Heart Guidance

I have found that when I trust my own gut feelings, that inner voice, and I heed that, I will always be led to do something and will prove to have been the wise and correct thing to do, or write down and just to heed.

When my mind gets into the way, and thus the mistrusting of the voice of the heart and soul, then things tend to get complicated. That is when mistrusting leads one astray.

When the heart it there guiding the mind, then the mind become infused with the power of Love and then Love leads the way.

I am starting to understand more and more, that when the mind, is infused with the power of Love, then the mind and heart both in tandem and then one cannot work against the Cosmic Law of One – for there cannot be separateness, when two work as one and then become part of the Greater Whole.

It is when the two are being separated that one gets lost and then the whole conjuring of the separateness consciousness starts, when in fact there is NO separation.

The HEART intricately knows this, for the heart is connected to the soul, and therefore to the greater Over-soul, and the Cosmic Heart. It cannot ever be separated from the ENERGY it essentially is.

Herein lie the crux of the shift of consciousness – the return to ONENESS and the return of union of the heart and mind.

**By Judith Kusel