Archangel Chamuel: There Will Be No End Of The World

Phoenix from the ashes

The earth will not take any permanent damage and mankind will be reborn and rise – like phoenix from the ashes.

Do not believe the end of the world scenarios! Perceive them as what they are: Images of the third density which can fulfill themselves only on the third density and will fulfill! But you move higher every day, but you have left the low vibrating areas, but you orient yourselves after the highest, even if it is still unattainable for you.

Prophecies that the earth will perish with mankind can no longer be fulfilled on this earth, because you evolve out of this dark energy field. You are beginning to distance yourselves from the fears that are now being stirred up and you are beginning to emancipate yourselves from the end of the world.

Centered and anchored in God, you ascribe more power to your own alignment than to the manipulators of this plane. Let the storytellers tell and let those intoxicated with power rage until they run themselves dry.

Become active in a new way!

Become active by redeeming the dark sides in yourselves! Then the world cannot harm you anymore.

Become active by responding to the present time with inner realization!

The knowledge that is born in your heart is what matters now. For this it is necessary to have a direct access to the heart. This happens through the release of your still existing wounds from this time and from past times.

More and more people are treading the path of self-healing and redemption. This fact leads to the fact that many things that were prophesied to you can no longer be fulfilled.

You have done your homework and so it is now happening that things are working out under the care of God for the benefit of all. The righteous, the good, the light-filled, who surrender to the love of God, turn the game.

Destruction and the future

The destruction of old structures continues and continues to take place in the inner world as well as in the outer world. This prepares the ground for humanity, which has chosen the higher plane of being, dedicated to unity and consecrated to peace.

A future full of light awaits you and it is already coming towards you. What must decay will decay so that what you have sown can flourish, grow and blossom.

The victory of the light through your love is completing itself in these days.

I am the Archangel CHAMUEL

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


3 Replies to “Archangel Chamuel: There Will Be No End Of The World”

  1. Kara

    Most light workers have their fear under control and serve to bolster the resistance against the evil destroyers by only using positivity/love. The darkness dislikes nothing more than those who shine light/exposes them and all their mischievous ways. In other words righteousness is truthfulness and the great awakening knows how to use such a mighty sword.

  2. edge


    yeah stop being afraid of everything man

    fear is just there to remind you of somethn . Use it as it is.

    Doesnt mean you have to fricking let it affect you and make you do stupid things and decisions !! Lmaaoo

    when you start letting these functions control you instead of the otherway around, you gonna hav some problems

    speaking from experience lol