Tunia: How To Deal With Suffering

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

A lot of people are scared or angry right now. This is very understandable. You are being put into a completely unfair and crushing situation. Many of you have friends of family who have died recently. Many of you have been abandoned by your friends or family, just for telling them the truth. Almost all you are seeing your living conditions deteriorate and have had your rights trampled upon.

Almost all of you are worried about the future, because there’s lots of talk of scary things that may happen in the future, while the gray hats and the galactics aren’t committing to tangibly resolving this situation any time soon. Even though this awful situation has already been going on for years.

Your feelings are completely understandable. If I was in your shoes, I would feel exactly as you are feeling, and maybe I would have broken by now from the stress.

Frankly, the galactics have been disappointed at the lack of speed by which the gray hats move. Yes certain things are happening in the background, but we think that public arrests and public disclosure should have started by now. We disagree with the narrative of the gray hats that their current plan is “the only way.”

Galactics are considering taking more direct and open action, but there are several issues and potential risks and pitfalls associated with that. One of those risks is that if we push Earthlings into a love-based society, then it may not last. The last time we tried that was with Atlantis, and as you know, it fell.

Still, we do understand that the level of suffering of Earthlings and Earthling children is completely unacceptable. So the galactics are considering their options. And ultimately we will do what Source asks us to do, so praying to Source might be a more effective way to influence us galactics than asking us directly.

I have been arguing in favor of more direct intervention by the benevolent galactics, but frankly, there are a lot of galactics from a lot of races with a lot of viewpoints involved in this discussion. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that either the galactics or the gray hats will resolve this situation any time soon.

So today I would like to talk about: how to deal with suffering.

The most important thing is to not suppress or judge or try to change your feelings. Instead just consciously observe them. Yes this is scary and challenging and potentially painful, but in the long run you will suffer more if you don’t observe it. After all, then the pain or fear will go into your subconscious where it will make the world a bit more of a gray or scary place.

Hakann discussed this in his message named: “Hakann: The Observation Path.” He shared that you don’t necessarily need to spend an hour observing your feelings – often just a few seconds here and there is enough. You can fully welcome in your pain and fear, for example by thinking “I welcome in my pain and fear” and consciously focusing on it, but you don’t have to do that. Just observing pain or fear for a few seconds, whenever it comes up, is already very helpful.

Another part of observing your feelings can be asking if there’s another feeling hidden behind your surface-level feeling. For example, very often when there’s anger, there’s also fear or pain underneath. This doesn’t mean that the anger isn’t valid, but it can also be good to observe the fear or pain.

We are not fans of consciously trying to do something to make yourself feel better, if at that moment you are experiencing so-called negative emotions. We do understand it, and we might do the same if we were in your shoes, but it is better to just observe the pain or fear that comes up.

That said, it is a good idea to not needlessly expose yourself to pain. If at the moment you feel fine, then you don’t need to start consciously digging up old pain, or read mainstream news and get terrified or angry or sad by what you see there. If you want to do something because it makes you feel good, rather than doing something because it distracts you from pain, then of course that’s fantastic.

It is also very good to talk to people. Two weeks ago Hakann shared a message titled “Hakann: Want a Lightworker Pen Pal?” If you don’t have anyone to talk to, then there’s people there who you can email and start a conversation with. Don’t be afraid to share that you are suffering or are afraid, because almost everyone is right now. If you share that, other people will likely feel relieved that they’re talking to someone who is also in the same boat as them.

You can also journal.

It’s also good to realize that most of you are stronger than you think. Right now many of you may be thinking “we won’t survive another year like this, we need intervention by galactics now.” But while I agree that us galactics should intervene, the truth is that the vast majority of you would survive another year like this. Yes it may very well be a painful year, but the vast majority of you would survive. Give yourself the credit that you really can survive just about anything, because that’s the truth. After all, you’ve already survived an unbelievable amount of psychological pressure.

Furthermore it’s good to have the perspective that this, too, will pass. Very likely one day us galactics will have landed, the dark controllers will have been arrested, disclosure will have happened and your life will be better than you can imagine right now. And your wounds will have been healed and your pain will have been soothed. This doesn’t make your current pain any less valid, but there is some comfort in the thought that this current pain will not last forever. One day you will be free and you will have the option to physically reconnect with your star family. That I promise.

Finally, it can be good to realize that the more you do your own spiritual work and observe your own emotions and heal your own trauma during this current period, the easier and the smoother your interactions will be with us galactics.

Imagine being a benevolent galactic, which means you love everyone unconditionally and you would never use violence without a very good reason and you would never lie. Imagine also living in a society where everyone is like that.

