Venus Kumara: Good Vibrations


Listen to your inner voice and listen to the whisper of God – then everything is achieved and your life is perfect!

Beloved human being,

Listen to the inner signals and don’t be confused by the outer noise! Every day your consciousness is flooded with negative news and upsetting information. This can unsettle you and throw you off track.

The etheric space of the Earth is full of unbalanced and manipulative vibrational fields that are meant to make people fearful and anxious.

Man is to stay away from his origin and his divinity, for the forces of cold light know that the great awakening is underway. So this negative fireworks of charged emotions of fear must be countered now – the right behavior is what matters now.

Time for yourself

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you take time for yourself every day. Until your life is not yet a constant dialogue with God, it is meditation that will keep you in inner balance, peace and harmony.

First it is the meditation, it is the inner prayer, the introspection that centers and binds you. Sort out all the negative energy fields in meditation and in silence – and silence is wherever you are connected to yourself or to nature, which means you don’t have to retreat to your room to meditate.

For contemplation, you can go out into nature and observe the work of God there. The only important thing is that you are alone with yourself, that nothing distracts you. Say your prayers and invocations and give yourself to God – wherever, whenever and however! For this is always the right time and everywhere – where you can dive without distraction into your light-filled natural vibration – the right place.

3 decision-making aids

As a second hint I direct your attention to tones, which you can perceive in the left ear, in the right ear and over the head. Pay attention to them because these tones or sounds are your compass for right or wrong decisions. If you don’t know how to decide, or if you need some guidance, take your time and expect the answer through the tone, sound or vibrations you perceive in the left ear, in the right ear or over the head.

Sound in the left ear

The sound in the left ear means NEGATIVE – wrong decision – so take a step back from what you have been thinking about.

Sound in the right ear

The sound in the right ear is called POSITIVE – right decision – continue to pursue your goal.

Vibration over the head

The vibration over the head means, your decision is in accordance with your soul plan – perfect decision – and you have reached your goal: harmony and agreement, you are spot on and don’t need to change anything about it.

In summary:

– Sound in the left ear – no!

– Sound in the right ear – yes!

– Vibration over the head – perfect agreement with your soul!

Beloved human being,

listen to the signals which flow to you from heaven and to which you are now calibrated more and more finely. You yourself know which way you should and want to go, and it is you yourself on whom you can always rely.

With a little practice you will master this art, because on all paths you are accompanied by God and carried by Creation.

Drown your worries in HIS love and listen to HIS whisper. Everything is through GOD and you are perfect in GOD.

In perfect love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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