The Telosians: The Three Days

Children of the Earth, we greet you. On this day we are going to speak to you about what sometimes makes you ask important questions, that is to say about what you call the “three days of night”. For a long time now, the biblical writings have spoken of this moment that would come to the Earth within humanity in order to bring about the transformation of its being, but especially of its consciousness.

Indeed, these “three days of total darkness” are planned in order for you to experience the true transition between what you are currently experiencing and the Renewal, the New Earth, the New Humanity that is coming to you. Of course, in order for these “three days of night” to really come to you, it will be necessary and very important that your consciousnesses be totally modified, that is to say that the majority of humans have understood that True Life is not the one you are currently living and have been living for millennia, but that True Life is spiritual only.

Then you will say: “We are still far from it! When will these three days of transition to the Light come to us?

We understand that you are asking yourself these questions: when, how will these three days bring the transformation of your society and your humanity. For the moment we cannot tell you anything precise, that is to say a precise date, that is impossible because your humanity is in a whirlwind of torments, various fears etc. ….

For these three days to be lived, it is important that the majority of humanity understand what is happening on your planet. It is important to understand that you cannot pass from one day to the next in an energy of Pure Light without having purified your beings, your emotions and, above all, that you have erased from your life the violence that currently exists.

Why does violence, in various forms, present itself to you? Because, quite simply, you are in this phase of transition, of transformation, of reception of strong Celestial Energies which disturb your cellular memories and your brains. Your hearts are overwhelmed, your hearts no longer know who they can trust, your minds do not know where to turn as you are so much solicited by the media which is giving you very negative information. We have already spoken of all this in many previous messages.

This is why, in order to access these “three special days” that will open the doors to the Pure Light, it is necessary that you disregard all the information that the media transmits to you on your radios or on television. LET GO OF IT ALL! …. It has no interest for you, except to contain you in the fear of violence in the cities, in the fear of an epidemic, in the fear of the reactions of your body following a vaccine etc…..

The more you let go of all this, the more you will feel free, liberated from the weight of fear and serenity and peace will settle in your beings, in your hearts.

Children of the Earth, you have already done a great work of purification but it is important to continue this work of Love for yourself every day, every moment of your life. The more humanity will be lightened of these disturbing feelings, the faster you will find these three days that await you and will offer you the wonderful Joy of seeing Pure Light and Peace in your humanity.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, have confidence in Life, the True Life that accompanies you with its Love and its Light. Have confidence! Free your hearts from all fear and do not let yourselves be influenced by everything that your media tells you every day at the behest of this world government, a government of unhealthy power and of non-Love.

We love you and accompany you at every moment for the best in your life.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


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