itself and dissolving altogether, or is it becoming denser and all consuming? The answer to all of these questions depends upon the level of consciousness to which you are currently aligned and the decision you make which define the reality of your existence.

Are you a victim or a co-creator? Are you separated from or one with God? Are you available to others or only to yourself? Your connection to Source is key, but it is the energy that you emit to others that will determine the course that your life will take. Every individual on Earth has free will and the power to create/manifest whatever they need or desire in their lives, yet many are hampered by belief systems that tell them they are less deserving and unworthy of Creation, that they must ask, beg, pray or sacrifice their energy in order to get what they wish.

Co-creation is a right, not a privilege, because all in the Universe is One and connected to the infinite and unconditional love of God; there is no separation and thus no need to ask. However, the intention behind each request will determine the vibration of what is created. Thus, vengeful thoughts will create vengeful and negative actions and reactions, continuously spiralling down into lower and lower vibrational energy and interactions with others.

The world is changing, but it does not signal the end of the word, only the end of the way things used to be. So, if your life has been one of hardship and unhappiness, start to examine your beliefs, thoughts, actions and reactions because their vibrational frequency will attract interactions of the same frequency back? What are you creating in your life? Only you can change it!

Endings always bring new beginnings. The Earth and humanity now have a golden opportunity to create a better world for all. It is up to every person to take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and reactions. When you create a better world for yourself, you are also contributing to a more positive reality for everyone.

We Are Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


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  1. Mama Lamb

    Or just remove the evil globalists/liberals/democrats. There done and life moves on 😂