Then imagine observing Earthlings, who within your lifetime had public executions where they tortured people to death, and average citizens watched that spectacle for fun. That happened during your middle ages, and your middle ages are within the lifetime of lots of galactics. Most galactics have lifespans that are far longer than the lifespan of an Earthling.

Can you imagine just how shocking and appalling it would be, for a being who loves everyone unconditionally, to observe a race of beings who enjoy watching someone get tortured to death?

Yes from your perspective that happened in the distant past, but from our perspective that happened during our lifetime.

Rationally we understand that Earthlings today are already a lot more evolved than people were back then. But even today, most Earthlings don’t love those other Earthlings who have so-called bad opinions. From our point of view, you don’t need to agree with everyone and it’s fine to protect yourself and others from direct harm, but everyone deserves love, no matter how lost they may be.

Everyone also deserves to have free will, except in cases where they would directly harm someone else, and many Earthlings also don’t agree with this. Many Earthlings support taking away free will from other people, such as via censorship or certain mandates or certain laws, even in cases where no direct harm is threatened.

Frankly, there are benevolent galactics who are arguing that Earthlings should learn unconditional love first and achieve world peace first, before the galactic federation of worlds should intervene on your world. This is not the majority opinion among galactics, but it is not an uncommon opinion either.

Even on an individual level: most light workers don’t love everyone unconditionally, which makes the contact a bit more challenging for us, from our point of view. You yourselves often feel a bit uncomfortable when talking to fellow Earthlings who are spiritually much less evolved than you are, and this can happen to us galactics too.

We don’t blame you for currently being less spiritually evolved than most of us are – we understand that this is just a result of us having been born in a loving society and you having been born on Earth. In fact many of you are very old souls and you were respected or even revered galactics in past lives. And many of us love and respect you very much for having grown so much, so quickly in a world with so much darkness. Many of us wouldn’t be able to grow as much as you have and remain as good-hearted as you have, had we been born on Earth.

We are also not saying that unconditional love is a hard requirement for contact. However we are saying that the more spiritually evolved you are, the smoother and the easier that contact with us will be, for both sides.

So, my last point is: if you use this time to grow spiritually and observe your own emotions and heal your own traumas, then contact with us galactics will be easier and smoother.

If anyone has any additional suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments.

I do very much hope that either the gray hats or us galactics will start actually visibly helping normal Earthlings soon. I am arguing in favor of that position, but I can’t make any promises unfortunately.

I am sending you all my love and respect.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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16 Replies to “Tunia: How To Deal With Suffering”

  1. harrrrrie

    Do not look for love from others. You must love yourself. Love every part of you, even the negative. That is the key. Be full of love for yourself. Everyday tell yourself in the mirror ‘I love you’.

    After a while you will understand how important it is to strengthen yourself with this self love. You will get your energy back. You will be happier. It will be easier to have mastery over pain, discomfort and suffering. You will see your life in a new light.

    A couple days ago I decided to have no more pain. I had enough of a lifetime of pain. I couldn’t bear the physical pain any longer. For a short time, perhaps 2 hours, my pain was gone and I could walk faster and not lose my breath. I felt free. It only lasted two hours but I know our brains think in habits, mindsets, and my habitual thinking took over and I started having pain again. Each day I’m practicing ‘no pain’ and it gets easier and lasts a little longer. Eventually I will be in the ‘brain habit’ of no pain.

    This is what I mean by loving ourselves results in mastery over our pain, discomfort and suffering.

    If I don’t love myself I won’t have mastery over any part of my life.

    Loving myself means I can improve areas of my life including the discomfort.

    This works in all areas of our lives.

    Believe you will be financially comfortable and you will be.

    Believe you will be healthier and you will be.

    It takes a little time but it comes about one way or another. Your intuition, guides, angels, Creator and the universe will help you.

    Also, don’t forget that all the love in the universe is loving you. Creator, angels, guides, masters, Gaia/Earth and all the sentient beings and ETs are loving you. They know you and love you and are with you every second radiating their love to you. Just keep knowing it, believing it and eventually you will feel very, very loved.

    Our universe is a Love universe and was created by a Love Creator. Our Creator comes from a long, long line of Love Creators. Love is the strongest energy and force in all the universes. Love takes care of everything. Let love into your life by loving yourself and your world will change into something beautiful and wonderful. You will have love to give and it will return to you in a palpable way, in many ways. We are in the Golden Age now and everything I have said is our destiny. Bring it on!

