The Observer: Help from the Cosmos

Greetings dear ones,

I am Observer. I join you this day in the most beautiful energy, for your light is starting to exceed its boundaries. You’re starting to shine and it’s magical to see from this side of the veil. We’re seeing so many new aspects. And yes, there is much happening at many different levels on this planet right now. There are some critical decisions being made, but we’re not talking about elections or any of that. We’re talking about much larger decisions. You see, you’ve gone through the great reset, which is actually still in motion. Now there’s a new settling energy to help you find that light and anchor the energy, to spread out those roots to be able to work in a different way. So, take a breath and as you release that it, see all those thoughts and concerns dissipate into the air in front of you. Perfect.

Help From the Cosmos

If you’d like to return to those challenges and issues, you can pick them up when you’re done here. But right now we want to bring you together in the most beautiful healing circle. Each one of you are conscious creators, you create all the time because you can focus your energy. However, you create unconsciously as well. And yes, there are the effects of the veil, which can make it very difficult for you to see at times. Now what you’re starting to discover is that it’s all starting to work together and that’s unusual.

It’s also an incredible time to bring this together. You’re getting help from many sides of the veil, even from what you would call beings from outer space. Oh yes, we love to use all the fun little words that you’ve used to describe that. Is something there? What are they? You’re starting to see more and more activity. You’re looking for the spaceships and sometimes you’re even starting to see them. Yes, they’re making themselves known and in the days ahead you will see more evidence of their existence. They may not speak to you in the normal ways at first, but they will leave indisputable evidence that they are here. And that alone, dear ones, brings a level of hope to planet Earth. It’s a critical time, because many decisions are being made even by the Earth herself. As she reaches that 8 billion mark there’s a new possibility to find out how this can be grounded and how you can bring it together.

Healing Circle

Take a breath, anchor your light in the energy right now. Beautiful. What we’d like to do at this moment is to form a healing circle. So, just imagine that your hands are extended and that there are people all around. Thousands of people are holding hands in a large circle, every single one conscious creators, and they know that they can beam love into that circle. So take a breath, open your heart chakra right now, and fill that whole circle full of energy. It’s a huge circle, fill it full of love. Well done.

Step Into the Circle

Now we’ll ask those who choose to step into the circle and receive the healing. What does it do exactly? It plants seeds, the most incredible seeds of light, which carry possibilities for people to move in different directions and to do things more effectively. Feel your own possibilities expand as you step into the circle, for the possibilities are all around you now. And with all these beings beaming love energy into this circle, it amplifies everything you are doing exponentially and explodes as it reaches for infinity in a critical mass. So it’s not one to two or three to four, it’s 10 to a hundred to a thousand. Humanity is closer to that than you may imagine. The magic in your heart now extends out. Take a breath. Beautiful. Now there are many aspects of this healing circle. Some will find that they are putting themselves in there because of physical challenges, yet there are many of the mental aspects as well. We’re not even going to differentiate them, because in truth it doesn’t make that much difference. Everything can be healed with pure love, everything. So if you have an issue that you’d like a little help with the time is now. Take a deep breath and with your eyes closed step into the circle. Take two full steps into the circle now.

Take another breath in and hold it. Beautiful. Now blow it out forcefully. You feel your own boundaries dissolve, as you become aware of the energy from thousands of people beaming unconditional love right at you. Your first intent is to close down and protect yourself because you feel so vulnerable. And then you just take a breath and let it in. Feel that incredible love now as it melds with your spirit. Good, now anchor that love. Bring it into your being and own it. Walk with it for a while. Beautiful. Take a breath and release it.

Dents In the Torus

When you are Home, dear ones, you are all connected. You’re part of each other. When you play the game of pretending to be separate, you can’t see that connection as it’s hidden from your view intentionally. And we get to see you without that direction, still finding your way into the light and doing some incredible work with it. Take a deep breath. Know that even as you walk through daily life, even as your spirit shines and leads the way, there are times that you bump into things and have what you call an accident. You’ve got this beautiful Torus around you that’s bringing in all this energy, wrapping the illusion of time into your field so that you can play the game. And when you bump into something, it puts a little dent in one of those lines. When the Torus rotates it brings that dented line into the heart chakra where it produces a familiar mild pain. Many people don’t even know they carry that pain until they release it.

Take a deep breath and open your heart completely. Now straighten out those lines, allow them to bring in the energy which will help you back into a state of ease as you walk the Earth. Take a deep breath dear ones, and just integrate that light. That’s all you need to do. Take another deep breath. Beautiful. Before we break up the circle let us send all that beaming energy to planet Earth herself, who is going to make many of these decisions coming up. Make sure she’s at the highest level possible. It’s difficult when there’s so much confusion, the war and so many other differences happening on planet Earth. She’s a part of all that. Yes, she feels that and it’s so difficult sometimes. Help her right now. Send that love into the circle for the Earth. Now if you are in the circle, step back. We’re putting this entire circle into a time bubble. Quite simply, what that means is that when other people watch this, no matter when they’re watching it, it’ll still have the same effect as if everyone was watching it in the same instant. Well done.  Now, take a deep cleansing breath.

We Are Honored To Be In Your Presence

We are honored to be here in your presence. Yes, you gather to hear words from the other side of the veil, but we gather to feel your presence. You are magicians, each and every one of you. You’re very high-level magicians or you would not be allowed in this crazy place that you call Earth. This was a boiling point, a place to really put everything on the game board. Take a breath. You’re at the right place at the right time. Yes, we know some are confused but it’s not problem. You made it and we are very honored to be in your presence. Well done, dear ones. We leave you for the time being, to bring you a little more light through different filters so you can see it in a different way. Know that you’re never alone. We’re with you always and we love you dearly. So, it is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture each other every chance you get, and play well together. That’s the name of the game.

I am Observer and I like to watch.


**Channel: Steve Rother