El Morya: New Dynamic

Beloved people,

a new dynamic is coming into being, because people are standing up! This sets things in motion and makes events possible which seemed unthinkable until now. Now you will be tested for perseverance and good nerves are required.

It is up to you alone what you do and let do with you. Nobody has power over you as long as you steadfastly say NO and are ready to stand up for it!

In Europe the noose for an inhuman future world order is pulled tighter and tighter. Little by little the people are to be mentally gutted and the “unity humanity” is to arise. Why? It is about the complete control of mankind until a numerically small upper class dominates the numerically reduced lower class.

The unconscious unity man, controlled by low drives, is the goal. Gene therapy aims at it.

To win or to lose?

Many things that have been announced to you through books and in writings are now to be fulfilled. But I tell you: It will be fulfilled only for those who stick their heads in the sand until today, who do not show any will to live and survive and who, on the other hand, fight for their physical survival on the wrong front.

Those who want to save their lives will lose them, those who are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of themselves and their souls will win them.

On this simple formula the present dynamics in the ascent can be condensed, because it is true: The game decides at the end and we are only at the beginning!

Thus, everything is said for today.

Remain in confidence and resist! Conceive possibilities and ways! Stand up for freedom and self-determination! Make your voice heard! Remain unimpressed by ridicule and malice, by attacks and assaults and shake off the fears by becoming aware of your own power and divinity in this struggle.

The spiritual levels of being, the families of light beyond the veil – inner earthly and supernatural – are at your side. Only go, you must go yourselves!

I love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com