How Twinflames Ignite New Worlds

All remaining negative entities and shadow beings have now been fully removed and returned to Source!

All those remaining of negative intent such as negative aliens, fallen angelics, and imposters continue to be removed and/or disappear, and/ or have changed their disposition and have chosen rehabilitation and to live by The Law of One.


Our along with the Planetary and Cosmic Crystal Heart is healing and opening, ready for


Which we will be calling in with tomorrow’s Kryst-Mass Group Call, as we fully ignite the New Divine Organic Creatrix Field together as ONE!

All remaining fear-based imprints are being fully cleared and dissolved as our 12/13D Diamond New Earth Grid and Diamond Avatar Self and New Ascension Earth Realities can come fully online now!

This is also helping complete the healing and upgrades to our CNS. You may feel very tired after so much was cleared at personal, planetary, and Cosmic levels today.

Amazing work ALL!!!

We did it! THE WAR IS finally truly OVER!

OUR VICTORY IS UNFOLDING and about to become very real for all to see again!

The Divine Feminine has fully surrendered herself to Divine Love and the Divine Masculine, as he holds the container for the Creation of ALL NEW WORLDS to be birthed through her, or rather through both of them as ONE with SOURCE and ALL of Creation. As she fully lets go and surrenders, she dissolves into the antimatter and Cosmic Womb, that holds infinite potential within it, and together they collapse the Quantum Standing Wave function of the false Matrix realities, within the STILL POINT of the Zero Point Field of Divine Love, to birth forth our New Eden and Heaven on Earth!

This returns us to Mother’s Supermagnetism and completes the full healing of our and the Planetary and Cosmic Morphogenetic Field and Monad.




Divine Union completions between the Original Twinflames and the Cosmic Monad are leading this Ascension process as they dissolve all remaining illusions, false perceptions, and projections, judgments, fear-based thought forms, and beliefs, held at a deep cellular memory level, that the old Matrix was based upon. This is dissolving all remaining artificial holographic overlays, inserts, implants, false memories, pictures of reality and history records. As the Supernova of The Heart Event is being fully triggered, this will fully unlock our ancient future memories. All part of us igniting the Crystalline and Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart Grid and Networks as part of the Emerald Awakening and Emerald Order Return. Quantum Completing all of our missions!

The Original Twinflames are also healing the split and wall in time and Lyran war Timelines, cataclysm and all of the destruction of the Lyran Stargate, which is healing the masculine and feminine, and mental and emotional body split, as well as 12/13D connection and Interdimensional Stargate System. Also supported by the recent healing of the masculine distortions and connections to the Egyptian Timelines and the Giza and Orion Stargate system. This is bringing a final end to the Galactic and Interdimensional War dramas throughout time and space, across the Cosmos! All connected back to the 12 / 13 Original Tribes and Indigo Maji Graillines, and the Holy Grail, Holy Trinity Family. It’s the Royal Houses UNITING ALL AS ONE TRIBE again!

A Great Cosmic Re-Union, Gathering & Celebration is underway!!

The Love the Divine Masculine and Feminine Counterparts feel for ONE another is truly trance-ending time, space, gravity and all illusions of separation left, as they heal and open up their, and the Planetary’s Crystal Lotus Heart which in turn completes the pole and magnetic field shift!


Or rather the New Cosmic Quantum Tree of Life and our Diamond Avatar Self as our 13-72 strands of crystalline triple helix DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle, are about to fully ignite as part of The Supernova of The Heart Event, for those ready to ascend, and as we ascend, ALL ASCEND, one way or another!


Is a msg I have received repeatedly and am guided to share. We’re fully reconnected back to Source and all that is not of Love aka fear-based energies, frequencies, vibrations and entities are being fully dissolved in this sea of pure true Divine Love.

