The 9D Arcturian Council: What If Your Third Eye Isn’t Wide Open? 

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are constantly tracking your progress there on planet Earth while maintaining a feeling of patience within ourselves, as we understand how hard what you are doing truly is. And we know that real growth and progress does not happen overnight. It takes time, and we know that you are always moving in the right direction, so when we look in on you, we do so with that expectation that we will notice some progress, and we will be able to build on that progress with you. 

We will notice what’s working, and we will go with that momentum, rather than trying to force you to grow and expand in the directions that we would like to see you grow and expand in. We recommend that you do this with yourselves as well. We recommend that you be patient with yourselves and that you simultaneously hold that knowing that you are in fact moving in the right direction, and we also advise you to continue to flow with the energy that is moving you the fastest in the direction you ultimately want to go.

Let us say you would like to develop your spiritual gifts and abilities, and you notice that you can feel energy in your hands, and you have had some success working with people as an energy healer, but you also notice that you have yet to unlock your clairvoyant abilities. Instead of lamenting the fact that you do not have that wide-open third eye, we recommend that you go with the flow of the energies that are flowing more easily for you. We recommend that you lean in to the gifts that are already showing up, the things that are working for you, the skills that you do feel confident about. 

And know that everything else is going to come in its most appropriate timing. You don’t have to force anything into place there on your journeys, but you do need to trust that everything is moving forward for you, because it is. And now that you know that we are helping you with the areas where we see you making the most progress, maybe you will be more likely to use that momentum that you have, so that you can continue to flow in that direction that is easiest for you to move in. 

This experience of shifting from third, through the fourth, and to the fifth dimension is hard enough as it is. You don’t need to make it any harder on yourselves. We, and others like us, are always attempting to make it easier for you, and we can do that, especially when we have your help. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

**Channel: Daniel Scranton


3 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: What If Your Third Eye Isn’t Wide Open? ”

  1. harrrrrie

    Thank you Publius Vox, Daniel Scranton, 9D Arcturian Council, EOL and everyone, thank you.

  2. Publius Vox

    Yo Beavis! Love ya, bro!

    But I didn’t sign on my Soul Contract to come to Project Earth, for it to be a cake walk…

    So, wishing to remove all those injured/mistaken/duped Souls that you speak of, ‘instantaneously’ so-to-speak, ultimately does ALL of us & mother Gaia no good.

    Instead, it is OUR OWN WORK to do, to achieve your plea: to Love Continuously while we confront, hold-the-line, shine upon, help awaken, and help purge — not them, but — the Dark within them. How?? By BEING the Light.

    In so doing, we reach towards fulfillment of our end of our Earth deal, as well as — and here’s the reason I signed on & came here — remove the remnant Darkness that lingers within our(Lightworker)selves.

    I believe our Goal should be to Shine the Light, not on them in-totum per se, but on the Dark CURRENTLY INSIDE THEM. And be willing to bear whatever Bad experience occurs during that Purge/re-Birthing process for them. Because, imhl(ightworker)o: That’s..what..we..signed..up..for….

    Sounds like you might wanna bail on your Earth Contract. Well, others have done so; have self-transitioned. And you have the Free Will to do so too.

    But I hope you instead consider re-framing your desire into re-framing your oath:

    So, instead of…”Can somebody just remove all of these evil people off of mother Gaia. Thank you much appreciated.”……..

    Consider…“I AM the ’somebody’ who is going to remove the evil currently inside these people, so this Evil is removed from mother Gaia & all of Humanity. You’re welcome & thanks for the opportunity to grow much appreciated”……

    These Lost Souls have been fooled by the Satanic one for so long! They’re near-oblivious to the harm they do, to us & to themselves. But they can be Found, and then the misery they currently create will evaporate.

    What I’m saying is, they are an Opportunity within our Divine journeys; not a nuisance for SOMEONE ELSE to deal with…

    C’mon Beavis bro! Give it a shot!!

    ~ All Can Heal ~


  3. Beavis

    HELLO?? Just wondering if anyone ever listens to me. The globalists are well on their way towards victory. Urgent action is required! From the source and all Galactic’s. This world cannot remain with corruption and/or evil. The Kazarians/Liberals/Globalists/Draconians/Cabal/Mafia/Central Banksters/Illuminati/Freemasons/Black Hats/Totalitarians/Authoritarians/Shadow Goverments/Democrats/Grey Hats/WEF/WHO/EU/New World Order/Socialists/Communists/Satanists/Abortionists/Reptillians/Annunaki/Nephilim/The Watchers/Baphomets/Luciferians/Elitists/Hollywood/Mainstream Media/The Name Stealers/Marxists/Lenins/Stalins/Catharians/Black Lives Matter/Antifa/Military Industrial Complex/Klu Klux Klan/Fallen Angels/Demons/Idolatrizers/Arsonists/Weather Manipulations/Project Blue Beam/Blue Avians/Tall Greys/Dark Controllers/

    Can somebody just remove all of these evil people off of mother Gaia. Thank you much appreciated.