Life Tapestry Creations: Stop Pretending

Dear Ones,

Today, most humans have decided to or have implanted their physical shift beyond 3D. Perhaps you are confused, for we of the Universes previously stated that the majority of earth beings passed the new you Rubicon.

Those following you completed their physical transition today (December 16, 2022).

Many of you familiar with the transition sequence know that the physical transition is the final and sometimes most complicated phase.

So most are confused, anxious, not sleeping well, or experiencing physical difficulties. This time is somewhat similar to 3D puberty in which you might have grown overnight, your voice changed, or your emotions were ragged and inexplicable to you or others. So it is now. You likely feel antsy, tired, and irritable.

Those deciding not to transition can no longer understand you or your reactions.

You, in turn, want to both hibernate and play with others. Your insides are topsy-turvey. And your outer reactions do not necessarily correspond with your inner or outer feelings. You are confused, angry, sad, and giggly. A powerfully confusing combination you cannot seem to move through or around.

Such is to be expected – you shifted from night to day, from fear to the unknown. Of course, we have previously stated similar thoughts. The difference is those of you who transitioned months or weeks ago are now assisting those who made the final leap into their new physical being. It is as if you completed your initial journey only to briefly return to the starting point to direct those who decided to follow.

The result of those internal and emotional interactions is that all beings now fully beyond 3D are exhausted. Both those just completing their physical piece and those of you herding them through it the past few days.

You are ready for some downtime. Yet, the season calls for emotional interactions that do not necessarily include new you. Some of you are following 3D expectations of doing this and that despite your exhaustion. Others feel guilty because you are not fulfilling the holiday expectations of others – or yourself. And some of you are ignoring this holiday season – not because you are a so-called Scrooge, but because you have no interest in participating or are practicing self-care.

Why you decide not to fully participate in holiday activities does not matter. Just know that you are more exhausted than you realize. It is essential that your self-care focuses on what you need instead of what you expect of yourself.

It is not brave to function as you and others expect during this holiday season despite your exhaustion. Nor is it life-changing if you decide not to react as others expect.

You probably realize or will very soon that “you’re not in Kansas anymore.” What was up is now down. And what was expected of you by you is no longer valid. Your new being flows instead of reacting to outside stimuli.

You cannot be a child and an adult at the same time.

Many of you are reacting as if you have returned to 3D puberty because you are not listening to your physical or emotional being. You have evolved beyond puberty.

If you find yourself confused, exhausted, angry, or emotionally depleted, it is because you are listening and reacting to others instead of yourself. Those days of jumping between childhood and adulthood are over.

Stop pretending you do not have an active inner voice that encourages you to flow. And stop pretending that you can easily jump between 3D childhood and beyond 3D adulthood. As of today, such is no longer possible – like the high school football star who never matures beyond that stage.

You are fully new you, just as is true of those in the second and third waves. In truth, the fourth wave is much further along than even we of the Universes expected at this point in your earth’s history.

Stop pretending you are someone you are not despite the demands of your former 3D world. You no longer belong in that world. You have a new language and direction. A direction that is not compatible with those of 3D. So stop pretending you can be of both worlds. Any more than the star high school football player can continue to be a star high school football player once he or she graduates from high school.

This is your new life – start living it. So be it. Amen.

**Channel: Brenda Hoffman


3 Replies to “Life Tapestry Creations: Stop Pretending”

  1. Beavis

    Yet more finger pointing from Brenda Hoffman. Every time I read her channelings they demean not uplift. Inadequate individuals you do not do enough. Dolores Cannon said there was only 3 waves of volunteers not 4. There might be some truth to her channelings. But read very carefully, and you will find that she is actually just calling us all bigots. No respect, no authenticity!
    That is what YOU channelers need to realize.

    1. harrrrrie

      I am glad Brenda and LTC is addressing how I feel. I interpret this article as guidance. She and they are right. We need to stop behaving as 3D beings. We will get relief when we are positive, loving, grateful, and joyous. What goes around comes around. Send out happy energies and the universe will send them right back. Great arrangement I’d say.

  2. Kimberly

    Wow! These words so describe me at present and for some time. I have struggled with the acknowledgement and celebration of the materialistic Matrix holidays for a long time. I desire to hibernate these days and stay to myself more often than not. I get very uncomfortable when I am in the company or listen to the words and desires of those who do not intuitively know. And yes, a sense of guilt or obligation to “do the right thing”, by participating by just being present, with family members still firmly planted in 3D. I continue to offer love, positivity and of course, laughter(my favorite). This is my present struggle, but I will “weather the storm” and continue to stand firmly in my I Am truth.