Has Your Pet Passed Away Recently or are You Still Mourning One that Has?

Heads up – I have heard from many clients and followers that their beloved pets, cats and dogs, are passing away.

That is hard at any time but at this time, as stressful and strained as things are, it is even harder. These are the beloved companions who have seen you through dark days and who have been by your side when no one else was around for you.

They have been a silent witness to your tears and fears and never judged you for them or called you weak or silly.

They loved you unconditionally when no one else did. They were your biggest supporters no matter what you did.

They always gave 100% and never asked for anything in return.

Now it seems when you need them the most they are gone.You know they are not really gone but knowing that the are in spirit is not a substitute for having them with you.

Our pets play important roles in our lives and we have strong soul and karmic connections with them. They come to us when we need them and leave us when their role is complete, even if we believe that we are not ready for them to leave.

Cats and dogs process a lot of energy for us and this depletes their energy reserves and eventually takes its toll on them.

It’s not your fault, it is why they are with you. You are as much a part of their life path as they are of yours.

And when the pet you love passes away, one aspect of that path is complete and you have allowed them to fulfill their mission to you. And the cycle continues.

Try to celebrate their love, loyalty, commitment, and joy even as you are mourning their passing. Their gift to you was their presence and it is not over when they pass away, it is an enduring aspect of your energy.

See it as their gift to you and thank them for blessing you. Then make room in your heart and life for the next companion who will bless you in an even bigger way.

I did a special meditation on the  Enlightening Life LIVE broadcast to help those who have lost their pets reconnect with them in a special way. You can find it on my facebook page at this link, it is the November 16, 2022 event.

If you’re not on facebook, it’s available as a streamyard recording for a limited time here.

I know it’s tough to lose a pet, I have gone through that many times and I still think of my pets that are no longer with me every day. I hope this helps and comforts you if you are in this situation and I can tell you that it is happening to many people. I wrote about it on facebook and 2 days later that post has been seen by more than 30K people.