  2. Anca

    Yes, thank you Tunia, we often speak to you from our wounds, we appologize for that and thank you for your understanding, but we are soo tired and this trigger us every time when you ET’s and galactic brothers and sisters claim that you are more spiritual than earthlings and that YOU should decide for us when we should be told something or done something !! “galactic federations think that earthlings should be more loving first before to let us know the truth?” IS THIS THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THAT YOU HAVE??? I see judgement right there! Why do you need our love first? theres something you need to be forgiven for more easily ? just because we were kept in the dark and we remeber too slow who we are, doesnt mean that we are not capable of loving everyone!
    You live in a society where loving unconditionally is not hard because probably it has never been tested, or you passed that long time ago, good for you! you are not better in anything, maybe just awaken earlier than us, and the moment when we remember our true self and history we would probably have questions for your federation, or not, we will see! and as far as i learned NO ONE IN THIS UNIVERSE IS „more” of anything than Us ! SO, dear ET’s, spear us from any manipulation and agendas you have that keep us „sleeping” because we do not allow them! You do not decide for us when you think its time for us to know the truth! We need the truth, that is the best healing and you know it and probably the easiest way to forgive those who can assume their wrong doings; personally, words of a nice future we hear for years so honestly they dont always help ! We ask for the truth now! FULL DISCLOSURE AND WE CLAIM OUR DIVINE RIGHTS TO YOUR FEDERATION, councils and so on! ! So if you all can help with this, DO IT, if not step back with „words of wisdom or hope” that say nothing, we are tired of them its a waste of our earthly time..

  3. Olivier Moulin

    I love particulary the messages from Tunia. But now I a m tired. How it’s possible to give love to people when you receive no love from human beings. I have only my cat to take care of me. If you receive no love at the end you loose you inside love.
    I work for the light since I am born. Now I am fed up and I need help. I work very hard on myself but I am an human being not a robot. So I need love. I give a lot and I receive nearly nothing. I not sure to be ready to go on anymore…

  4. Lynn


    I agree with both Tim and Adrienne. But things just got real scary.
    Urgent! We need every galactic (GFL) on high alert now. Russia will not hesitate to protect their own country. Escalation is worldwide. We need to specifically target all democrats and liberal governance. Remove them completely from their positions of power. Communist/radical/Nazism ideology is extremely dangerous here on earth. Take out the instigators/troublemakers.

    Galactic Federation Of Light! I will now highly recommend that you identify, remove, and take the troublemakers away from us.

    So many of my brothers and sisters came to provide ENERGY for mother Gaia.
    We only lessen/reduce the darkness here on earth. I will speak with my beautiful source creator. I thought we were the initial front line defense that only softens/weakens the enemy. Than the Galactic’s would deliver finishing blows until their eventual defeat. Volunteers not impervious! We have fought long and hard. I will ask my source for great power now.

    I will crush all my adversaries starting tomorrow! My source permitting. (source is speaking to me now) Literally, the removal of the deep state/cabal/freemasons/Illuminati will solve all issues! Peace for thousands of years! United in singularity, oneness, and/or combined strength of all source creations against the defectors/detached instigators. Than the rest of you can find peace away from depression/your own problems. Not to have a single doubt about the remaining darkness or the development of your civilization. The worst will be removed and their dark ashes that have sprinkled on all of you will be blown off with a mighty wind!

  5. Steven Price

    You put yourself above us, speak down to us from your exalted position. We on the ground are supposed to look up to you, to gain wisdom and insight from you with your higher knowledge.

    But you don’t have real knowledge do you. You have a limited perspective. You have all your wants and needs supplied to you immediately, you do not have to strive to achieve or even strive to put food on the table and keep the lights on.

    You can’t repair a car tire, you can’t build a brick wall or make a chair for someone to sit on. You can’t deliver a letter or pick someone up that has fallen in the snow. You cannot offer anything of any practical value to a single living person on this planet. The only thing you do offer is a condescending attitude of how to be perfect without ever needing to be even just ok.

    Come down here, live among us, scrape the ice off you car windshield before driving for an hour and doing a 10 hour shift. I’ll tell you how much I love you after you have done that for 20 years.

  6. Star_struck

    Tunia thank you for your concern. I like how you called them grey hats because they are still earthlings that have shadow work to do and work on their egos and learning to go with the flow. They are resisting the flow. However, I personally think we need to do our shadow work and raise our consciousness. If you guys intervene , chance history will repeat itself like Atlantis. You guys remove the negative ETs and clean out the dumbs. It is our time to do our part on this planet. We can’t play victims anymore. The field is being leveled. Thank you for dropping in your energy and teaching us to navigate through ascension this is helping us tremendously . If people are suffering it because it is self induced and they are consciously and unconsciously doing it to themselves. We are in mastery training and everything is being weighted and graded right now. If those who choose to not be in love based society they have a ticket in another orb. This is ascension is long over due and I am pretty sure GAIA is excited for ascension. What an amazing soul with so much patience for us. The time is now for earthlings to do their part and not playing victims and waiting for the galactics to rescue them. We need to discover Who We Really Are and realized the kingdom of heaven is found within them not in another dimension or in a spaceship with you guys. Love you all.

