The Council: Summon the Energy of Creation

The whole universe and all of the energy within it is here for you and available for you to create your masterpiece, to create your reality, and all that is asked of you is to allow it, to summon it into your reality so you can experience true creation as the master that you are.

This entire planet is here for you. This entire Earth experience and everything that that includes is here for you. And we understand that there is a continuation of everything, there is an expansion of everything, that you understand that there is a multidimensional nature to you. But this is the one and only life that you are focused on now, and this is the time to move fully into every potential, every possibility, open every timeline and begin to play in those infinite possibilities as you summon the energy to create your masterpiece, as you summon the energy to bring Heaven to Earth, as you summon the energy to create paradise on Earth, to explore every paradise on Earth that is here for you, and then to come together, these masterpieces that you are and the lives you have created, and to expand the potentials and the possibilities for all of humankind.

We understand, you know you have a purpose here, that there was a greater calling to be part of this experience at this time. But this is that greater calling. This is that grander plan. This is that higher potential: to know yourself as God creating with all of the universe here in physical form on Earth at this time. That is who you are. That is what you are. That is why you’re here. We continue to expand upon it as you expand your awareness of what is really possible for you.

While for this incarnation you might say I’ve never known myself beyond lack and limitation, your multidimensional nature knows no lack nor limitation. You are the power that creates worlds, and you are the power that creates your world. And the power within anything you deem as having great power barely scratches the surface of the power that is you. When you understand this, there’s no need to control anything. There’s no need to control anyone. There is no fear. There’s no powerlessness. There’s no unworthiness. And in that you experience ultimate freedom. Because that’s really, really what you want: the ultimate freedom in your body, the ultimate freedom in your relationships, the ultimate freedom financially, the ultimate freedom in your expression.

Imagine, imagine a group of great masters focusing themselves into the human experience at the divine perfect time, preparing, preparing until the moment of perfect trajectory and alignment of the sun and the moon and the stars and all of the universe, where all who were ready on Earth would open a portal into infinite possibility, infinite potentials, into every timeline, into a portal of energy that could be summoned by any and all of them in any moment to create Heaven on Earth, to bring the higher realms into physical form, to bring higher levels of creation into physical form, to bring grand manifestations into physical form.

There have been times on your planet where things like this have been experienced, many you consider the great wonders of the world. When one stands in the presence or learns about or even sees pictures of these wonders of the world, they are reminded that more is possible. They’re reminded that there’s some power beyond. They’re reminded that the impossible can become possible. They are reminded of a greater knowing within themselves of a power and an energy. They are reminded of the awareness and the consciousness that summons the energy for any great, masterful manifestation and creation.

And imagine at this time, really, what is the highest potential? What is the ultimate expression? You’re here in physical form. You’re here playing with energy. You’re here to summon that energy. That might be what you call the Heavenly realms. You come from higher vibration. You come from higher frequency. You are summoning higher vibrations and frequencies. You’re summoning more energy. Where does that energy come from? Most would say the realm of God, the Divine, the supreme ultimate creator. Where does one go when they leave the density of the body? To this place called Heaven, a higher dimension. Heaven on Earth is merely you allowing yourself to summon that energy into physical form, into Earth, into the physical, into the form.

That’s the grand experiment here. That’s what’s going on. And now you can fully move yourself into the awareness, into the consciousness of having it all, because you are the consciousness and the awareness. You are the consciousness and the energy that creates it all, that has created it all. And there is nothing, dear master, that you cannot create. There’s nothing, dear master, that you cannot realize. You are Creator within your own creation of reality.

**Channel: Sara Landon


2 Replies to “The Council: Summon the Energy of Creation”

  1. Bobby

    Brothers and sisters walk blindly in front of the deadly serpent. They do nothing to resist while he coils all around them. Than with a vicious bite he injects a vile poison into the arms of those who were so willingly. The serpent than laughs and speaks with a terrible honesty. Look at those with whom I marked! I the serpent has bit them all. For only the angel of death to see.
    My source commands all that is, and all that ever will be. When one such as wicked as me has eyes from under the sea than his great and mighty sword shall deliver the end of all my treachery. But I will never forget the poison I delivered unto thee! For the source has chosen to use such a duality. Toxic people receive a toxic bite and when our source decides the time is right, they will all leave this earth with a sudden flight.