Benjamin Fulford Report: China Announces New 100-Year Plan While the West Descends into Chaos

Enjoy while you can the horror show of rubber-masked actors and computer graphics that has substituted for government in the West. As a part of the show, we now have a fake pope, a fake US president, a fake UK King, a fake French president, fake opposition leaders, fake news etc. This is all about to end. It is a mathematical certainty because the entire financial/economic system that underpins it is over a thousand times leveraged and bankrupt.

“Kangaroo government usually precedes war. The worry is the next and inevitable onslaught would be thermonuclear,” warns MI6.

To avoid that Western white hats and the Asian dragon family are now negotiating a benevolent replacement for the collapsing old system. It will start with a jubilee. This will mean a cancellation of all debts both public and private and a one-off redistribution of assets, according to a Dragon family proposal. Another part of their proposal is to have Western military/industrial white hats preside over Nuremberg-style war crimes trials followed by the restoration of democracy, the rule of law and freedom of the press.

The video below of Jeffrey Sachs speaking to Chinese counterparts reflects the tone of the talks.

However, the negotiations are ongoing so do not expect any announcement soon. Instead, batten your hatches and prepare for a geopolitical storm such as the world has never experienced before.

MI6 sees it coming too, commenting “What we view with very well-informed intelligence is the turn of Century type stuff. Regime fall and knowing when it will fall and what to do.” MI6 expects the trigger to be a “Barclays Bank collapse which will bring down Glencore Commodities and all of the world markets…they brought it upon themselves by way of lawyers, spies and assassins we tracked every step of the way…all street lighting in Switzerland is blacked out at midnight so Blitz type stuff.” 

Most top-level experts agree the Western financial system will inevitably collapse. Its’ current state is illustrated below.

For those who prefer technical diagrams, the ones below all show the same collapse from different angles.

“In a bankrupt global system, you reach a point when the value of printed money dies and whatever a leader promises can no longer be bought with fake money which will always have ZERO intrinsic value,” Swiss expert Egon von Greyerz explains. “With over $2 quadrillion (2 and 15 ZEROS) of debt and liabilities resting on a foundation of $2 trillion of government-owned gold that makes a gold coverage of 0.1% or a leverage of 1000X!” he adds.

The last time this system was about to collapse was at the time of the Lehman shock in 2008. Then, the Khazarian Mafia cabal families ruling the West were able to get 700 tons of gold from the Dragon family and leverage it over 1000 times to create 23 trillion dollars. They were allowed to do this because they promised to change their ways and install a black communist known as Barak Obama as president.

That money has run out and now the KM are desperately sucking up to Asia and promising everything under the sun while simultaneously threatening all-out nuclear war etc. to get money to keep their horror show going.

This is judge Anna Von Reitz warning to the Asians about them:

They have been doing the same things and operating the same schemes since the Bronze Age — they introduce the concept of credit, they gain access to other people’s credit, they accumulate debt “in the name of” their victims, eat out the substance of the country they’ve invaded, kill their creditors, and then move on to a new “host”. 

They intend to be Spectators, safely ensconced behind the proverbial “Great Wall of China”, speaking with Chinese Mouth-pieces, talking about the superiority of “their” 5,000 year-old culture— it isn’t their country, isn’t their culture and they are nothing but evil, self-interested, international parasites intent on using China to guarantee their safety while they plot to eat out the substance of China just as they have done to every other country.

Here is some more visual evidence of who exactly we are dealing with:

The movie may be old but, we have multiple high-level witnesses saying such mass sacrifice rituals take place to this day. The current controllers of the fake Biden regime, for example, staged a massive human sacrifice event where beautiful children were killed to inaugurate the new World Trade Center building according to MI6.

The Russians know who they are dealing with because they have been fighting them for millennia. Alexei Pavlov, the assistant secretary of the Security Council of Russia, says “Neo-pagan cults [have] gained strength in Ukraine,” naming one of them as the Chabad-Lubavitch Hassidic movement. “The main life principle of the Lubavitcher followers is the supremacy of the sect’s supporters over all nations and peoples” he adds.

