Embracing Radical Trust

We are reaching our first summit, the ten year mid mark, in the first 20 year Mayan cycle (called a Katun) of this new shift of an age. It took a huge amount of energy to close out the old cycle in 2012. It also takes a huge amount of energy to anchor this new one. This solstice (December 21, 2022, 2:47 PM MST) is a big turning point. From what I am feeling, by mid January we will begin to emerge out of the hardest part of the work of anchoring this Katun. We’re literally building a new time line in the new creation cycle. I don’t think any of us can actually grasp the magnitude of what we’re doing right now.

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Our bodies are doing this for the first time ever. In ages past we dropped our bodies and reincarnated back on the other side after the dust had settled so to speak. This time we’re taking our bodies along for this ride and we’re finding that it has not been an easy journey. I also know we all are excited about the possibility of evolving out of the mass extinction program that we have been doing with past cycles of time. (Anybody watching Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix?)

We are in the thick of the transformation now. These past couple of years we have become accustomed to temporary dysfunctional patterns to survive. Stress, tension, division, anger, isolation and fractures in our communities have become normalized in an unhealthy way. It has changed how we move through our world and how we act to different situations, stimuli and triggers. Along with this, we have been personally tested on every level. We have seen a rise in health issues, family issues, relationship issues, and many of us have endured heartbreaking losses, all created by the collective stress across the planet.

For the last few months we have been seeing an up tick in huge influxes of light flooding into the planet. This has also been in tandem with evidence of expanding earth energies. This has been measured in the ley lines that network the entire planet, from major ley lines that branch off into minor energy lines. It looks a lot like the circulatory system of our body. And what makes our circulatory system work? Our HEART. And one of the most powerful heart centers on the planet is Hawaii, which at the moment is having an epic eruption on this spinner wheel, or what I like to call the heart pump, of the ley lines that circumnavigate the earth.

Just a few days ago we had a 24-hour period where we had a couple dozen Class M solar flares in one day. (December 15-16). This intensified light from the cosmos, and earth energies rising up to meet it, bring a floodgate of divine feminine creation energy. Anything that is not in alignment with new frequencies has been getting triggered. This would be out of date frequencies that are held within our solar system, the earth, the frequencies that are still being held in our dissolving paradigm and the old DNA programming that we still hold in our bodies. This heightened energy can cause a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms depending on where the weak spots are in our bodies. If you’re in a human biological body you will have weak spots. So no judgments here whatsoever. With this much solar activity the body likes to go into preservation mode. So you might have lower back issues and tight muscles. Also with this much solar activity it can make our skin itch. I’m not going to list, once again, the long list of symptoms we can have with solar flares and magnetic storms. By now you know what they are, and what they are not.

I need to state here that I am so grateful to the universe and great creator, that this transformation has not happened in a grand flash as it has in the past. The universe has been kind to our biological bodies by doing this in a step-by-step process that we can adjust, assimilate, and rise up with each step. Biological life forms can’t survive flash events. We have seen this in the endings of past ages. But our bodies still hold this ancient memory. Not only does our world feel like quicksand under our feet, but we also have ancient memory in our DNA, of crumbling worlds in the past. So it’s no wonder it’s taking considerable extra vigilance to stay grounded and not get triggered into fight or flight mode. Some days we manage this well and other days we don’t. But with each step we learn and grow.

We really don’t understand what’s in front of us yet, but we can feel it starting to arrive. To those of us who are starting to gear back up into new creation mode and working toward manifesting in the future, it almost feels like we are building on a world that is still covered in quicksand. It’s time we embrace how vulnerable we actually are in this grand universe. But the only way out is through. We must take steps and live beyond the temporary protection armor we have built only recently. The only way to break through the seemingly insurmountable yet paper-thin barrier between the past and our future is all about. . . Embracing Radical Trust.

The positives during this time have been the triggering of greater depths of self awareness and self knowing. Many have rediscovered Mother Earth again. We spent more time in nature as a collective then we have in decades. There is a tremendous amount of necessary realignment happening. This has also triggered a deep wave of self healing and healing collective memories in ages past that we thought we had already cleared. We are deeply excavating the truth amongst all the illusions out in the world. We are finding that we are reaching deeper layers with greater clarity than ever before. We also were asked to allow old patterns, programs and connections to crumble when they needed to. The empty space that’s created by letting go of the old trauma, struggle and drama is going to feel like a free fall. But it’s OK to feel like that. If our next steps were comfortable then it’s just an old pattern disguised as new one that we are repeating.

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During this time we have done a good bit of trauma/drama bonding with those in our like minded network etc. This was a necessary survival mode for this particular time. But that time is now over. We are at the precipice of opening ourselves to a wider community and embracing unity within diversity. We could choose to get stuck in those temporary dysfunctional patterns. We could even try to move in full reverse and try to go back into the illusion and safety of the old hamster wheels of the old cycle. I’m sure we all miss the old familiar and safe patterns and feelings of some past age nostalgia. But staying where we are right now or trying to go in reverse, will neither work nor be sustainable for any length of time.

Eradicating the Chronic Fight or Flight Response.

Everything in the world has changed. Nothing is working in the same way as it was before. We are becoming painfully aware of our internal inertia and hesitation about stepping forward, or taking a risk. We’re finding it difficult to make choices or make commitments to anything. It’s normal to feel very vulnerable and unsure as step in to the greatest void we ever experienced. We are being asked to step out onto a path and we can’t see where it will lead, or if anything familiar will be there when we arrive. We have had practice steps like this in the past, but this next step is beyond anything we have ever done.

We are beginning to step out into the new frequencies in front of us now. The steps we take will not come easy unless we embrace radical trust. Only then we will begin to let go of the dysfunction that has become a safety net, ironically. It is time to override our fight or flight responses. But it is going to feel unsure. We might feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, and find ourselves holding our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But it is time.

It’s time to step into the new life that is waiting for us beyond the ancient past, and especially beyond this crumbling present life. We have been on a pretty intense learning curve, and doing a lot of scrambling trying to keep our heads above water. Our nervous systems have been pushed to the limit. We are exhausted in ways we’ve never experienced before. But this is where massive growth and major evolutionarily leaps happen . . . when we are too weary to fight it anymore with our old programming either consciously or unconsciously. And the plus is we are finding new ways to honor and nurture ourselves during this process.

We are at the first big summit of this new cycle we are creating together. And if you’re reading this you have made it. It’s like climbing Everest without oxygen. And you’ve done it. We will now begin to anchor this first 20 year cycle together which will be the foundation stone for the entire massive 26,000 year cycle for uncountable generations to come. I know that sounds incredibly grandiose. I guess from that perspective it is. But it’s just you and me and everyone around us doing the best we can in each moment. To be kind to one another. To allow each other to have their truth and their experience. To work together as community, anchoring love into our hearts and sending it back into the earth with every step we take. It’s all we have. And it’s pretty simple.

Happy solstice everyone. May the next years flow with a greater ease and may they be chock full of new magic and mystery that is still just beyond our realm of imagination. The one thing I know for sure is that the universe always has greater things in mind for us, if only we get out of the way, move into our hearts, and simply allow the flow to happen.

With love and blessings,

**By Aluna Joy