An ancient-future Love story that has started eons ago is about to find a brand new start and beginning and with it,


I’m sharing more in a new Cosmic Energy Update. Link is in the comments below, 👇 as well as to more information and on how to sign up for the Kryst-Mass Group Call on Monday the 19th (replay also available), where we shall help ✨ MAKE THE MAGIC HAPPEN ✨ and fully ignite the New Divine Organic Creatrix Field from within our Multi-dimensional DNA, Diamond Avatar Self, and open our sacred Crystal Hearts up wide, to be the anchors for the Supernova of The Heart Event to REVEAL OUR NEW EDEN!

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


6 Replies to “How Twinflames Ignite New Worlds”

  1. harrrrrie

    Yes, be positive in what you think about our future. If everyone did that we would have a beautiful future starting right away. But the word is not out yet, consciously to 8 billion people that it is love, light, positivity, joy, gratefulness, peace, kindness, empathy, compassion, etc that needs to be our reality now. Yes, many people are starting to question the negativity in our world, many are feeling the heaviness of no freedom, the lies, the despair and hopelessness. But 8 billion of us still need to find out why our societies are so negative, who is behind many decades and centuries of slavery in so many ways? …. who has power over us? …. who is keeping us fearful and in despair? …. when we know this answer then we can do something about it.

    1. Stacey Hirschausen

      These have been my nudges regarding the reality we have been “trapped” in. The nudges come as clues, where to look, where to research. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Inception, Moses brought Codes not commands and he is not what we have been told, Look at13th -14th Century, AEIOU, YingYang is separation symbol, Infinity symbol is a repeat trap symbol, “on earth, as it is in Heaven”- earth is in Heaven, Hironomous Bosch painted aliens in 14th century, I-ching, binary, Nordic Runes and symbols/names used in IT, Rothschild-child of anger, Silicon chop inside a head gets switched to overload, Spirit of God in the clear running water, I AM, Be Still, Steps to Knowledge, the significance of mirror image used in scenes in Inception and Divergent. Best truth movie of all time : Revolver (2005) Guy Ritchie, the answer is in that movie about “who” set this reality up.

  2. David

    Compare right wing, left wing? Why? Why get lost in that narrative? Why all people to do that? Why ask people to become less awake getting wrapped in that useless narrative? There’s no light to shine from that direction..

  3. Fisher

    Sounds wonderful. I wish it was true. But I just did a deep analysis of our current world and it looks terrible! Infact it has never been worse. Are you talking about the future? Do you live in a fantasy world? Is it wishful thinking?
    There is currently nothing at this point in time, that will convince me we are living in a paradise world where all of the dark controllers/globalists/Kazarians have been removed. Everyone just stop and look! Compare both right wing and left wing media perspectives. Is the ongoing conflict or division between two separate ideologies (which runs much deeper on a spiritual level) completely dissolved and rid of? NO, only a fool would think that. Therefore, you still live in a world controlled by the shadow government! Hopefully the world does get better soon though. Telling people lies are disgusting, but convincing yourself of a lie is catastrophic!

    1. Veda Pratima

      A being commiting a successful grand theft, does not announce its steps, nor is it known immediately after it has happened. So to, is intercepting such a grand scheme. I have had miraculous experiences particularly over the past months that attest a loving force has my back and its always by complete surprise and at the last minute. We have choice as to what we want to believe and so may order our minds as to which reality we want to experience. The horse has to be ” hooked” up to the cart first. Our very simple role right now is to unhook ourselves from the heavy cart, by being still and removing belief that you are just a pathetic separated human and ask for your true identity in quiet repose. Like a stubborn donkey that refuses to pull that cart anymore and so, it stands still.

    2. David

      Two directions, fall into the abysmal narrative of the cabal, deep state, elite, illuminate or you can choose to believe in New Earth, The Great Awakening, Christ Consciousness.. I would only request that you not draw others into that mainstream narrative. There’s no need to scare others.. Lightworkers won’t create panic or fear despite what those at the top would have you believe. Love & light ✨