It is not just Russian leaders. US President Donald Trump is also now openly referring to Satanism when talking about a 15-year-old girl “sadistically” murdered at the hands of MS13 members, in a “horrific satanic ritual”.

TV personalities like Lara Logan are also now coming out to claim things like “Biden is Trafficking Kids So People Can Drink Their Blood.”

Former CBS, Fox Journalist Goes Full QAnon, Says Elites Dine on ‘Blood of Children’

So horrific are their crimes and so inevitable their punishment is that these fanatics do not intend to go quietly into the night.

Last week the KM sent Henry Kissinger, one of their top leaders, to Japan to issue threats to Prime Minister Kishida, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. He was later seen entering on a wheelchair to the Ichiriki (一力) Geisha house in Kyoto where he went to see his long-term Geisha companion. While there he was dosed with a slow-acting poison, Japanese underground sources say. We can expect an announcement of his death in the near future, they promise.

He is just one of many KM bosses being removed.

For example last week former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter died unexpectedly at the age of 68.

Also, Senator Bob Menendez is being thrown under the bus. The real charge is pedophilia, CIA sources say.,the%20matter%20and%20a%20spokesperson%20for%20the%20senator.

Then Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi was arrested and sent to Gitmo, according to both CIA and Pentagon sources. 

The stories about him being attacked by a Qanon right winger and the counter-stories about it being a fight with a homosexual prostitute are just more smoke and mirrors, they say.

The KM honchos who are still at large are looking for places to escape to. For example, New Zealand’s crime minister, Jack Arden, is “trying to maintain control of Antarctica, one of the last havens of the satanic KM cabal Down Under. Also known as the name thieves,” Mossad warns.

For his part, Canadian Justin Castro is planning to flee to Costa Rica, sources say.

These efforts are hopeless, for soon there will be no hiding place for these people, either on or off the planet. That’s because people woke up.

“Look how the avatar Barack Obummer can’t control his crowd as they chant FJB. “He gets really upset and throws a fit on stage. It says he wanted to stop filming so people wouldn’t share and tweet this clip. This is definitely not the original Obama,” commented a CIA source.

While the western world is just waking up, most of the rest of the world is already wide awake.

For example, Russian presidential avatar Vladimir Putin says the KM-driven West is consuming all of humanity’s resources, and the “rules-based order” he proposes “should enable him to live without rules at all… They aspire to it to preserve their failing hegemony at all costs…they do not even shy away from outright sabotage, such as the explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines, which are wreaking colossal damage on the European economy and greatly worsening the living conditions of millions of people.. They simply have nothing to offer the world other than dominance.

Most world leaders now agree. China has warned US and NATO soldiers and reaffirmed their full loyalty to Russia. Turkey is expected to leave NATO and support Russia and China. INDIA has lobbied to protect Russia and China. German Chancellor Scholz is visiting China this week to say his country also wants to join the BRICS alliance, German intelligence sources report. Saudi Arabia refuses to supply them with oil, and why Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman mocks fake Joe Biden’s mental state.

The list goes on and now includes most countries in the world.

This is why the world is looking at China:

From 2013 to 2021, China’s GDP grew at an average annual rate of 6.6 percent, surpassing the global level of 2.6 percent…The country now has the world’s most comprehensive welfare system, the largest high-speed rail network, and the largest and fastest growing middle-income group…According to the United Nations, from 1990 to 2019, China is the only country that moved up from the low human development category to the high human development category…China’s contribution to global economic growth averaged 38 over the period 2013-2021. China’s contribution to global economic growth averaged 38.6 percent over the period 2013-2021, surpassing that of the Group of Seven (G7) combined…Chinese modernization takes into account the living environment, ecosystem and natural environment, and puts people first,

The west would never have been surpassed by China had it not been infected by the satanic KM vampires. Therefore, the Western White Hats want to restore competent political/economic leadership to the West.

Of course, the KM vampires, in their desperate attempt to scare everyone, spread a never-ending stream of fear porn such as “new and deadlier diseases,” “dam and nuclear power plant blow-up,” detonating “dirty bombs,” or threat of one nuclear first strike, etc.

