The Telosians: Purification of the World

We greet you, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. Your planet, at this time, is greatly awakening in the Celestial Energies. By this we mean that your planet is ascending, which means that it is reaching an important level of energetic consciousness. This is of course causing difficulties within humanity who are not yet fully in the understanding of what is happening within and around them. It is difficult for humanity to advance in the understanding that everything is divine within and around them. How many times have you asked yourself the question “Who am I? What is life? What did I come to do in this life? What is the point of it etc….?

All these questions that humans ask themselves and have asked themselves show the level of misunderstanding of who you are. During the past times, humans have been belittled and abused by religions to such an extent that it is difficult for you to “go back up the slope”, i.e. to open your eyes to who you really are.

Fortunately, the Earth, through its ascension, is pulling you upwards, shaking you, of course, through everything that is happening on its soil: the various climatic movements that are waking you up from your torpor.

Do you ask yourself the following question: “why are there so many floods, why are there so many tornadoes, storms, land collapses here and there …..?”

If you ask yourself these questions it means that you are beginning to understand that something is happening that is beyond your comprehension. At that moment you are already on the path of evolution because he or she who does not react to these climatic movements by not asking himself or herself questions is a human whose consciousness does not push him or her to see further than what is happening on the earth.

We have often spoken of PURIFICATION on Earth but also in your beings. All these climatic movements are there to show you that there is something to “clean”, to purify. But do you understand it? Everything that affects your rivers that overflow, your cliffs that collapse etc. …. all this is a sign that tells you: BEWARE! look at the Earth, understand it, but understand yourself, you too, understand your universe. Everything is linked, as we have already said and repeated.

But to understand well who you are, where your planet leads you, it is important that you look at yourself, that you understand the very strong and very powerful link that you have with the UNIVERSE, the One who gives you life.

Nothing happens by chance in the life of a human. The climatic disturbances are not there only to make you believe that the climate change occurs. You are partly, yes, responsible for pollution or other on your planet, but understand that the Earth speaks to you, shakes you to wake you up from this sleep that you live since eons. The Earth is shaking you like a parent scolds a child who does not listen to him and continues his nonsense.

You, brothers and sisters of the Earth, are big children who continue their nonsense: that of martyring the Earth by digging it, by deforesting it, by polluting its streams, rivers and oceans. THE EARTH CAN’T STAND IT any longer and is letting you know. She wants and wishes with all her loving heart that you follow her path of evolution, that you are in adequacy with her in her desire to live Peace, Joy.

The happiness that your planet feels in its evolution, in its ascension, is marred by the “foolishness” of its earthly children whom it loves with great Love. And out of Love, she scolds you by putting you in front of all these climatic or geological difficulties.

If we speak to you about this on this day, it is to make you understand that it is high time to stop your “foolishness” of carefree children. It is high time to REACT to the depths of your being by uniting your heart with your planet. In the coming months, and this could continue into the coming year, many such events will increase until you understand that it is important to RESPECT your planet.

These climatic or geological events will be less important if, suddenly, your humanity has a burst of understanding in front of all that. If your humanity has the trigger to understand that it is important to stop martyring the Earth, therefore to take care of yourself, at that moment you will mitigate the shocks of the Earth.

It is important to understand that everything being linked: humanity, the Earth, the galaxy and your universe, it is more than necessary that everything is in HARMONY. There cannot be a deficient humanity in an Earth, a galaxy and a universe which are in movement of ascension.

The months, weeks and days to come will be decisive for you who are the earthly humanity. Understand that you are the creators of your life, of your planet’s life. Through your thoughts of Love, Joy, Respect you create happiness around you and on the body and heart of your planet. By your thoughts of desire for power, violence or other such things, you are dragging your humanity down.

So, will you say: “Who is going to save us from this fall, if of course there is a fall?

We will answer you: it is you, only you who will save you from the fall. We ourselves can help you, support you, but if humanity on earth does not react sufficiently, we will not be able to do anything to avoid the fall.

Understand then the great work of understanding that you have to do on yourself to understand that you are a divine being, connected to the Great Universe, to Our Father to all, the One who gives you life through your soul. You will then understand the importance of the marvelous divine spark that is within you and you will be able to make it shine around you, this will soothe the Earth and in turn you will receive the benefits, the joys.

We accompany you with great Love, do not doubt it, we thank you.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by