  7. Luke

    This has been one of the most helpful messages I’ve read in a long time. Thank you for your honesty.

    I’m sure you are stronger than you make yourselves out to be, and that you would find a way to succeed here, just as we will.

    However it comes to pass in the physical, it is the change inside that brings the highest evolution.

    Pressure makes the diamond baby. Let’s ride.

  8. Christed

    Beloved Tunia, the pen pal lightworker community as suggested by Hakann started out well and has petered out. I think it’s because the points you observed here are very true, being the aggravating suffering among terrestrial majority on our world. This has light workers struggling just to survive and having little time to love, listen to, share with or help one another. Truth be told, I don’t believe the white hats are of higher divine consciousness than most, because somehow their takes on refraining from upping the ante in helping earthlings are rather lacking in compassion and tilted toward more service to self. You will notice that sometime ago a move was made to reintroduce energy healing and med bed devices to the general population. Did that, too, peter out without energetic boost from our extraterrestrial brethren? If the service-to-others races in the white hats community were in majority perhaps we would have seen more of the promised help at this stage of immense suffering and regrets. Thanks in any case for all your encouragements along with Hakann.

  9. Larry


    it helps to think of this life in earth as an amazing role playing game, which we eternal souls play for fun and to feel, and the situations aint always very easy in this game, especially at this final stage..

    but it is just a game, altough very entertaining one…

  10. Tim

    Addendum to Step 4:

    Please also provide or educate on the construction of food replicators.

    Thank You

  11. Tim

    The situation on Earth can be transformed in four steps:

    1) Arrest all criminal psychopaths (especially of the Corporate and Government variety), murderers, child and animal abusers.

    2) Take over all Mainstream Media to re-educate the unawakened masses and effectuate ET Disclosure.

    3) Release compact Free Energy devices that can power homes and utilities, along with hovercars of unlimited range but limited altitude.

    4) Introduce Med Bed healing technology so that all people who are suffering physically can heal and raise their vibration to be compatible with Ascension.

    P.S. We take risks 24/7 by simply existing on this planet. We need serious intervention NOW please.

    Thank You all Galactic Sisters and Brothers for considering these steps.
    We love you.

    Tashi Deleg!

    1. Adrienne Smith

      You are right, Tim, and that is basically The Plan.
      However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

      All around the planet, the cabal has stashed of every weapon imaginable, free m biological technology nuclear and everything else. Their ability to bomb a city or release pathogens has to be cut off, otherwise they would be used in retaliation to high-level arrests.

      There are perhaps a million mid-level operators working for the cabal. To protect their own interests, they protect the infrastructure and the top dogs.

      Then there are the children and mothers that had to be rescued. Underground facilities taken out. The list goes on and on.

      All operations being conducted must be done with the least amount of suffering that the populations, but we are in the real War to End All Wars. This one is to all the marbles. WINNER TAKES ALL!

      Finally, the masses weren’t so brainwashed, Trump could hav taken care of it already. People would have demanded it. Unfortunately, that is not the case and civil war would hav broken out, dead citizens everywhere, Patriots in jail.

      She, no. To recapture Earth and ensure humanity’s future, the masses must all understand they have skin in the game. They must first be woken up.

      Our personal role is to hold the Light; to hold space in which the new Earth can arise; and to be ready to help those sleepyheads around us.

      Things are really more going along now. The cabal’s tables are being flipped and it’s becoming all but impossible to deny the truth of what has been going on behind our backs.

      More than we can know right now has been happening behind the scenes ever since Trump won in 2016. His victory was the green light needed by the White Hats in the militaries within the alliance to GO!

      We are living through the most complex & enormous Military Operation ever devised by man. The cabal has been organizing itself against humanity for centuries, perhaps millennia. It simply cannot be undone over night and there’s no room for mistakes.

      We the People are an integral part of the Plan.
      We must pace ourselves this stay strong.
      I believe the Storm is near.

      1. Tim

        Accoding to Kimberly Goguen, most of those Cabal operatives have been eliminated and dangerous threats have been neutralized, therefore public arrests can proceed. I pray that she is correct. The Galactics should be aware of the current situation and be in a position to take any calculated risks.

        Peace and Light to All!

  12. unionylibertad

    For one the gray hats should be called upon their true intentions? Are they still as pure as in the beginning when all of this started? Or they are more inclined at making their own lives more comfortable and are forgetting what their main purpose is? Why do I have a feeling that everything is at a standstill? Everything seems to be dragging…I have this saying of my own: A better fed and sheltered world, a happier and less stressed one…Disclosure is way overdue…Most people are ready for the truth at this point…They can see that things are not what they seem…Much Love Tunia, Hakann and all the beautiful Galactic Beings…