This fear porn is all bluff and BS. Recall that Fukushima was the “Worst Nuclear Accident Ever” and the “Pacific Ocean is Dead”. Well, that was 100% wrong. Now it turns out that the “Covid will kill us all” story was also an outright lie. It turned out that the survival rate of those infected with COVID before vaccination was 99.965 percent. In other words: zero.

So if they start yelling “monkeypox” or “the vaccines will kill everyone” etc. please just ignore them.

The KM continues to try to steal elections wherever it can.

We just saw that in Brazil. “You could see the algorithm eating up [President Jair] Bolsonaro’s lead and getting the result 51/49. They couldn’t let Bolsonaro ‘win’. He said he was going to pull Brazil out of the Paris climate deal,” a CIA commented -Source the election that may have brought communist Lula to power. However, the Battle of Brazil is not over yet.

Meanwhile, a major battle rages on in the US to stop the theft of the November 8th midterm election results.

The KM election thieves have posted things like “Hillary Clinton” to claim that “right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next election” and then solicit donations.

Look at the eyes. This is a CGI blue screen production.

Let’s see what the US military is doing this time. We find that the NSA has just opened a new “nerve center” to scan the world for threats to America. It opens just in time for the midterm elections. The question is will they be with the people or against them?

We also need to ask the secret space troop people whose side they are on. With that in mind, we close with the latest Blue Beam-SSP images.

Bizarre weather patterns.

A fleet of ships stripped

Otherworldly Plasma Energy Drones

Project Blue Beam – Earth spaceship.

Let’s see if these people finally come out of hiding when KM rule collapses, and it will.



4 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Report: China Announces New 100-Year Plan While the West Descends into Chaos”

  1. Leslie Hewison-Jackson

    Ben needs to get over the “colds” he is afflicted with in his presentations. Take some better cold meds Ben.

  2. Cynthia Yarrow

    That video of Obama is fake. The crowd was chanting something about Paul Pelosi; it was not saying FJB. Watch the original and you will realize someone replaced the audio. Shame on Ben. Sloppy, lazy journalism at best. And it’s not the first time he’s done something like this. It’s a common feature of his articles. This hurts the truther movement, and since he does it consistently, I have to ask if it’s intentional. Is he just another grifter?

  3. Aleph

    That slow-acting poison better hurry up, Kissinger is 99 years old. The geisha’s could have just served him some mochi, that stuff is lethal for old people.
    Hard to take Ben seriously anymore when 2 months ago he was claiming Abe was removed by the mythical Yatagarasu and now he’s blaming the Khazarians for the assassination. And framing the Unification Church doesn’t seem to be of any detriment to Japan since the CIA has been using them to meddle in Japanese affairs for 75 years. Cui bono?

    There is nothing wrong with updating the story as facts change but at least acknowledging that he’s had to do a complete 180 would be nice.

    Also, Ben’s CIA source must not be very good at their job if they are fooled by that edited fake of Obama being heckled by spliced in FJB chants. It took me about 30 seconds of searching to find the unedited original video. Ben had 48 hours to fact check for this newsletter. Strange how his CIA source repeats the same thing that was posted on telegram word for word. Not the first time he’s made up sources from random Anons either.
    “Barack Obama can’t control his crowd as they chant FJB. He is really upset and throwing a fit on stage.
    They say he wanted to stop the filming so people wouldn’t share and tweet this clip.”

    The additional avatar line was probably added by Ben himself as that’s his favourite topic. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Ben himself who was replaced by a clone when he went back to Canada a few years ago. The excessive blink rate is a pattern consistent with liars.

    At the 20:10 mark of this video he also states that living in China isn’t so bad because the incarceration rate is lower than the United States and how they have real democracy and freedom… yeah, no.

    Glad I don’t pay for this. It’s two steps forward, two steps back with this level of shoddy reporting.

    1. Cynthia Yarrow

      Wish I’d seen your comments before I posted mine. You’re spot on. I went in search of the video and found it as well. Shoddy journalism is being generous. I’m putting him in the same category as S. Parkes and C. Ward now.